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Power Is A Burden

Novel By: EmoGothVampGurl

Ametrista was a lost girl. She couldn't find herself. he thought herself as a bad person who took others for granted. So she finds friends who accept her, but they make her feel welcome. Others make her feel not welcome and alone. So life for her becomes a living hell.

People begin to die around her like dropping flies. She feels like she's worthless and is just death in a bottle. Will Ametrista be able to get through and pull herself out of this rut and be able to survive? Or will everyone die and she be held responsible for it? View table of contents...


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Chapter 7

I wiggled my body and kicked as he choked me. My air passage being cut off. There was a light knock at my door and the sound of a voice.

"Ame? Are you awake?," it was Alex.

"A-Alex, h-h-help," I struggled praying he could hear.

He tried turning the knob, but then he broke only the lock. And whistled for security to come help me. Ryan growled and was arrested. I coughed trying to get my lungs full. I was sure that I'd have bruises for a while. I lied back in the bed and looked at Alex.

"I can't do this, if I leave you for too long something bad happens," he kissed my cheeks then my forehead.

"You can't always keep an eye on me," I told him.

"If I don't the next time you could be killed," he grazed the side of my face with the back of his cold hand.

"I think I've got more lives than a cat," I smiled.

He laughed and kissed my lips gently. I didn't want him to pull away from me. But he did.

"I'll go sign you out. Later we'll pack your things until they finish cleaning your house," I nodded and saw clothes at the end of the bed.

They were at least my clothes. Borrowing clothes just didn't feel the same. I looked at my clothes and saw a note on top. It was from Kashmina.

I thought you'd like your own clothes. See you in a half hour.

I put on my ballet shoes, black denim jeans, and a royal blue tank top. I looked aat my shirt that I'd gotten when I went shopping with Kashmina.It was black and gray stripes that zipped down on the left side. Both sleeves hung off the shoulders and hugged you. I put the shirt on and zipped it. There was a triangled on the back that showed very little.I saw that she had left a comb and combed my hair out. The doctor walked in and smiled. I'm guessing he didn't know about what had just gone done. I got a quick check up and he said I ws fine and able to leave. I signed the clip board he had and Alex came in the room. He nodded to the doctor and held his hand out to me. I took his hand and he used that same arm to wrap around my waist. We walked to the elevator and down to the lobby. Kashmina was already pulled up in a black chevvy. I laughed knowing that Kashmina had known I'd be outta here soon enough.

I climbed up front forcing Alex to sit in the back. We drove until we got to school. I'd forgotten all about school being so concerned with all the other shit happening to me. I saw my bag between my legs sitting on the floor. I looked up and Alex was grabbing his bag from the back. Kashmina pulled up and parked the car and we all got out. Alex wrapped his arm around me and I saw people staring at me like I was some freak. I walked inside and mostly ignored my classes. I got to lunch in one piece, but had many ungrateful stares. I was eating when I shadow had loomed over me. I looked up knowing Alex and the others went to go hunt. I met the face of a smirking Shane.

"Hello whore," he smiled at me.

"What?," I asked feeling angry.

"Hope you come to the funerals," he chuckled.

I stood up and tried to slap him. He grabbed my wrist and looked in my eyes smiling. I growled and felt something, but I didn't know what. I could see the reflection of my eyes in his and my eyes were glowing blue. I used my other arm and brought it around hitting it in his side and he flew across the cafeteria. I ran out grabbing my bag before anyone noticed me. I ran until I found an alley. I leaned against the side of the building and slid down. I leaned my head against the wall and heard the sound of someone laughing. i looked to my right and saw Ryan. I could've sworn he was in jail fo attempted murder and murder in the first degree. I stood up and he grabbed my hair. I yelped and felt him hold a knife to my throat.

"Now it's time for me to finish what I've started," he whispered in my ear.

He kissed my neck and licked the nape of my neck. I tried to pull away, but he applied pressure to the knife and it broke skin. I whimpered and felt blood begin to run down my neck. I used a hand to stop the blood from getting on my clothes.

"Any last words?," he whispered.

"Justa few," I answered.

"Go ahead," he kissed my neck not noticing that I'd focused on the pipe I'd seen and focused to make it float.

I was still very close to him. I needed the littlest space so the pipe coul;d go through him.

"Go fuck yourself," I slightly pulled and the pipenwent straight through him.

I fell to the ground and picked up the knife he had. I held my bleeding neck and looked at him. He smiled and gripped the pole.

"Strong little witch," he said.

He pulled the pipe out and dropped it on the ground. The holehealed shut and there still was blood on his shirt. i got up and looked around for anything. The was a plank of wood by me so I picked it up and held it between the two of us.

"It's useless, you'll be dead soon enough," he smirked taking a step closer.

I swung the plank, but he ducked and grabbed theother end and used his palm to break it. I held the piece but then I was shot from behind in my shoulder. I screamed and fell forward on my stomach. I looked up and Namira had shot me with Shane standing beside me. I felt numb and saw Ryan stand by my head.

"I think I'll watch you die instead," he watched me close my eyes.

It seemed so easy to let myself slip away. They walked away and left me for dead. I relaxed my muscles and took my last breath. It was just like falling to sleep aside from bleeding out. So I just let go and didn't think I'd come back.


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