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Blood Phantom.

Novel By: Factxzrx

Vampire story. View table of contents...


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"They wanted a treat. Trick or treat. I watched, waited, observed. You ask me how I knew or how was it I knew? I thought you'd never ask." Said he, remaining nameless, his identity provoked yet remains unidentified. His questions are answered. He grabs on to the collar of his shirt, pulls it down; reveling the two spiked indents in on his neck.
������� "Could I say more?" He asked, suggesting from in that creep smile he has now earned and posses. Jennifer and Richard stare on, watching, taking mental note of what seems to be a vampirism sign, its mark, the ritual well know from in its trait.
������� "Couldn't be put any clearer." Said Richard.
������� "Indeed in fact." Jennifer said then asks, "Is it yours."
������� He releases the grip from on the collar of his shirt, stares down on to his hands as they clench together on top of the table and smirks. Richard stepping back slowly brings up his hand, holding it up in front of his chest and waits for Jennifer to look his way as he stands his back against the door. Jennifer catches him from in the corner of her eye; he waves her in then signals to the monitor above. The door click's open released from in its locking hold. Richard swings it open slowly, calmly, the guard steps in behind him.
������� "Jennifer maybe our friend is hungry. We should prepare for him a meal." Said Richard from in the security of being in hands reach and safety off the guard.
������� "I would feel much more comfortable if he had a name. Something to be referred by." Jennifer said, standing her place then begins to step away from the table bolted into the concrete floor from in the center of the room with only one other space for movement, a space for and used many times before for a purpose to restraint. Its chain links lay free from in each side of the floor of its empty space from in the steel framed concrete room that has only one exit way; its indestructible metal door.
������� "I have grown quite found of Phantoms." The undefined man said, suggesting he be referred to as a Phantom."
������� "Now you got me." Said Jennifer staring down on him as he remains looking down in to his hands.
"What are we in a freak creep show here?" Asked Richard after stepping aside for the guard to close and secure the door from after Jennifer had token her time stepping on out from in the interrogation room.
������� "A freak show. News flash Richard? Do you want me to show the case file?" She responded, stepping him on by, grunting as a conclusion to her own response. Richard follows in behind her, stepping in on her lead as she leads them on out of cellar of cells and interrogating rooms.
������� "Hey Kiddies." Said Mathew, greeting them and about to give them the latest from in the findings in their case.
������� "Freak show." Jennifer said, waving out her hand and stepping him on by.
������� "News flash." Said Richard stepping in and matching his to the rumbling beat Jennifer steps on out with.
������� "I was getting there. I had him." Jennifer said, sitting in at the front row table of the cafeteria as Richard walked on in.
������� "Had him, we have him. Since when have you become a physic?"
������� "Since now." Said Mathew stepping in to the emptiness of the cafeteria from in its midnight hour. "None of the blood made a match. He's clean and as I see it and see it I do. He is also sane; the way I need the both of you."
������� "What?" Asked Richard, turning from in his stand in front of the vending machine, snarling his face from in under its shade then turning back as the chocolate bars fell from in discharged in to its place.
������� "Although, the blood that we did recover from on him, it was matched to the same we found on those clowns. The blood that has been recovered from the Blood Clinic."
������� "So our Phantom is a Vampire?" Asked Jennifer then shook from in her seat as the chocolate bar struck in to her arm.
������� "No thanks." Mathew said as Richard held one up for him then sat in next to Jennifer gripping the chocolate bar in-between his teeth and tearing in to its wrapper.
������� "Appropriate." Mathew said.
������� "What?" Asked Richard as the chocolate bar is being shoved into his mouth.
������� "What?" Jennifer asked.
������� "Phantom." Answered Mathew then explains as the two sit before him and begin to wonder in to a world from in a secret as they nibble away at their chocolate bars. "His blood is dead. A ghost for say. Its quite remarkable."
������� "A real Vampire?" Asked Richard rolling his eyes and chewing away as if it was a load of bull.
������� "Are you shitting us Doc.?" Asked Jennifer.
������� "He's our top client. Who ever he is. And I want you two to deal with it. This is all ours. He's not known, were not letting him be."
������� "What in the hell is that supposed to mean." Asked Richard, chewing on the last of his chocolate bar, quenching the wrapper in his hand then turns to Jennifer and asks. "Are you going to finish that?" Jennifer looks down as the chocolate bar falls from out of her hand, onto the table then slides it over with her elbow in front of Richard.
������� "What we did recover was semen and DNA that too is linked to the bloody Fiestas from in the past." Said Mathew.
������� "Theirs has been others." Jennifer asked.
������� "Yes." Answered Mathew.
������� "During this time period." Asked Richard.
������� "For many moons now." Mathew answered then steps in to the table, sets his hands on it, he leans over, looks them both in the eyes, and says. "This case is all yours. The Phantom is now yours." Then sprung him self back.
������� "How?" asked Richard.
������� "He's now a civilian." Jennifer asked.
������� "Do what ever it is you got to do, dress for the occasion, get a set of fangs, what ever. This is all off the books. And remember one thing."
������� "What?" Richard blurted out.
������� "The phantom; he is a phantom." Said Mathew then turned and walked away saying. "Remember that. He's our only lead so don't treat him like a freak and this conversation it never happened."
������� "This guy is going to give me the creeps." Said Richard walking along side of Jennifer and on their way back in to the cellar of cells and its interrogating rooms.
������� "Ya well just keep your cool." Jennifer said. "If he's one of them but not then we should get along just fine."
������� "Then it's your Jane Do going on the release forms."
������� "Ya and wile I'm in there with him you go and get them. Get a hold of Mathew and get our assignment straightened out. I'm sure we're entitled to some spending money and see if he's going to be our contacted. We don't need to be leashed by any of those tech's or over the hill badge shiners."
������� "He said this is top secret."
������� "Ya well we need security and insurance."
������� "Alright." Richard said, agreeing and turning back as the security guard sets his key into the metal door.
������� "My, my." Was said as she stepped in. The door closed, she watches, expecting to hear another one of his charming phrases. He remains seated in his place, staring down on to his hands folded together on the tabletop.
������� "Phantom." She lightly called. "I have collected some information, information that excludes you from in the case."
������� "How so?" He asked bringing a slight lift from in his head, turning his eyes up on to her. "Hu?" Jennifer sets her eyes on to his as his head slowly came up from in its hang then quickly looked away following his eye, his cheeks flexing from in his growl and looked on to his hands as the nails began to flex in to claws. Jennifer is stuck in her place, staring down on him as his face contracts from in the tensing stretch of his hands.
������� "You know." He asked from in a deep breaths letting it growl.
������� "Well." Jennifer said knowing and now taking note of how she has come to find out, quickly looking away and in to the two way mirror from in his right side, looking over him and in on to her reflection as it shined in over the fog she has set her sight on from in his breaths, filling in from out of the right side of his mouth. He lifts his head, tilting it back, raising his eyes up over the fog then says, "Well." Jennifer is left with out a breath, looking down in sequence, staring on to him, his bald head then in to the emptiness of mirror where only his breath has left it with a image; a image of only fog.
������� Jennifer takes one last look at her self from in the mirror, staring in to the being of her own face, her big brown eyes, long waving brown hair and the dark skin that her mother has granted her with as her fathers strength is held from inside.
������� "Yes." She said then steps in and sits on the stool next to him, facing her image in the mirror and left with only his right side to be faced with.
������� "I explained how it was I knew." He said. "I was made clear."
������� "You were?" asked Jennifer, remembering what he had said, what he was talking about before Richard had stepped out from in the room. "You waited, observed, a trick or a treat."
������� "Mmhum."
������� "As a child?"
������� "From in one. I was spared." He said then turned and watched his breath fog into the glass from off the mirror.
������� "And now, again?" Jennifer said, letting her words take question.
������� "Yet now."
������� "I'm Jennifer." She said, reaching, setting her hands onto his and left in a silence as she begins to relies he is a dead, with out a living blood and now from with out a heart beat of his own. "I'm here to help."
������� "Help" he said, repeating it as if it wasn't there or going to be. "Like me, they're not man."
������� "I'm here to help you not them."
������� "I can not wait any longer." He said, sliding his hands from under hers then setting them on top of hers.
������� "You too." Jennifer said, fighting with the tear that is beginning to release its self from in her right eye.
������� "Yes." He said turning his face, facing hers, and revealing his pin sharp fangs as they spit out from under his pale-fleshed lips, his skin toned into a tint of green and his eye's as they pitch into a black from in the sense of death. Jennifer nods her head, holds her eye in under her straight sense of mortal ness as the tear drips down along her cheek then says. "We are going to get them. What ever it takes, what ever you need, together we will bring them down."�She lets go of his hands, stands up, leans in over him and kiss's him on his head.
������� "Ya." He growls saying. "I've been watching you too, waiting, observed."
������� "You're the Phantom." Jennifer said, stepping in under the surveillance camera above the door then waves her hand for the guard to open it.
������� "Come on." She says, calling him from in his chair for him to join in as she steps into the doorway with the security guard standing in on its out side. He stands, gives the mirror a quick glimpse then runs his hands down his chest, un wrinkling his black knit sweater then patting down his thighs to loosing up his legs and air out his dark grey denim pants.
������� "Hey, ho." Said Richard, walking in to Jennifer and the Phantom in the hall. "This is for you." He said, handing Phantom a steak submarine then looks on to Jennifer raises his brows and tilts his head. "Where are we going?" He asked then whispers "Is it cool." In to Jennifer's ear as Phantom splits the sub open and stared in to the raw flesh in blood of a cow that has now been served to him from in a hand of the law.
������� "Ya, I know." Said Jennifer as she took a glimpse on to the sub then sets her sight back onto Richard.
������� "Now what?" Richard asked. Jennifer turns to Phantom, swings out her hand, and says. "Phantom this is Richard. He can be an ass sometimes, just need to shove a chocolate bar done his throat then he can be fine."
������� "Hi." Richard said, looking on to Phantom then back away as the blood began to soak in thru the bread.
������� "Yes, Hello." Phantom said, nodding his head then releasing a wind from in his own grief.
������� "Let's go for a ride boys." Jennifer said, swinging her arms in the air, spinning her self around then stepping on in thru the hallway as Richard and Phantom stood in their place and just stared.


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