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A Fable Fairy Tale SCREEN WRITE

Novel By: Factxzrx

Based on the novel: A Fable Fairy Tale. The girls continue on in to the dark. Vampires, Witches. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 24, 2007    Reads: 146    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

A set of EYES; scrolling around a room on others, on to a passing head as it runs into the wind, down the hall passing a nurses station;
THE NURSE; watches from in behind the stations glass; Her head turning as her eyes follow the running head; leaving them stuck into the corner of the stations door.
HEAD; heading in speed.
EYES; beginning to squint; pupils beginning to dilate.
Back of the running head.
FACE; splats into the glass security window of the door sending blood splatter back from both sides of the face; dripping off the ears.
Back of head; blood pours in down from the back of the top of the head.
SCURITY DOOR glass window; security wiring splitting thru the glass as; Bloody face slides down.
Bloody flesh; dripping from on the front side of the door.
INTRO MUSIC; begins, front door drips down bits of bloody glass.
BODY; back side laying on the ground; shivers into its last motion of a lung filled breath; blood leaking down the ear and hair as the head comes into a still; ending INTRO MUSIC.
DARK SKY; slowly scrolling on to a quick flash into the moons light,
A drop down on to the city lights, down in over a police car as it begins to pick up speed; passing cars in next lane.
Police car siren blasts off; lights flashing; shining of the back window, down the trunk, bumper.
BRIGHT YELLOW street line; flashing its yellow marker in under a
BLACK SUV; bumper, grill, hood and on to the window; reflecting the city lights.
EYES; from in the rearview mirror; onto an upcoming police car flashing lights.
SUV; hands gripping around the wheel, head tilting down; hair dropping.
FACE; left side; rolls eye.
STREET; Police cars rolls up flaring lights and horn; passing SUV;
POLICE CAR; Back end of police car in center road; left side of road lined up with cars turning on to the side.
POLICE CAR; Back end; police car flashing lights in on left side; shining reds, blues onto the empty lane; left side.
SUV interior; phone on dash; lights up; hand shadows, over, on.
FACE left side; tilting back, up; hair revealing left ear, eye, and forehead.
Left shoulder, arm, hand clenching wheel.
STREET left side; yellow flashing up along the sides of cars in front, left side of incoming cars.



SUV; Steering wheel in hand, left arm straight; shoulder, hair, left side of nose; head tilting down.


"You where right."

Head tilts back; resting on to the headrest; nose pointing up, hair slips back; ear, cheek, left eye.
Left side of face, mouth opens up;



Left side of face; straighten out; hair falls back over ear, face, left shoulder, arm, hand; clenching the wheel.
WINDOW front street; over looking cars as red begins to flash ahead from off the hoods, roofs; up over off the first of five cars from under the traffic light.
MUSCLE CAR; smoking squealing; roars in under traffic light, followed by a sedan as it strolls on by.
HEAD LIGHTS; from the first car under left side stop light; shine on the sedan as it passes by.
LAMP POST side street; right side; sets a glow from under the traffic light; glowing in on the five cars as it shadows in onto the SUV; rolling in under.
FACE; front; pinky nails on bottom lip; chewed on, cell phone in hand; three fingers tips on outer side, noise, lips, chin.
FACE; left side.


"I was right."

Left eye; squints, inner corner of right eye squinting.
Left chin, lips, noise, fore arm, wrist.
NKUCKLES; on wheel;
STREET; shinning under the lights of SUV.
STREET; yellow line.



FACE; left angle. Wrist, hand, knuckles on wheel; pressured forward.
HEAD; tilts forward. Hair swings front; covering left side of face.
Three finger tips, pinky stretching out, and cell phone;
FACE front; leaning in to a complete stop; eyes shut slowly closed.
FACE; Mans bloody fleshing face; eyes opened; blood pouring down.
Face turns into a whipping lash; blood sheds into the wind leaving the face in a blank;
BLOOD; splat.
SUV Interior, right hand held up under the rearview mirror; phone dropping, dropped.
HAND; clenches onto the mirror; turns it.
FACE; hand smearing the skin.
EYES; open wide; hand smearing on the face.
REARVIEW MIRROR; eyes looking in reflecting fingertips on the cheek, Right eye opened wide.
WEEL; knuckles breast and neck. FACE; eyes red, right hand slowly sliding the cell phone back up to the ear.
CELL PHONE; fingertips, corner of right face and eye;


"Hello, hey, hey"

STREET; Honks from horns, lights flash into the side view mirror; SUV
CELL phone; drops, hand reaches over the wheel; clenching a grip.
SUV; Left backside, smoking spinning wheels; squealing.
MAN; in sedan; smoke begins to cover his hood.

������������������ MAN;

������������������������� "Ya, ha, you giver girl."

Slapping his hands onto the steering wheel to the nodding beat of his head. Hand reaches down onto the stereo; head rocks back and forth as the music pumps into the car. Hand slaps the steering wheel; two times. Smoke begins to cover the wind Shield.
SEDAN; back end; tires spin, smoke.
SEDAN; front end; headlights dripping in blood.
STREET LIGHT; red from above shines in traffic light; swinging on the wire.
RED light; swivels down, glowing its red down in thru the night smog.
SEDAN; backside; tires catch grip from in spin.
Left side of back wheel, yellow street line on to the white from under the stop light.
STREET; white crosswalk line; spilling blood.
Blood trails on to a body of a homeless man.
TRUCK hood; liquor bottle in pieces; a stream of liquor spills down along the front end and on to the homeless man, mixing in with the blood.
Dust, dirt blows in of the dirt ground.
Two gates swung open; swing back and forth lightly; smashed in, poles bent.
A swirl of dirt and dust shimmer in the opening.
Top floor windows of the warehouse, roof, sky, and then moon.
SUV; top hood, roof, the drivers side door wide open.
HOOD front left; down the front end, on the fog lights; dust blows in under the glow.
Dust and dirt kicked up.
LEG; upper thigh, waist, breast, neck, left side of face.
BACK; neck, hair ,down back, butt, back of thighs, calves; dirt and dust falling down to the ground as the fog light shines in.
LAMPS; shining
LEGS; left kicks dirt and dust; butt flexed, right leg stepping back.
FOOT; right heel slowly steps in to the ground.
BACK; left side of coat expands open.
FRONT midsection; right elbow in front of gut; hand inside of coat.
Coat collar, neck.
Chin tilting up.
WARE HOUSE; front view.
Right main floor window; dirt and dust blows up, falling down; cloud of swirling dust falling in over the bottom ledge.
WINDOW; frame inner window dark; raw sound of humidity roars in the dark.
WINDOW, frame, ledge.
WINDOW left side; frame.
BOOT, ground; lifting up on to the toes.
BOOT left; steps forward.
BOOT right; pivots on toes.
BOOT stomps; left; dust, dirt, and stones kicking up. Dirt, dust rising up along left side of left leg; swirling up over the knee, in-between both legs.
BOOT left; lifts up off the toes; dust follows as it moves forward.
RIGHT ARM; extending out in front of the chest, left breast coat.
ARM left; hand stretching out; nails facing down.
FACE left; hair waving in slow, eyes squinting, faces tensing.
FORE ARM left, extended out, wrist, hand.
GROUND; leading towards the warehouse.
WAREHOUSE; left side of main door, door, right side of door.
WINDOW; Cloud of smoke in, above, and out of the window.
LEGS, foot stepping forward; dust kicking up.
BUTT; left; flexed.
HAND; swings down along left butt cheek; thumb pointing back; towards SUV.
THUMB tip; on white button of key chain, fingertips clenched in around.
HAND; thumb on button pressed in against butt.
LEGS; upper and full but.
HAND; reaches out, thumb pressed in.
LIGHTS; shine bright from off of SUV.
WAREHOUSE; front side under light.
FEET, calves, thighs, waist; front side.
Light shinning in thru, dust rising up around feet.
WAIST; front; gut, breast; spreading coat; collars, neck. Face, tilting down; eyes staring straight ahead.
FOOT front; kicks dirt up into the doorway.
DOOR WAY, backside of her standing in; light shinning on.
WINDOW left; frame under light, in window, in dark.
LEG right; steps in, left angle of but, back, elbow out, back; left side of coat waving in under arm.
ARM right; in front of chest; stretches out into her own shadow with shadow.
HAND stretches out; fingers flexed open.
Along fingers, tips into a dark.
FLASH of red followed by a bolt.
BOLT; white light.
LEGS back side, back.
Left arm; in doorway.
Left hand swings out, spinning a glow stick into the dark.
She steps in, stands over the glow stick, turns to her right; looks down, brings right hand up.
HAND right; coat sleeve hangs down, bracelet of vials, around her wrist; front three show their back ends; tipped in feathers of garlic cloves.
HAND; drops,
HEAD; shakes;
FACE; right side looking down.
FLOOR; dirt, dust coming in front left side.
FOOT; stomps; steps in, another.
LEG upper, knees, down to ground. FEET and legs in dust.
GROUND DIRT; leading over to the right; dust coming in from left, onto a dead black cat.
CAT; head, body, hind legs, tail.
FOOT; steps in up over cat.
TOES; point down, in towards the cats ribs, foot down, rubs against cats rib, gut; turns cat over onto its back.
CATgut; a vile sticking in, garlic cloves in blood in and around the wound.
GROUNDS; in front of the cat; noises coming in from above; dirt kicked onto the cat.
WHARE HOUSE; Far back wall, the lower wall as the light glows, above the glow;
FEET; kicking up dirt.
FACE; left side; moving in towards dark.
Mouth, lips; mouth opens, tongs comes out. "haaw"
FACE; left side turning towards the light. Eyes looking down into the dust in front of her mouth.
DUST; leading into a cloud down in above the ground left to her.
LEGS, butt, right but cheek, right hand; stretch out showing vials.
.Butt, back, right back shoulder, arm expanded out.
Cat squeals, coughing, scratching of dirt.
FACE; head falls down, breast, waist legs; dirt kicked up in to step.
Back of body, standing in to the light from the SUV shining into the wares house door;
She steps in to the doorway.
Her right hand rising up in front of her gut, breast.
HAND; left fidgeting the key chain; thumb on button.
FACE; neck, elbow above right shoulder.
LEGS; stepping in to the light.
HAND; left, waist, upper legs.
HEAD; warehouse doorway,
WAREHOUSE ground; along the glow into the dark.
RED; flash of light; shocking the ware house inside as it lights in to a red then a bright white.
LEGS; gut right hand swings down.
Down leg, dirt up from under feet.
SUV; front end, lights off.
MIDSECTION; waist left hand clenching key chain, gut breast, neck. Face; hair in front of upper face, ears, mouth opens;
HEAD; shakes side to side in grief.
BREAST; gut, legs.
FEET; kicking up dirt as dust blows in under.
Dust, ground; sound of SUV engine starting as lights shine on in on her shadow, up on the warehouse.
SUV; left side, turning in to drive way.
SUV; back end, top hood down in driveway as the garage door opens
In side auto lift;
SUV; brake lights shining, garage door closing.
HAND; left, out side window.
HAND; reflecting in side view mirror. THUMB; pressing in on the buttons
Auto lift lifts.
SUV; left side bottom rising, door, wheels.
SUV; front-end headlights shining as auto lifts door rises up.
SUV left side angled; rolling out of the auto lift into a parking lot.
ELEVATOR; door closing, feet, legs gut, Right elbow; left arm, neck, face.
CELL PHONE; flashing. In ear, fingers tips, pinky moving in towards mouth.
Elevator music;
LIGHTS numbering above door.
HEAD; top.
FACE; right angle; cell phone in hand in front of her right breast.
BELL; elevator ring.
Eyes; open wide to the sound of the ring.
ELEVATOR; door opens.
BODY; Left side stepping out. ELEVATOR; empty, doors close.
BODY; backside in hallway.
HEAD; top, back of head, upper back, left shoulder, down left arm.
BODY; left side turning in to the door.
FACE; facing the peephole, eyes staring in, noise moves forward, tong sticks out; licking the peephole.
HAND; left slaps onto the doorbell.
HAND; left, doorframe, face.
FACE; right eye squints in towards the peephole.
Peephole turns dark.
HAND; right moves into the doorknob, dangling keys.
HAND; closed, key sticking out; into the doorknobs key hole; hand turns the doorknob.


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