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Bloody Trail. BLOODY TALE.

Novel By: Factxzrx

Tags: Vampire, Hunter

A story from in the book BLOODY TALES. Max (Cage) is left with more then a question for taste. He's out for the answer for taste. The taste for blood; the blood he's out to spill. View table of contents...


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A blood-spilling trauma, its life being held in the hands of its beholder. Only the slipping of thought's where in energy as he fell to the floor. His last breath, leaving his last sight in to the slip of spills that laid him in to his own death defying taste for one last sip as it spilled along the side of his face. Cage stands over him, looks on to the pool of blood as it lead it self in to a stream along the wall. He keeps a good watch on him as he laid their lifeless and they he was intending for him to be. 'Inside out' is how he wanted him. He was in his own hesitation at first as he held his blade up around his neck trying to decide if he was going to gut him from behind or just stick in to his neck. He left him self with the conclusion to let the blade do what it was held to do; slide from under his ear, along his neck and into his chest.
He kneels down, looks at him in the eye, and stares on in as his reflection begins to appear. He looks deep; a look that was hidden in side until it was spilled from out of the corps that lays there in front of him; The corps that no longer possessed his girl. As the blood spilled, he could see their useless beings, being split open right there in the warmth of his own eye.
Before he steps out of the hotel, he gets in one more breath; a breath that he knew wouldn't explain why his Sally could have left him for this life of darkness. Shutting the door behind him and stepping into the hallway. He walks on into a wonder of his own, thinking to himself if this was how it was meant to be. Passing all the doors lined up along the walls and looking down under them at the light as it glares in to the hall; the lively motions that where moving around in it gripped in to his soul like the death of Sally her self; reminding him about the lifeless flower's that he is left with in his yard. With no one there to tend to them or give them that good old lovely of feelings as the sun sets in to its lifeless night; the night that has his Sally in it's arms and leaving her in a dirt that's not one of her own.
In the hotel lobby as he steps on in. The desk girl calls him in then asked him to sing his way out. He scratched it down in the book for her then flexed a smile as she buzzed him out. The streets in his eye where in it's good old mood; the cars fuming, people where heads up and the nightly sky was feeling like it did before he was left in this blood spill for a survival. As he walks on down, he see's what he knows and doesn't bother on giving them any attention as the thoughts of getting one of these ladies and laying it to them good. The street stripper's know him and he knows it. He has had his eye on a few. A girl for now, to him wasn't on the agenda, although he's itching and knows he's going to have to release his needs soon. With his duty in life and having this new turn for the whore's as he is left in justifying the one horror that has kept him in a being from him self. The death of his Sally; his soul partner, the only women in his life and now she's in the dirt, a dirt that doesn't belong to her, a whole in the ground that was placed there as a toilet being used as a disposal for the blood sucking ignorance of vampire's or as he would rather refer to them; Vheines.
He waves them on as they all say hi to their new sexy hunk of man that's being showing his face around the inner city ever since the rains of spring has passed them by. One girl unparticular has had eye; a burnet, tall and lean with a set of luscious breast with her round plumped behind that has been leaving him in a stir as it lead him in to the arms of his Sally. She looks at him and he's gives her one right back. He see's the whore that she is and it leaves him in a empty sorrow that filled with his feeling for a escape, a escape that could put him back into the arms of a women that could have never of left him in this pit that he slide's into for a non justifying act for a life.
As he walks on, stepping up in to the walk lights, getting ready to join in with the other's as the light turns a go. He gets a rub along his shoulder then turns. "Hi stranger, I've been watching you, thinking to my self; this is the kind of man I would defiantly have to have a coffee with tonight. If he's willing?" He looks at her with nothing to say, feeling like a little kid as he looks into the eye's of a beauty. His thoughts of a sleaze are far from in his state of mind and he knows it. He start's thinking of the stripper's he's first contacted for answer's as images of his Sally flowed in along with all the sexy women he had encountered with, looking for his lead in to a hunt for a Vheine.
Before he had a chance to breath, his ears tuned back in to her voice as she lit up into the back of his head giving him a sense of manner's and answered. "Yes, coffee." He held his arm out as the people in front of them walked on as the street light shined a go and said. 'After you." She steps out, looks over her shoulder and smiles as he steps in behind her then stepped him self up along her side. She shows him her brightest of smiles and he accepts them in a smile of his own. "I have a little coffee shop here on the corner." She said to him as he nodded on walking along side of this new model type looking girl with all the flash and class he could only expect from a showgirl.
As she stood her self in front of the coffee shop and pointed it, out to him, telling him that this was it, her little coffee shop on the corner. He caught a glimpse of what he wasn't wanting to or expecting as it turned in to his gut, leaving it as empty as the thoughts of a spill leak of useless spilled blood. The door swings open and she gives him a wink telling him. "Mmm our coffee." He smiles and she places her hand on his shoulder as he stepped in then walked him in to a table that sat itself under a tinting light that left them under out of the light's that had welcomed them in.
He has a look around, seen the people that where sitting along the side window then saw the waiter's coming towards his table as his new girlfriend was going thru her purse. She set's her purse aside after wiping her noise and lips with a wet napkin then asked him. "So how do you like it?" Thoughts of the street stripper's hit thru his head followed by an annoying merge as it washed out of his head from the beautiful smile that set it self on to the table in front of him. "Hello Miss Rwella, will be having you faves tonight." The waiter asked as he stepped in to their table then looked on to her date after she nodded her head and asked him. "Will you be served as well sir?" "Yes." He said as the waiter stared onto him then turned his back and walked on.
She looks into his eye's and him hers then with the curiosity he had as an expression towards his way of shinning back into the sexy flirt that was possessing its self in her smiles he asked. "So are you going to surprise me?" She leaned back into her seat with a smile that was ready to be chased by a laugh and said. "Surprise, you're full of surprises. Are you surprised?" He grunts under his breath then let it out in a giggling laugh as she smirked on.
With no idea who or what she does; he had no idea that the girls he's seen in the sex trade where as beautiful and intelligent as she was so he asked her. "What do you do?" "This coffee shop." She said as she held up her arms letting the light shine down on her as he' been informed. Then she held her hand up over the table, placed it on to his, and asked him. "What is that you do? My name is Kelly." As his hand begun to firm its hold on hers from seeing the one and only beauty that has had captured him into his darkened light; that light in to an existence of a life that he has now come to let be. "My name is Max. I work as how you would say; a jack-of-all-trades. I have contracts with contractors thru out the city." He told her then she looked on to their hands their, set together on the table and thought to her self how that type of work left men with tough strong hands then she noticed the discoloring from a ring on his wedding finger. She looked up on him, holding a straight mysterious look in her eye. "I'm alone. She died. Is dead." He said from in the sounds of his breath as his lips laid still.
Her rubbed along his, matching hers with his, holding his hand along hers as she looked on to them then the waiter stepped in, laid them their tray then told them to set a wave if they need anything else then walked on. The tray was set and their table was in the tastiest of displays with a wide variety of flavored creams, sugars, and coffees in a pot serving as five from out of its five separate taps.
She sets him with three espresso cups and sets her self the same. With three different cups and all of it's variety they are being well amused. Max watches as she spills her self a cup, adding a flavored cream in to it then asked him what he was pleasuring himself in. He leans over, gets in an eye, and then whiffs in its smell from in the flavor she was serving her self with. As he looked up she sets her cup ready for him to have a taste for him self as she sets it up to his lips and he slurps on. He looks at her, locks his lips and shows a soured face. She laid her cup down and laughed as he sat back and let out a breath then said. "You're drinking that, what else is here?"
She giggled her self-back up to the table and said. "That's the only one. Rum, old rum, its one from my collection of vintage drinks. The other ones are mmmmha Irish cream, French vanilla, dark cocoa, cinnamon and mint leaves. Relax we have all night. I have to close up tonight and these guys should be leaving in twenty minutes. We have the place to our selves Max." He looks on to her as she held a smile for him then he reached over and grabs her cup then set it down in front of him. She lifts her eyebrows, watching the move he has just pulled on her then smiled as she fixed her self another.
While Kelly was paying her attention to the waiter's at the front entrance of the shop, Cage has his mind set on the Vheine he seen as he was being introduced in to Kelly's café. The sights of getting in on him and slicing his tong in to three, shoving it in to the back of his mouth while he spits up what he wants to hear from the blood thirsting rat. With his blade tucked in to his hip and being in the presents of a lady; being the set for a class that she is. He let it slide for now. 'For now' as it sets in to a slurp wile he waits for Kelly to rejoin him at the taste of tasting wonder's table.
The bright lights that where shinning in on the entrance are now set in a low glow. With the front windows in a call of closing from the drapes being closed in on them; Cage is left in his seat and now informed that he's in there now alone with her and all the other's had led their way in to the night as their services had end.
Kelly at the counter, locking up the registers, setting her code on to the security system and letting it dial in to her phone then reached in one last time and grabbed her bottle of vintage Rum thinking her new friend would like to suck back a few quick shots with her before she got ready to leave.
Cage with his head resting on his hand as its held up on his elbow and he's stares on as Kelly shakes her stuff on towards him as he sat there watching her every shake and bounce. She steps in to the table then pulled her arm from behind her back and said. "I got the goods" as she held the bottle of Rum up then placed it onto the table and sat her self down. Cage looks into her smiling face, smiles back at her as the twinkles in her eye spark in moving exotic sense of pleasures then set his cup into the center of the table and said. "To new relations." Kelly set her cup next to his into the center then stood up as she grabbed the Rum bottle then leaned over, set her face in to his a few breaths away then as she try's to hold back on her smile, Cage grabs the bottle from out of her hand and set his lips on to hers. As they begun their lips into its wetting kissing lusts; Cage set the bottle onto the table as he stood up as she matched his every move wile locking lips together.
As she stepped back, sucking his mouth into hers; she reached her hand on to the table next to them, gripped its cloth, and pulled it of as she leaned her self-back onto it. Cage followed her every move as she laid her self out on the table. As he locks, his lips on to her and begins to let them slide along her chin. She begins moaning in pain and says. "What is that, it's going in to my gut, get up Max." As he steps up and back, she reached for his hip and he meets her hand before she could get a hold. He set his hand on to his hip then swung out his blade. Kelly shuffles her self-back along the table then says. "What in the hell is that? Why are you using that for?" "I'm new here in town; one of my neighbors warned me about all the dirt that blows it's way around here, so." "Oh, please Max, put that thing away," she said then the instant thought of her alarm being activated hit into her eye as the café's motion detector's begin to blink in its red lights. She stood her self up off the table, shook her self off, and then said. "My alarm, I forgot all about the time we had left before the thing would be going off. Max you don't need a big knife to walk around here. No one's going to attack you man. Have a shot of the rum I'll be back in a minute. You can walk me home." Then smiled at him and laid him a good wink before she stepped her self in towards the counter.
Cage sits him self down in to his seat, grabs the bottle and pours it in to his cup; mixing the remainders of his coffee with a pour of the rum. As his blade sets its glare into his eyes from the light above as it sits there on the edge of the table.
He let's his one last thought soak it's self into his head as he display's the blood he has spilled tonight and along with his feel of a relief that it will in a deed be spilling more.
The rum swishes in his mouth as the cup sets under his chin. The smell gives him his only weakness as it's washed down in to his stomach, turning the guilt he's left with into it's hunger as he set's his soul onto his new girl and with it set it feeds and gives him the fulfillments that he's been with out from his Sally now in the ground.
"Are you ready Max? Don't worry about the table. It will be cleared in the morning." Said Kelly as she stepped in to the door and waiting for her newfound man to join on out. Cage stands to his feet, grabs his blade and sets in its holster then swung it around so it would be digging in to his back. Before he stepped in to her, he said. "Now you're walking me home." Then laid her a smile with a raise of a brow. "You, your escorting me home." She said as she laid her hand on to his chest and gave him a good rub then clicked the door as he walked out.
After she activated the alarm and locked down the door. She walked in to Cage as he stood there with his arm out and ready to be placed around her as they walked on together. With her head leaning in on to his shoulder and the humming she's providing them with as they walk on; Cage keeps a close eye out for any of his midnight rivals, any scene of any goon looking creep or for one that would resemble the one he's seen in front of her shop from earlier. As Kelly hums along, she feels the tenseness that Cage has set into himself as they walked on by an alley of people. She thinks to her self about getting him in to her apartment, laying her self into that tenseness as the breaths from it spreads his chest in to her, and she continues to hum along knowing he's new in the city.
Cage lets he set her hands along his chest and back as he holds his arm around; getting in that good old loving feeling he once had for the companionship of a women but it doesn't set its self right. Being in the darkness of the inner city and the urges begun to flare into his eye from being stared on from in the window of the bar they had just walked by.
He knows their all out here, it's the fact that none of them seem to be leading him in to a thirst; the thirst that had his Sally drained and left there like a sack of nothing. Before he could let his mind drop in to that thought of nothingness, he swung around by Kelly then set up against the wall of her apartment building as she said. "Well we made it," He looks into her eye's as they lit up in a happiness that has now set into him and lets it, setting aside his darkened light as she stares him in his eye.
"This is you?" He said. She gives him a big smile then says." Yup this is me, now let's get in there." As she turns the key in to the door then clicked it open; a pulsing rave of happiness hits in to Cage along with the girl he had swept up off her feet, in to his arms and Kelly lays her lips on to him mumbling "The first door on the right."
Cage holds her in as she sets her lips along his face and gives him all the attention he need as he lifts her on up the flight of stairs then as she swung her arm out with her keys in her hand; he stood there as she turned the door and in his arms she was escorted in.
She lead the way into her bedroom from the point of a finger that was set on the end of her arm as Cage held her and followed the point on in to her room.
As she had her self-undressed and ready for him after he set his blade aside, along with his clothes that he got out of as she displayed the same in under the same shadowing movements that have now lead them selves on to the center of the bed. As she moves in to grab a hold of him; he reaches in around, lays his hand on her backside, swept her up, and back down on top of him. Kelly has her self in for a ride, thinking to her self; she has finally found a man worth living, the stud of men and a handsome one he is. As she lets her self soak in to his arms and he lets her work her stuff on him.
After being rubbed down in her oils and letting their pulsing beats of sweat drip into the after breaths of the orgasms they have had together in a binding love in it's erotic of touch. He lays him self-back, her head set along his against the bed's headboard and lets out one last breath of sorrow before his eye's lead their way in to a deep of a nights sleep. Kelly watched as Cage, her Max. Let out all of his pains and sorrow's from in that breath that sinked in to her bed then she seen the tear fall from out his eye and she knew it wasn't a tear of loneliness, it was tear of regret and a missing pain for who she knows as his dead wife.
After letting him breathe it all out, she reached for her oils from off her night table, then lightly led it spill on to his chest. She begun working in her hands until he gave her all of his alert that lead her back on to him in a touch for a finishing sense of their erotica as she lead them into a sensual gloom for calm cooling breaths ending them in to a sleep for a sleep.
A spit shed shattering scene for Cage. Rain, and when it rains it only lead one thing for him. A spill; his depths with god or in a sense for his own; god's depths from him. Rain was his first awakening. It first welcomed him in to the inner city streets, it provided him with all his senses from its slide spills of touch as he set his mark for the one thing that has left its stand amongst a spilling life of the earthly substance as it soaked in under its splash; the hunt for Vampires, a seek for Vhienes. A wet ritual he has come to acknowledge from in him self. His lonely breaths where once trance for victim until he stepped in for how it has now been out for exploitation from learning the facts from in the crucial death of his late wife. A death in a non-sequence of a life, the death that left her un bled and in the soul of being bled; a dry realization for him.
Hi Max, make your self at home. I had to run, a busy morning for me. Friday's u know? I will be back around noon, if you plan a stay or I'll be again tonight at my café if you're in. Would love to have more time with you. My number is on the phone. You know where I'll be. P.s don't be a stranger .xoxo
As his sharp sense for an eye remains on his face from after giving his note a good read; one last breath for smell; the oils, her erotic loved sweat and the stir of her along with being in the arms of a woman. A questionable debate whether or not he is going to see her again had no stand in his thought. He knows he will be seeing her again and if not tonight then sometime soon. 'real soon' as it takes wind from after slipping in to his shoes then giving her apartment one last look over before he set his blade in place along his hip and set out her door.
A rain as it set in on to him, walking in on the streets, by passing the street city street vender's and the businessmen as they walk him by from under their umbrellas. The temptation for a stop and chat with the street stands as they hold for display a reading from off the front page of the daily paper; another slaying from in the slayer's them selves. Reading on, telling its latest of slayings that have been lining their city with a blood-cycling spill. In the eyes of the public its set as the recycling of spilled. From after the innocents of man had been left with out soak from in their own blood, that now has lead its self to a bled from their blood on to the people that have had their soak; the soak of innocence as its being bled from the every soul of the blood sucking man them self.
This cloudy mist from in the grey of its sky that has its embraced coverings in along its city's streets, leaving it with a sky for looks from within a sky. As it brings its world down in to the city, no longer providing a sky line from in the towered rooftops and leaving the streets for clue of what its weather is in hold from beyond its sky filling mists.
Cage walks on, knowing this weather has its sight for blood; it's the tempting temperatures that provide its being for calls in blood, a blood as its prey lurks in its fume and leads a satisfying leak from in the grey. Is debate for a free call in to the bed of his own has been wiped out; a sleep has been left for another day. Having the calm cooling mist as it wets into his soul leaves him to forget about his days of sleep. The energy he seeker from in its nights are know amongst his glooming lust for another turn in the dark.
Walking on, leading his path in thru a step he had been taken to one too many times. A thought for breaking a way in towards his new found love and having himself a coffee. 'Coffees' as his tong lights up into a mystical being of its display. Hits a toll in him, pounding into his heart, giving him a breath of lineless as his thoughts lead him to a means for his own; Kelly. She shines in, a shine that gives him one last means for survival as it glowed in to a shine of Kelly; now not being alone.
A step for step as it kicked in under his feet from seeing what he knew wouldn't be any surprise to him; A Vhiene and he's token the opportunity of introducing him self to one of the local whores. The street hooker's have always been in for a smile every time they have seen Cage walk his way's on by. The blood licking tensed feeling starts grow thick in along Cage's throat. He see's a Vhiene he has come close to know, the only one of them that has seemed to slip him on by, leaving him with only the sickest of his beings left to shine their inner souls being spilled along his blade.
Cage steps in along side the row of parked cars as the Vhiene holds him self in on the crowd of six street whores then begins his way along the row, making him seem like just another civilian avoiding a scene as it mixes him in along the last parked car. A struggling whore along with a man dressed in a dark trench coat as the other hooker's stepped aside and off. The grip he has on her arm as she refused to step in with him landed her on to the wall and now to the ground as he stands over her from behind the last row of parked cars.
Cage as he sets his fist; gripping his blade, his other hand in reach for when he stepped in to the on coming car for in his path then sprung him self up over the car and held him self on a cloud of mist for his own. Then landed him self onto the trunk of the very car that has been playing a dark cloudy grip of its own. The Vhien had it for a means of support as he was being let in to the spilling leaks of wetness along side of today's weather as his called for a blood.
Before Cage could match an eye in eye with the Vhiene, Red lights lit up, giving the parking lot its display of a red wetness for its own as the two police cruisers slid in. Cage from when he heard the screams and cheers from the hookers he slid his blade in under the cars next to him then landed his foot into the Vhienes head, crunching it against the wall. Before he could release the grip he had on him; holding in on his hair and ready to thru him up; Two of the police officer jumped onto him as Cage filled with a debate for struggle, with the hookers cheers then from the arms of the whore he had just saved; running in on him. Cage let free from any struggle as the hooker wrapped her arms around him. His thoughts of hold that Vhiene and throwing him in thru a car was matched and express by the officer that had grabbed him then thru him on thru the pavement him self as Cage was sat into the back of their car.
Cage watching from the back of the police car as the two officers pick their Vampire from up of the ground. Cage looks into his eyes as they escort him in to the next car; drops of blood, spilling down the Vhiene's face, soaking in around his eye's and not being able to see who was on the trunk of that car. Cage laughs not knowing he had it in him although he laughed as he was being token away; leaving that scene behind before the hookers ran up to him in the police car as he was being rolled away and screamed out. "My Hero, see you soon sexy, our stud I knew you were special you stud!"
After being thrown into a cell from in the city's police station, Cage is confronted by a chief of investigation as he holds up Cages blade. "So who belongs to this?" Said the chief of investigations as Cage looked on, seeing his own reflection in its glare of shine. "We've matched prints" As the investigator spoke; letting the blade shine for a shine one last time then said. "We were in the process of bringing the rest of then down. Fucking blood sucking cocksucker's. We made all our matches. All and any murdering blood suck has been detained." He let the blade shine its one last shine before sliding it in to his waist then said. "You have a fine looking women out front waiting and ready to get you the fuck out of here Cage. And Max it time to let Cage rest."
The End.


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