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A Fable Fairy Tale

Novel By: Factxzrx

A family trate as it shadows in on a life. View table of contents...


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As I walk thru the valley of death, Hail Mary, our father who..., yup yaw yip that's what they say. I have not been to church since I was a kid. I see all the other girls dress up in there pretty little skirts all dolled up for school. Me I'd be snoring thru bible study and probably flipping the pervert teachers the finger yup! Ever since I have been bitten this holly cross stuff is really itching. Not too many girls get turned, I guess I'm one of the unfortunate ones. Fucking bastard those fucked up pigs. Said it was a myth a fable from the dark side, vampires, bloodsuckers, venom of bats! It wasn't until my mother caught me sleepwalking one night. I never considered my self a slut or a tramp. Nevertheless, what ever or who ever infected me is going to pay. The only one I can trust is my cat lynx. Ever since, we have been closer and he has been more affectionate. Lynx is a clever cat, handsome, sharp on his feet and he is always there when I need him. He's my shadow of mysterious mysteries. If there were ever a dark side then his eyes would lead thru the way. My mom does not mind my life style working the nights and sleeping in to the evenings. I found a job in a bar as a bar back working along side to the lead waiter at a night lounge. One of the local bars from in the club district it sits right under the inner city lights. My fathers dead he died when I was a preteen. I try to convince my mom to go out and get a new man. She works hard; she works in textiles manufacturing designer clothes. She probably has a few men but when she's home she plays the role of a widow. If she wanted to, she could retire, benefiting from my fathers inheritance. For now, she remains her nine to five. I also inherited a large sum of money. I just let it sit still, a rainy day or something. There's really not much I need and I am not a college girl or in to being career orientated. As of now, I'm copping with my spiritual soul, vengeance and solving the feen I've contacted some how. My only worries are of being identified and posted up as a creep or a monster put under a circus tent.

During the nights when I am at the lounge I sometimes, hear some of the guys say I've looked them up and down kind of strange. I can practically get any guy I set my eyes on. I am a very attractive female. If I wanted to I could model or star in porn scenes. I have no desires for that type of drama. I just need to chill my hormones or the way I feel sometimes there more like horrormones. Some times, I pop in a horror vampire flick and get a bit erotic with my self. There is none to be a few cult clubs around; those peeps are only in for the charades in it.On Some evenings, Lynx joins me for diner. He knows I have the hunger, the need for the indulgence of flesh and blood. He can sense it, he's no angle him self. In our neighbor hood there has been talk about the cats in the community being viciously attacked and around here there aren't any cougars our coyotes. I have bathed him a few times washing out bloodstains and brushing off other fur that does not belong to Him. I'm not proud of his behavior and I do not encourage it. I am not proud of what I posses, Im going to discover and solve it. When I get the thrust, I will indulge it wile I can. When I'm being seduced with the offers I get every night.

For now, I will let it be. I have a future and plan to be alive to enjoy having children of my own some day with out this mysterious dark side of the vampire and the fables that go along with its myth. I was questioned once from a one-night fling I had one night. He woke up with the scars I left him with around his neck. I told him we got really hot and wild then he patched it up and forgot about it.

Some nights I tour the cult club district and see if I can land some cutie that I can butcher for the night. They all end up crying like little wussies. The cult's punks make me sick! When I find the bastard responsible for this venomous curse I posses, I am going to give it more than a piece of mind.

���� �My mom is getting ready for the trip she takes once a year. She's going to Tahiti, She loves her tropics and she is going to be spending the whole month there. She likes to get away a few times a year.

Some times I day dream of going to Transylvania, then I realize that now days the only encounter I am going to have with Count Dracula is in a souvenir shop or �in a theater reading the subtitles. I have had offers from dates to go and get away. To go for a trip to some islands or to go along for a cruise on a cruise ship but I'm not into perversions with my customers and my hormones need to be on a low profile. I would rather order some sushi and have a candle light dinner at home with lynx. My boss asks me when I plan on using my holidays time, I tell him I am on holiday time, he knows I enjoy my job.

Tomorrow mom is gone she is going to be on the six am flight out to the tropics. The house is mine for the month. Mine and lynx's and the mailman well it's not a man it's a women. A few times a week when my mom is here they have a drink together, she uses our house as her break stop. She and my mom are good old high school girlfriends.

Tonight one of my girlfriends from work wants to take me out. She wants me to go with her to this new club. It's the grand opening and her boy friend owns part of the establishment. I told her I would go. In an hour, we both get to get off early tonight, the boss was in a good mood when Sandra asked him if she and I could take off early.

The club is packed, when the doorman noticed me and Sandra he had one of the bouncers escort us in. We walk by crowds of people outside waiting in line to get in, we walk in heading over to the bar and I think Sandra is in the mood to be getting loaded tonight. I'm probably goanna end up caring her out.

Wile we are at the bar I notice the waitress staring at me, looking me up and down. I do not know if she's lesbian or if she has a problem and I don't like it. Before I can order she walks by me looking me up and down with an ugly filth of a grin. I snap and Say "what the fuck you looking at you sick little bitch." She jumps over the counter. I grab the bottle of peach snaps Sandra ordered and smash it over the side of the bitches head. She lands at our feet; the guys next to us start to freak out. Sandra was so freaked she was almost in tears. I'm debating weather I was going to give this bitch a kick to the head our go with the urge of getting a hold of her and taking a bite, ripping her fucking cheek off and taking a good chew.

Then from behind the bar's security guy grabs a hold of me. Two more come from the front and they both start walking me to the back. Sandra's trying to convince them to let me stay. They tell her that I leave from the back or I go to jail. Sandra shuts up then tells me she will have the car waiting for me around the corner. The bouncers laughing and giving me compliments, saying I am a cute one and they would like to wrestle me some day then they said bye and closed the door.

I was not done yet, the ally was dark, darker then a typical alley at night. I notice the lights from a back door of a restaurant shining down on a couple people.

As I walk over two of the people go in side leaving only two guy's. I walk over as they stair at me. "Do you see some thing you like?" I asked then one of them steps in under the light saying. "ya baby." I tell him to come closer, holding out my hand as I lead him in with my finger.

As he got close I grab him turn his back towards me and I let it rip. I bit in to his neck like a dog snapping on a bone. I let the juices of his blood flow in with my saliva and swish it along my tong, quenching on harder, flexing my lips in to his tenced neck letting the blood pressure flow in to my mouth and juicing my need in satisfaction.

I shove him away, he grabs his neck with his hands then in a dark sense he walked on.

When I get to the corner of the street Sandy's already there waiting for me. "Are ya nuts, you could of went to jail or got sued or the other bitches in their would of beat you up!" Sandra wasn't too amused about the encounter with the bitch. I told her that she was starring at us funny then she gave me a dirty look and I was thirsty! Sandy looks at me and says. "you were thirsty." She drives me home before asking me if I wanted to go the strip joint but I wasn't in the mood to watch girls drawl over guys taking there close of for desperate house wives. Before I got out of the car, I asked Sandra not to mention this to any one and She agreed.

When I woke up Linx was there at my feet waiting for me. I think I forgot to fill his food dish yesterday now that mom is on holiday I have to remember these things. I'll let him weight while I dial for delivery. I order our favorite sushi. Lynx loves his sushi. Wile were waiting for the order I pick him up and rub cheeks with him. He knows I know he's hungry but I help him work up an apatite. Lay him on the bed with me and give him a good belly rub then a deep massage for a good twenty minutes. He loves it, he's almost a sleep.

The rings from the door bell had me and Lynx in a race for the door. The delivery guy and it's the same guy as last time. The guy who likes to tease us about the forks. He tells me he remembered the forks this time and next time he might forget then he looks down at Lynx and smiles. With Lynx by my side I laugh and tell the delivery guy that lynx doesn't need a fork. He laughs and says good-bye walking away and waving down to Lynx. "You hungry lynx humm well now lets go."� I lay out a plate for him and we sink in to our creamy delicacy of the Sushi. The only time he joins me at the table is when we get delivery and especially when we have sushi.

Tonight is my night off, I was supposed to be meeting with a blind date, but I'm not interested. Anyway, I want to sleep until tomorrow. I am in need of beauty sleep and lynx he owes me a soothing soft massage.

My friend Nancy calls, she wants to introduce me to her boyfriend's brother Max. She's insisting that I get ready because their on their way over. I guess she didn't hear about my fling with the waitress bitch from last night with Sandra.

Nancy calls telling me, now she's five minutes away from my house. When they entered linx had his hair rising up from on his back as Nancy introduces me to Max. He seems to be all right, despite the cross he has dangling around his neck. He must be a catholic. I shake hands with him and I notice my nails start to extend as his firm grip released that tension from within me. Lynx is at my feet and I could sense his mean streaks of inhospitality. I ask them to excuse me wile I grab lynx and took him on up to my bedroom then locked him.

I offered Nancy and the two guys if they wanted a drink. The guys shout out "beer" as Nancy comes and joined me in the kitchen asking me what I was thinking of Max and her date. I tell her they seem to be a couple of cool dudes. She wanted to know what I thought about max in particular. I tell her to relax that its just a date.

I ask her where we were going to be going tonight then I notice lynx outside the living room window. Nancy tells me abut the new night club that just opened up in the city. I told her that the club was so lame and that I was there last night, "its so cheesy." She looks at me then says. "well lets get some movies. You moms gone and you look kind of tired. I'll send the guys out to the rental shop and well order out some goodies!" I wasn't to satisfied about staying in and with Lynx in his own way's of being the unpredictable critter he is it left me with a hesitation so I agreed with her.

I checked for Lynx. I looked for him out around the living room windows and he wasn't anywhere in sight. Nancy telling the guys about the plans for the night so they took there beers with them on the road, on there way to get the movies. Nancy told them its there choice, to get what ever they want and told them to take there time, that we're going to order some food; they shouted back that there going to make a quick stop at the liqueur store then Nancy tells them to get what ever they wanted then closed the door behind them.

I walk over and check for Linx as the guys were getting in to there car. Nancy thinks I'm checking them out and yells "You go girl, I see yaw checking them out, when was the last time you had a guy over huu?" I close the drapes then turn to her and tell her. "Nancy you know I can get any guy any time." She nods her head saying. "Yap but I'm asking when was the last time you actually spent some time with one." I told her earlier that I wasn't interested in anyone so I felt like giving her her thrills and tell her. "Every day, Nancy our boss". She asked me if I was doing the boss. I told her I was just fooling with her then I tell her I had some dude last night. She follows me in to the kitchen asking me. "Who's this one and what's he doing?" I tell her that he was a quickie and that I met him at a fast-food joint, he seemed interesting, like the other guy's interesting for a phew minutes then she laughed.

I grab the phone book and start �turning thru the restaurant pages as Nancy was trying to figure out what we were going to order. I suggested pizza. She looks at me like duuh, I ask her what toppings she wanted on it. She says "whatever with extra cheese." I added extra sauce then we both agreed on a couple Hawaiian's, a meat loves and a double deluxe. Then she was trying to figure out what else we were going to get, I mentioned nachos and some burritos so she added chicken wings then we placed our orders and were told we would be served in about twenty-five minutes.

�Nancy asks what movies I thought the guys were going to get? I told her I notice that Max was hanging a cross from around his chest then tell her. "Is he catholic or something, he better not be a weirdo or someone with a weird mom." She holds out her hands and tells me. "He's with me, do you think I go around picking up weirdos or some thing?" I told Nancy that I was just observing. I tell her to come and help me set the living room up.

The delivery got here before the guys and Nancy's already starting to help herself to a slice of pizza and some wings. The door gets a bang and its them. I open the door to let them in and as I hold the door open Max looks me over. I look at that cross dangling around his neck, sensing my reflection thru it, tearing his face off and ripping my hand into his chest as I closed the door behind them. They walk in, drop the movies in front of the TV then went in to the kitchen to store the beers in the fridge. They bring back the twelve pack of wine coolers and set them up around the food on the side tables around the couch then head back to the fridge and grabbed a couple of beers.

They make them self's comfy on my coach then Nancy shouts out for me from the kitchen with a bottle of whisky in her hand asking me for some shot glasses and a few bowls for the chips and popcorn. I get the bowls and shot glasses out then we went on in to the living room.

I tell max sitting there on my couch that he is in my spot and to move over. I sit in on my spot on the on the end cushion seat. Nancy and her boyfriend decided to take the love seat for them selves in the corner of the living room so they could be the closes to the coffee table covered with pizzas, nachos, tacos, chicken wings and the bowls were on the end tables with the beers and wine coolers. Nancy asks the guys what moves they got. They both say "porn." Nancy cry's out "you guys are sick, you can take your porn movies home to your mammas!". I laugh as her boy friend said there were just joking then he grabs the bag and wanted to choose on the first movie that we should watch. It was some stupid cop movie, cops and robbers or some type of crime movie. Nancy wanted to know what other one they got, he grabs out another one and says, "ok lets play this one first." He explains it's some movie based in a jungle with these people being stocked by some weird breed of beasts. Nancy flips out screaming. "don't you guys get anything interesting or what." He tells her. "Oh were watching porn." �Nancy about to through her wine cooler at him then he grabs another movie and pops it in to the system so I throw him the remote after I set up the speaker surround sound system and the show is about to begin.

Nancy's boy friend, still on his feet, and he won't sit-downs next to her until the previews start playing so she can then realize that it isn't porn. Its one of the new releases that just hit the stand, it's a remake of the old classic based on a famous nightclub. Club 54.

Nancy got up and went in to the kitchen to grab the whisky bottle and the four shot glasses then sat back next to her boyfriend after laying down the bottle and shot glasses where one of the pizzas were.

As we're are all in to the movie I look around and notice that Max already downed four or five shouts of whisky and is going on his sixth beer. Nancy's boy friend is on the same plan taking down as much as max. Nancy is on her third wine cooler and has her shot glass half full next to her plate of chicken wings and nachos.

As Nancy and her date start smooching and begin a rubbing each other down Max begins to lean in to me then tilts his head over next to mine in a connection that I start seeing the movie with him, in a sensing view, inviting me in to a romantic moment with him.

Nancy gets up announcing that she was going to the ladies room. I� thought that was a great idea but before I could get up to excuse my self her boy friends already on his feet following her as she leads the way for them on down the hall and in to the washroom. I look over at Max trying to get in a glimpse, see if he was wasted or still enjoying the booze ooze. He turns to me and trys to lick my lips with out catching me in the eyes.

I see that crucifix on his neck, it gives me visuals of it possessing me and displaying its self all round my body. I feel the hair rising up from all around my body, my hands for filled with forces flowing out to the tips and in thru the nails. Before he could even get a breath in on me the tension in my lips flows straight to my head giving me the fierce feeling instincts to react with towards the crucifix using the darkness from within. I put my tong out and move towards him opening my mouth up wide and open, putting my hand on to his chest as I bite down, sinking my teeth in to his cheek, and tearing it off from around the mouth. I tear in to his face ripping it off from around his chinbone. My mouth fills with bloody flesh. My hand ripping in thru chest ripping off that cross. I feel my hand crushing his upper ribcage as I tear through his neck and shoving what flesh I tour from in his chest in to my mouth. As I sunk my teeth in to the fresh bloody flesh, downing the remains from what I bit from his face with the fresh flesh I tour from his chest.

I look over at the crops laying it self out on my couch, that dangling crucifix was no longer in shine or possessing any powers. I finish licking and slurping, cleaning my mouth using my tong and licking my lips feeling the freshness of the indulgent.

It was starting to occurred to me that their was a man on my couch and he looks like he's just been struck by a car or something laying some wear out on the side of the road. I remembered that Nancy and her guest are in my washroom. After wiping my hands off in the kitchen, I went to the washroom and knocked on the door but nobody was answering. I call out her name then I shouted out for her down the hall. I decide to open the door; I turned the knob after another knock. When I opened the door and this odor and the cool breeze coming in from the window, in the bathtub Nancy lays and with her date. Paw marks in blood as if it has been a bloody dance.

I turn over Nancy's boy friend and I knew Lynx got to them. They laid both face to face with there throats ripped into shreds and exposing the bones along their neck's. It couldn't have just been Lynx, it would have to take four or five cats to down that much flesh. Poor little Nancy wasn't even laid, she had her orgasm wetting in her pants. Her boyfriend didn't even get to take the condom out of is pocket were his hand is.

I left the scene, went into the kitchen, and grabbed my self a beer. Chew on some chicken wings wile I try to figure out what I am going to do with Nancy and her friends. "There you are, where's your friends hu. Come on out you guys! where are they hu. You see the mess you left for me. I thought we were going to keep this all under control." Lynx cuddles his head down in to his chest and starts moving slowly towards me trying suck up. "No I don't want to give you any hugs or kisses." He jumps up on to the table; I open up the pizza box and throw in a couple of chicken wings for him.

I wrapp the bodies up with bed sheets and carry them out into Nancy's boy friends car, I grabbed the beer and booze and grabbed a bottle of my own whisky then started to drive down towards the coast. I knew just were to dump them. A few guys used to take me out here for some midnight parking.

I get to the spot, spill the booze all over them inside the car. Nancy's boy friend and max I placed in the front. I placed Nancy in the backseat then I put the car on drive and leave the engine on it's idle. I go over to the drivers side and with the tree branch I torched up I press down on to the peddle, the stick in flame torches up the bodies and the car as it heads on off over the cliffs.

I heard the explosions and the fire must have burst a flame a hundred feet up in to the dark night's sky. I continue on, on to my way home. I saw fire trucks about a few streets down from my house screaming towards something probably the coastal area for the remains of the explosion.

When I got home and walked in to I could here the skitter scatter from the company Lynx had over and I wasn't amused. I don't like those street cats much. Then I was shocked to notice that there was no longer a bloody scene on my couch. I go and check out the bathroom and that scene too was all cleaned. The dirty paw marks were gone. The only thing left was the stench from those stinking cats.

I closed all the windows then got out my cleaning kit after burning the close I was wearing, in the basements sink. I started to disinfect the washroom then I cleaned up the living room. I get to keep the movies that they brang over. I gather up all the scraps, left hovers, and set it in a bucket out back for Lynx and his stinky friends to Finnish off. I spray some air freshener after I filled the recycling box with the empties from this little party I had. Then popped in that cop movie, munched on some chips and popcorn until I fell asleep on the couch with Linx curled up on me.

���� ���� I woke up to the annoying ring of the living room's phone. I was going to let the message machine retrieve it but I was already awake. It's Sandra asking me how I was doing, I told her I was a bit tired. She tells me to get all the rest I needed because tomorrow we have the night off and we might be getting Tuesday night off too then probably Wednesday. I ask "how come?" She explains that the lounge was being restocked and the boss has his secretaries taking over for a few days doing the stock checks and he' s having the lounge repainted with the furniture renewed. I tell her. "I hope they add more cushion to my bum rest." She laughs and asks me if I want to get-together later with her? I tell her tonight I was just going to stay in my pajamas and lay around the house. She offers to come and keep me company tomorrow, shell bring over some groceries and well cook something up and dine together. I tell her to come on over around six thirty and that I'll have the oven ready and on preheat for us and I tell her to grab some movies and to bring light cigarettes. I don't want those stinking plain cigarettes in my house. She say's. "will do."

I grab the pizza from last night that nobody touched and pop it in to the oven until the crust starts to brown. The movie I didn't get to finish last night, Club 54 I've seen the original and this one seemed to get such a great review so I grab a couple of beers and the wine coolers I had left, Get back on the living room couch, get full with pizza and drink my self to sleep until tomorrow.


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