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Blood Line: A turn for stretch. BLOODY TALE

Novel By: Factxzrx

Tags: Warewolf

A story from in the book BLOODY TALES. Blood of WolfMen is out, a king is tracked down. View table of contents...



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She had once told me that my blood was one of one other's. Not one of our souls, a blood misplaced and now forgotten. Her means in this life are now forgotten. For her saying of mine once misplaced, well if hers has now set place then in her grave she will be. Until I find the man that has left her with my blood as been misplaced, his blood will be here, spilled, and laid upon this dirt that has filled her grave.
My one means for support, this credit that's filled to its tit. There's enough money and credit on here to last a lifetime or to bring me around the world until I grow old. This life for life, the nine to five, and the overtime as a gift for rest, those cheap holidays, and the tax's that are being collected. That hasn't stopped me or been set in my way. It's this feen; it has me in its grip. My Jan, she told me to let go and to put it all aside. That was before she woke up in the hospital with my teeth marks around here throat. She held in, not a ward of it was spoke. Her family has a good idea about who done it, but since then she hasn't called, visited or even left me with a note. I got the message. If I were smart, I would have let go. But this sick ingested curse has yet about to begin.
My mother, not a word. She has handled me ever since I was slit from out of her womb. All these years I could have never known. She had told me once or twice about Vampires, werewolves and the rest of these ghouls. But never had once a slightest of idea from when she had told me about the blood I would be in posses. Until now and from after my Jan landed her self in the hospital. Now it's me and this card of credit, the card that has been placed in to my hand from after my mom was in her ground and now pronounced dead.
I walk out of here and this security guard faggot looks at me as if he's never seen some one walk out of here at four am in the fucking morning. Like I was going to come be here at noon, so all you creeps can watch an only child of a dead mom, stair in to a light as it livens their graves.
It's this view, its one of no other. With the city lights coming on of the dusk gloom of its moon and as I step in I'll get my glimpse for its every sin. The sin that leaves all of its people in a sorrow in stir from when they stare in to this open field of death.
For once, my feet have now found a meaning for a kick into their step. Unlike before, I was in a lonesome of rhythms from all its being as I was one with no morals. Having this card, not having to think for any career wise moves and living like there was once no beginning and it was leading for no end.
I have seen them before, I stood by and watched, and then when they had their fun, I read all about it in the city's paper then from off the news. Around this time, before the sun show's any signs for its set. The all get together for one last cheer before, from what I've seen; a stretch in to its death. From how the city people call, the ones who step forth to actually talk about it. Because lately this cursed, forsaken weather has only been leading for its show and not from a breath. Our turn is how they say it. They call it a turn for a life. You ask me, and its one sorry excuse for being afraid of them and not wanting them to be having you next.
They run thru here like the saying for a bat out of hell. It's this curse said city. A city of old traditions and way's. They even talk about it in other county's, calling our land a savage land, one with out hope and the old sayings are all true and now in fact. The butchering of man, women and children being swept up from out of their beds and the farmer's cattle being torn in terror. My only guess is that I'm amongst the being that are, how they live, and one for them selves.
I know not step in to their howling night and for some reason they I'm not one for a bite. Last night while I was sitting to my self under the light from in the inner city's park. Thinking about the life I have been led and away to approach her resting place. My mom. I heard the deep breaths along with the deeper breaths that were closing in as I sat there, thinking about my only one of wards that had set me for her death. As the breaths begin to show shadow, right then and there I knew I was going to be next. Pined up like another trophy, like a prize that's been bled from in the papers; Today's. The big ugly fucker stepped in under my light, stood there like a mad dog in heat, looked at me, then from behind as I was being fumed from in the breath of the one in front of me, the wet licking slime rolled along my head, set there drawling in my sweat. He stood there, leaving me in his shadow as the one in my front began to back on out. He gave him self his one only signal for retreat from after he must have seen the look in the eyes from the beast of man behind after licking my sweat and founding out I wasn't what they were hunting for. It left him in a craze for hunger in madness, knowing I like them had sustained my human stretch. His only reaction was to let his wonders from me be, then leaped over me in all his madness and began his hunt for prey on his fellow wolf man that has been stepping him self away from after seeing what kind of man that I am.
The whips, lashes and growls that went along with the furs that where ripped. Lead a rumble in thru the park as if the park its self was in an earthquake or had just been shook from out of its grip. That's when I knew something was right. My blood lusting attack on my Jan wasn't met with any other being from in my past and from when my mother told me that my blood was one of another's. I found out last night or I would have been dead.
The crisp sense of their howls, cracks, wicks, sends shivers and a trenched horror all thru the city. It is a howl for life, in life, and how life had and has its way. Now its way has come to an end. Fucking bastards, there is more then a hand full of them and what they have left here from where last night I sat only has means for what I'll never come to be or believe. A torn, emulated women, my age and placed right here from where last night I sat. I can guess this has been placed here for me. Poor thing, in her only blood from when she had come to see her flesh, a flesh that has been torn apart by the like of men, that from the looks of it, would have others like me, wanting to have her in their bed.
She a prostitute, the street whores that take their last chance from in their one night for a buck to the arms of these mad dog-feeding men. Her pitcher in the paper or any talk of her on the news isn't going to be happening. These people are one of the only means that this horror has been for so long taking its steps. These people and another fool who thinks he can out stand one of these night beasts. And now, from my soul in my mom's grave, for they way she ad me raise and for now as I lead my own of way. I'll be taking that gasp, this mark for a stand and along my way I'll be bring down and dripping the blood from off my hand onto the death of a dirt from on the grounds of my mothers place of rest, when I find and found the one man that has been in hold of this response for the midnight stretch as now its my turn, the turn in life. Like how they have all come to say it.
The sun came in faster then my eye could see. It raised its once again useless fury above another butchered and emulated corpse once again. I left that scene and from way in thru the park, I know those people up and out with their dogs this morning were not surprised one bit.
If she was one of theirs, or in bed with their boy friend, then it would have been more then her blood being shed.
I am really starting to get sick of being tired from being sick of seeing all this bullshit in our papers. This waitress is probably starting to think that I'm one of them. I'm in here every morning. She knows me, like her, I'm only another tiring, worried scared citizen who comes in here after another body has been retrieved and picked up with out any signs or sense.
As if. If I had to live like these fools, well I wouldn't have and I'd be long gone.
Sit in here with a bunch of chickens, a pack of mindless pigs, ticking around a butcher's yard and tripping over trying to meet an ends meat.
"This is from that gentleman from over their." She says as she set me my coffee, looking over the paper as if I was her night in shinning silver, like I was some dude, a weirdo, the guy who comes in here every morning to look thru the last of the bloody body's that have been shed. Before she turns away and nods at the guy sitting down a few stools from my left, she looks at me as if she's my new friend or that she's been waiting for me, like a distanced relative or something.
Before I can take in my second sip, after I had set the newspaper aside. He steps up behind me, and then sat him self-down next to me on the end stool. He sat there and watched, as I swished it down. I had know idea who he was, only that he's bought me this coffee and now he wants to watch me drink.
My next drink, I know I should say something, like any man would. I didn't ask for him to by this coffee, I ordered, he paid, she probably thinks I'm cute and this guy; if doesn't say something by the time a set this cup back down, then he's going to be called a fag or a fucking pervert and I'll probably be putting my fist in to his face.
"It's about time" I heard that and it wasn't meaning too much to me. It gives me that once again, that annoying feeling of smashing his face in.
I've waited all morning and I like this stuff. I'm not going to ruin my coffee over some creep trying to whisper something into my ear. Then the hand strikes in over the paper, held there like it was one with the weather I was having. "My name is Lucas." As I turned to check in on this coffee buying bug, he tells me his name is Lucas. I could tell from on his face he was a smart player and he sure as hell wasn't one to be going along with our midnight's charade. He looks to clean and well built, like a strong dude, one of those crisp suit warring guys. "I'm. Cos. And this coffee well I guess it's your dime. So." I said as he held my hand in exception like he had owned it or he's been waiting to be possessing something from in it wile we shook.
He let me be, as I took in another drink, a moment for silence, I guess. Before he tells me. "You may not know who I am. I know you and I know you well. Don't be alarmed. You're not the only one I've been introduced to. You're the only one that's been left standing that I have had this opportunity to have the break from under the sun with."
I let him take in his look. After what he had said, I guess my only means for exception besides drinking this coffee he paid for is to at least let the guy have his stare before I slid the paper over in front of him and said. "A drink from after a night from how it's displayed in here or were the other guys not much of a coffee drinker?" I left the paper there for him to stare. I looked on to it, he didn't. When I looked up in to his face, I could tell he wasn't amused. The straight look on his face along with it held in his eye. If it has nothing to do about that then this guy's going to be needing to take a walk before this mug ends up in his face. "Ya you can put it like that, how about a ride. I have my car out back. I can explain to you from there. Around here, well you know. Come on, you'll like it. I have my own suite on the top floor of the enterprise building. Ah, Constantine." From him saying my name in full, I could have smashed this mug in to his face then let the blood drip in around the gashed flesh as it splats all over the counter in bits from the mug smashed in his flesh.
I think about how he said about being around here and he was right, no one speaks of the turning nights around here. I set the mug down, slipped a bill from out of my pocket and set it on the counter for the cutie then stood up as he stood to his feet and I follow him on out.
His ride; a white in a tint of a under set grey, with a black trimmed silver in shine; a Lamborghini. From the inside it felt like the ones I seen on TV, but from the out; it was nothing, it had nothing to it except its colors in shine; no fin, the air intakes where practically its body it self. It could sit along side of any other two door and all you would see from this thing is its shape, it's shaped like a sharp drip of ice. The inside matches it in full, despite all the buttons and cushioned seats. This thing must be the fastest machine I have seen or ever could have imagined from a car in today's age.
Before I stepped out from this exotic beast of a machine, from after he parked us in on the top floor of this eight story parking garage; he asked me. "Your not afraid of dogs are ya?" "I don't think so!" I tell him as I stepped out. I follow him in to the elevator. He clicks on to the top floor, doesn't look at me and on our way up, he doesn't say a word. It wasn't until we stepped on down the hallway; he put his key into the door, opened it, and then growls out. "Ha, go sit down, stay there until I say. You here me." As he held the door open for me to step in.
This place lights right up. The ceiling is all glassed and his outer wall the same. You can see for as far as the eye can see from up here. If it wasn't these windows, I'd be floating in here on thin air.
"His name is Max. Constantine. He needs to get in a good eye on ya, before he can figure out a way to be in approach. If you know what I mean. So sit down, I'll get us a drink, something to snack on." He tells me as I stepped in to his living room and left here with a two hundred pound beast of a dog. I tip toe over to his couch, sit my self down slowly as this beast keeps his wonder from on his eye, dead in to mine.
Black under coat, tail, ears, and snout. Silver legs, stripes of it cutting in to his rib bones as it fades in to a white all along his body. I've seen a dog or two that looks like this breed, not as big or well muscled and not quite as big as this one or as big as that big slab of a head. I've heard of these dogs; pit dogs, bulldogs, the kind of breed that they bait on bulls and in pits with other dogs. This one you could pit against ten other men and a fucking bull.
If he plans on biting me then he better not plan on having any kids or lifting that leg for any more tree's. His eye's starting to drop down to the floor as he comes with in breaths of reach. I don't know if he wants me to pet him down or sit here so he can smell the rest of me that lead its way as he sniffed it on in. He steps in slowly, knowing that if I were to snap, he'd be right there ready to rip in to it.
My leg; he sniffs in slow, taking his time as if I was placed here for him or something. Then before I get my nerve to set up my hand for him to whiff, his head is placed on to my lap, his tail wagging like a handle for amusement as he stares in to me and waits for me to go along and pat him down.
I now think I have my self a new friend. This fucker is so groovy, he so big and huggable. I could roll around on the ground right now with him and have my self a wrestling match with this big beastly fucker. "Hey, Max. Hu, Hey Buddy." Ha, ha he likes that. "Max, come sit down. I hope you like fruits and ah a beer Constantine." "Ya it's alright, Max he's a, I like him." "Ya well it's her meal time then she needs a nap." He tells me as he stepped in to the table, set out my beer and the bowl of fresh cut fruits. Then stepped in to the chair next to me and says, "Max is a female. I get mixed up, she doesn't mind, but when she gets into the hands of a young man like you, well, this place can end up upside down," He said that then sat down.
After he hands me the beer then set the bowl on to the edge of the table; this annoying feeling began to set in, a reminder, so I let him know what was on my mind before we got in further with any other conversations. "I'm called Cos. That's the way I like it and want it." "If that's how it is, hey cheers." He says as he held out his beer and as I sat back, he set in for a drink then I joined in, I guess and sucked some beer back for my self before I get to the point for what exactly it was he wants to discuss.
"Soooo" I let out in a long slush in under my breath. He looked at me like it was how it was meant and I could see it ringed in to his eyes. He sets his head back for another mouth full then after he swished it all down then breathed in the rest he says. "Werewolves!" I look at him then from the corner of my eye I see Max peaking in from around the kitchen before he went on saying. "They turn, a turn is done. Know its you and me. You think your mother has been holding you by her side after all these years so you can go sit in the park all night, waiting for them to come and lick the sweat from off of your head? There's no need to explain. If you don't want to talk about it that's fine. I figure you would have been gone by now, use up all that money out there in the real world or something. And don't ask. I am, I am your cousin, and our mothers are under the same light. Your father and my father are both one. Your mom and mine were how do we say; blood sister's from in a different soul. Together they have managed to conceive the only two sons from a man, you, and I will never come to know. And I know exactly what you are up to. I've had that feeling my self, until this day I don't know if he is out there either. I followed them once, Max and me.
That was until I returned with well a furrier version of her. Fucking bastards got a hold of her and this is how they left her. She like you, like me, she found me when I was like you. Then from after our attempted on their lead man, well she ended like that or them. She has her K-9 until she's under their moon light, then she puts on a couple more pounds and well, you read the papers. I have a friend here in the city. He knows all there is to be known. I'll take you to him in the morning. For now you will stay here, watch some TV on my big screen, have an eat. I have an extra bedroom in the back and yes I have another car if when, during your stay you can take out for a boot. For now I need you to chill here."
He got up after washing back the rest of his beer, stepped in towards the kitchen; seen Max brushing her self-back from in the corner then turned to me and said. "I have a few things to do. I don't want you two shedding any fur in my living room," then stepped on, told Max. "Now go play with your new friend." and walked on out as she ran in on to me with her tail winding up for a good rub down as I sit here with my beer and this bowl of fresh fruit. Now I can watch these turning stretching sheds on his big screen, with my new girl, Max.
Lucas tells me he was going to be back before dark when he left then he asked me to stay the night when he set me here, but I have been out every night this past week and I can't stay in here tonight. I got my own ways and it staying in here all night, it's tempting, having this view and all, but not me.
If this guy wanted to know me then he would have already passed me by. Not come in to the coffee shop then bring me up to his place so I could entertain his dog. I have things to do, people to see a turn to be stretched before I start getting in with some other guy who seems to have a problem with him self. Max can handle her own; she is a smart one, what ever she is, or who ever.
This building sits its self in a stand right in the center of the city. Its like its been put there by a wolf man himself, so they can have them selves a bird eye view of their light and see all their cattle of people walk from in under their howling breaths.
I've been in her a few times; I know what goes on around here during the nights. You got your fleabags that need a bath from after spending their days going thru garbage cans and hustling a dollar here and there so they can sit around these lampposts all night, sucking back on that cheap booze. And then its these whores, the ugly of ones, the ones who get dropped in an alley for a few bucks from these idiots who leave their wife and kids at home, wile their waiting to find out what or who had fell to the rips of another beast from in the nights shed from in turns of the stretch. A turn not yet but a stretch; I'm sure I bound to run in to one around here. They don't happen much in the inner city because they know there too much sparkle and shine that ends up being a shed of them.
Two blocks down from after passing the pis pot for a quick sex stop with those stinking whores and the lights still in the same. The same old bull spit here; bars, strip clubs, coffee shops and the restaurants. This guy thinks I have the time to be dropping a dime in to his hat and look at this one; she looks like the one I seen a few blocks back. I'm like a fresh hunk of meat around here; all the street girls eyeballing me on and these creeps for change and these drug dealers think I'm here for a fix.
"Hi sexy." She thinks she's sexy; giving me a 'hi'. Now she wants to walk by my side after she said. "Hey, you wannya have some fun?" "Please" I told her and she steps back leaving me be as I step to the same beat.
Now this is something worth stopping for, and I had a feeling I wasn't alone; Lucas could be one to council me in his own way, but this guy; he's a beast. Two idiots that look like this bars security, think they can man handle this guy. Maybe they weren't aware of the tone that was in his throat or the claws that were ripping from out of his fist wile his eyes went dim as he just laid a fucking beating on those guys like it was meant to be. Two fucking security dudes laid out here like its sunrise and they would be living to tell their story. The crowds step back as this guy stepped his head in to the sky and held his stance before he ran thru them like a lawnmower in on a chicken coop; screams and yells of fear as he left four or five people on the ground and rolling around with the gashes he left on them. Every body else looks down as the ones on the ground show off their bloody tears and shocks of fear, along with the two bouncers being set with towels and rag from the bars waitress from after this wolf man hit his way in to the streets.
I have my self a few more steps around this block, see if I run in to some more excitements from in the inner city's pits, see if I get in another fucked up wolf man taking on a couple of men. It wasn't until I stepped in for a quick coffee to when I heard the howl coming from out back of this café. Before I jumped over the counter, I looked around at all these people as the shiver hit thru them like the blood for spill corpses they are then ran my self in thru the kitchen as these idiots try to tell me not to go out of that back door.
As the wolf, man had his go on this guy; that looked like some dude that has the same taste in clothes and appearances as Lucas. I seen the silver spike of the bull; the Lamborghini. Then as I seen this girl crawling on the ground along the café's back wall; bleeding and gasping for breaths. The wolf man, the same guy that was in front of the bar; lands from in the air right next to me as I here the crunch from in his bones as he hit the wall. He looks at me, breaths out the slamming pressure from after he hit the ground then before his next breath as I stood over him, he shuffled back like a wimpling dog, looking in to my eyes and falling back from in his own steps as I held my eye on. He got to his feet, stumbled; keeping his eye in to mine then turned in a fear and ran out into the street then smash. His blood sprung up like a sack of tomatoes as the car popped him up into the air then landed him into a dead splattering scene of just another poor young man that looked like he had one too many drinks as he laid there dead.
Before I could turn to check on the girl and this guy who looked like Lucas, it was and he has me up against the wall with his hand around my neck. "I told you to stay in." He said as his face keeps in its snarl, looking straight in to the air; the air that I was needing for a breath. My foot goes in to his chest, my back; bringing of the wall as I kicked and as I stood there, I got in my breath for my air and then I felt it; The turn for a stretch; It had me in turn, the only stretch was from in another kick as he tried to grab me again. As he stepped up back into his stand, I let my inner breath slow me down before I laid him another kick or set my self in for his death. He looks at me, shrugged himself off, and then stepped in towards the girl as she sat there up against the wall. He leaned over grabbed her by her hand and stood her up saying. "I told you girls to steer clear from any of them." "We did Lucas, fuck. How in the hell are we supposed to know? Have of those fucks are in and out before we can tell if there stretched or turning for a turn." She brushed her self off, keeping that annoying look on her face from after telling him how she felt then he slipped a few bills from out of his coat, placed it in her hand, and said. "You take this, go get fixed up, I'll see in the morning and don't tell anyone about this. Not a ward of it." Then turned to me, looked at me then looked over onto the street as the ambulance and police pulled up in under the squealing scenery in their shinning lights. He again looks at me; pointed at me then to his car and said. "Get in, now." With that, ugly snarl on his face. I was about to hesitate but I couldn't resist that ride and with all these cops then the Cafes kitchen people were starting to talk I hopped in to his silver Lambo and he cruised us on out of there.
"So what the fuck is your problem man?" He asked as he kept his eyes on the road. I decide not to say anything. Just let him drive and he did. Not a ward was said, he drove us on up in to his parking garage then stepped out after it was parked. He stood in the center of the garage, tells me. "Shake your self off before we go in." and shook him self off from all the dirt and dust he picked up from the fight. I shook my self off then followed him in, up thru the elevator and right in to his place.
As he stepped in, Max had her self a whiff from in the blood he had on his fist and didn't say a word. As I'm about to sit down he calls me. "Hey tough guy." I turned to look and he tells me. "You need to shower now before you sit down; your room is all equipped. Get cleaned up then I will have something on the way for us to eat. There's clothes in there, toilet, shower it is equipped. Go get cleaned up!" I turned to stand him in the face and he turned and walked away as if he knows I can handle my self but he's not in the mood or something or I was just some bug or trying to pick at him or something. But he is right, I could use a shower.
I took my time in the shower, let the water soak on in, that shampoo he has in there smelled so good and I soaked it up like a morning fog. I got in to a set of tracksuit, splashed some of the spring water moisturizer that he has stocked up in the washroom then walked my self on out. Max in the hall, it's like she has been in front of my door this whole time. She follows me into the kitchen as I walk into Lucas, standing there over a plate of Chinese food and a few slices of pizza. He looks up at me, stares for a moment then said. "The foods there on the living room table for ya. If you plan on sleeping it out on the coach, then be ready to be waking up there in the morning because max and me have our morning run before we watch the news. And if you plan on taking a walk tonight, ha ha ha ha have fun. From after what Max smelled on ya, you're not going anywhere?" He holds a smile on his face as if he's spoiled my new toy or something. Before I get thru the kitchen, he steps in to me, then aside and said "Goodnight" as I stepped him by on his way in to his room. "Yes, goodnight" I told him and let that non sense wisp me by as Max joined me in on my way to this table full of food and then the both of us had our chill for the night.
A peaking sun shined right it my face, licks and wet ones as I woke up into her face. Max had her mouth all over me and this creep sits there laughing at me. "I told ya," He says to me then said. "There's a fresh cup of coffee going on in the kitchen." I give max one hell of a good rub down, pat her down good, give her ears a good twist as she spins that tail of her's then got my self up off the couch and she follows me into the kitchen. As I grab my self a cup from off the pins, I have seen this business card. It reads; Shades from in moonlights. A prostitution ring, he has own prostitution ring going on here in the city and that is why I caught him with that wolf man. He was protecting his stock. His girls, he's into the whores and he's got the inner city wolf men feeding on his stock. If not then he's feeding off them himself.
As I sat my self down he looks at me, I look right back and I could tell he's waiting to tell me something. I sit down and he continues to look at me with that dirty grin of his. "So what is going on?" I ask him, letting him know I do not plan to stay here for another night and what ever it is he wanted me for then he better let me know or after this coffee, I'm gone. He turns away from staring at me, looks onto the TV and turns it off then turned back onto me saying. "Well I need a partner, someone who too can handle a turn of their own, the stretch. Like me a stretch we've been left with out." "What for, why me?" I told him. "First of all this attitude you got isn't going to be helping you. You see anyone else talking to you about this?" I was about to tell him to go and fuck him self when he says. "Like I told ya last night, you want to bring down this blood from the wolf man, so do I. There is one thing you have not come to know yet and when you do, you need to be with someone that can help you and stand there by your side. Your blood is not like mine. I have my turn; it has its stretch, not like a wolf man and not exactly containing the blood of them that you have possessed. You hold the blood of their one man, the god, a blood that had only dripped from out of a moon and it is the moon of kings. The one bloodline that has its power over all of its wolfed men. The more you go on wondering around, letting them whiff it in then its going to be let known and I assure you they will have you killed unless you become one with them and I know your not or going to be. I have been sent to protect you. You will hear about him, it's in scripture and it has been documented from other bloods of king's. I just didn't know you would be such a little shit."


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