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Novel By: Factxzrx

Tags: Soldier, Hell

A Hell. A land where holyness was assinged to document. Now leaving unexpected soldiers to it as a Demon Dog them selves. View table of contents...



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The sun shines, staring down; in thru the clouds of dirt as it's moisten grounds kick up in to the dry clouds of dust being wade down by the fresh moistened soil. Johnnie Chow runs, yelling from off the top of his lungs, being waved in to the hole by the arms of his teammates. He looks both ways, with in each direction he feel his neck snapping in to the winds as he hears the trees on both sides of him being snapped in to from the glazing bullets coming his way. "Johnnie, down, down Johnnie." He hears the yells coming out from in the hole, seen his men reaching out and blasting away, away at what met him face to face as it split up in to a spit of flesh. His body stumbles down, chest and arms leaning in over the hole as his hands fall dead stale on to one of the men. "Oahu Johnnie," Andy said, lifting him back up as the others told him to get the corps out of there. Then as if Johnnie him self grabbed a hold of him, he feels the bullet race in, ripping into his chest, pounding him in to the dirt wall as the blood spilling from his mouth mixed in to the bloody guts gushing from out of Johnnies neck.
����������� Lost in the wild, the three men lift their heads up from out of the hole. Johnnie lays there on the blood dirty ground left in an unrecognizable scene, left their for the morning bugs to take their means in on him. "Well men they jumped our boat" Captain Grace said as he stepped out, he looks around; down on to the ground then spots a corps that he knows wasn't one of his. He lifts his hand; steps forward as the other lift the rifles up in front of their guts and step in behind him. "What's with all the crucifixes on this guy?" Jim their navigation man, the captain of their watercraft, asked as the other two Lenny and Zo� work up a giggle. Grace steps in, leans down over the dead corps, pushes him with his right hand, then opens up its vest. "I've heard of these guys, some kind of spirit chaser's or exorcists." He said then reached in and grabbed the envelope from out of the inside pocket of the vest. Zo� steps in as Grace stood and stepped back; he leans over, grabs a hold of one of the crucifixes, and rips it off from around the body's neck, "Demon Dogs." He says then holds it up so the others can see the engravings in on its backside. "Why don't you put it on?" Lenny said then stepped aside as Grace stepped back in over the body saying, "Ya, I think we all need to be putting one on." He grabs the dangling cross from out of Zo�'s hand, steps around the body then walks over to a tree, holding the envelope up in front of his face as he squats down for a seat on the laid out tree. The body lays there, lifeless, dead and becoming stale. Two hands grip on to its chest, each ripping a chain off, leaving it to a rumble of dirt as they both step away. Lenny steps out in front, stepping in towards his captain and begins to go stiff in the legs as he says, "This can't be for real." Zo� steps in behind him, holding up his chain, rolling his eyes down the engraving and mouthing out the word, 'Demon Dog'.
����������� Captain Grace leaning up against the tree stump, reading over the documents from in the envelope, reading over line-by-line, thoughts of joke and charade were his first objectives until he realized he was stuck; left stranded on a land that he or his men were prepared to be patrolled on. Then the government sealed stamp on the last of the document signed by the man himself; the same man that issued him his last assignment and the one man who sings them all; the President. Grace holds the crucifix up to the first page of the document, matching the engravings with the shield stamped in on the top right hand corner and watches as the engravings go line to line with the stamps. "Demon Dogs: He said, the dryness from in his mouth giving him sign for relief, a drink of water along with his nerves from after the jolt from realizing that he is now stuck with only two other men on a mission he has never heard of or ever thought would be possible. His only sigh for relief is the thought of his men, out on their feet, looking for any signs of life, and hopping they return with some fresh fruit or recover a radio, more documents from the men who out armed his and left on their watercraft; the Demon Dogs or what was left of them.
����������� The sun sets its peak, blaring down its inferno of heat, weighing its heat rays on to the trees leave, slopping them down as their juices begin to drip. Lenny and Zo� look around; looking down at all of the trees and shrubs, they've sliced their daggers in to and not knowing that they have attracted a friend. The monkey sits high up on a tree branch above, swinging in rhythms as they stepped from one tree to the next. "Alright, there's no sing of nothing, lets head back." Lenny said. "Ya we'll hit that fruit tree, what ever they are." Zo� said as he set his blade back on to his hip. The monkey, hung back, watched as they stepped in towards the fruit tree, and then swung his way over. "What the fuck is that." Lenny says, looking up as the tree begins to shake its fruit down on to the ground, hitting Zo� in the head. "It's a monkey" Zo� said, swings out his blade. "No don't" said Lenny, and then says, "He's knocking them down." They both watch as the monkey dances around from branch to branch, knocking the Mango like fruits up out of the tree from a swing of a hand. Zo� and Lenny step back as the fruit lands to their feet. They watch on then begin to notice the twine of flesh wrapping its way on up the tree. They stare at something they have never scene before, a slab of winding flesh as it begins to resemble a snakes form. The head covered in dry patch's of scabbed skin as the rest of its body spills in blood leaving a trail of it behind as it moves in on the tree-dancing monkey. Zo� looks down on to his feet; looks for any trails of blood from in around him as Lenny steps in under the branches; holds up his hand gun catching the monkey's eye then raises his other hand up to his mouth, holding a finger up over his lips. The monkey stops still until it hears the blood dripping down on the leaves from in under him. The monkey steps back slowly, watching and following the trails of blood trailed up the tree from out of the corner of his eyes. The scabbed head comes spinning out, mouth wide open as drips of thick saliva drip from off of its fangs in to a splattered of blood. The monkey in the air, slapping the leaves with his hands as he steadies out his balance, watching the scabbed head coming his way as the rest of it is splattered in blood all over the tree. With a closed fist, a grip on the branch above, the monkey swings his fist down on the scabbed head and sends it down in to the ground. Lenny steps in over the head, lifts his foot up, Zo� steps in for a closer look and watches as Lenny stomps the head of a serpent in to a crushed pile of dust. "Hey, hey look." Zo� said slapping Lenny on the back as the monkey stepped in slowly holding a fruit half peeled and hands it up to Lenny. "Hey thanks little buddy." Lenny said, reached out, and accepted. The monkey jumps up, turns his back on them, and then runs up a tree. He rips down the biggest leaf he could see then takes to the wind with it; landing him, self next to Lenny's feet then begins rolling the fruit on to it. "Looks like we got our selves a new friend." Said Zo�. "Ya and maybe a tour guide." Lenny said then kneeled over to help his new friend.
����������� Captain Grace standing over the nude body of a Demon Dog and watches from in his own breaths; the evidence that this type of soldier exists. The tattoo on its back, the code numbers burned in to its shoulder and the crucifix tattooed on his chest that he knows was done from ashes, which? He dose not know. He shakes his head one last time, turns his back to the corps, and walks away. A demon, he thinks to himself, thinking if he could relate in anyway, questioning his own religion, and knowing what he has read from in the documents set down next to his leg if he and his men are ready to be acknowledging it. The ammunition they where fighting with tells him one thing but the tags and what is engraved on them tells him something else. His only choice is to go over the documents with his men and together take in their breaths as they have now been put on a new duty. To him its one that no man should except and if so then he would have to apprehend it in a sane matter or otherwise for a civilized man this case could cause how its stated on a line from in the document 'death of a living dead.' He takes in a deep breath, rests his head back along the tree and stares up in to a space he has never known. His only thoughts are of those from in the bible, trying to tune in on the revelation of man and it leaves him blank. He try's to imagine UFO's, remembering about all the bull he has read in the paper's and the stories he would hear back on the base about the military housing Aliens and other weird unnatural stuff then a red round fruit rolls in to his feet. "At ease Captain" Zo� sys as he steps out from in behind a tree. Grace looks at him. "Yha." He said, letting his wind blow it from in his chest. "Our new recruit." Says Lenny as he steps out from in the tall grass carrying a leaf full of fruit as the monkey walks in at his side. "Is that thing clean, is it calm. What about disease?" Asked Grace. "This little guy, he's a life saver." Lenny said and steps in towards Grace. Zo� sits down next to him and says, "Ya Capt, there's some strange shit out here. Snake looking thing, bloody flesh, scabs for a head. Like a big bloody worm. It would have had us if it weren't for the monkey. We smashed it out of the tree. Its head crushed like a stone of dirt, as if it was running on dust." Grace holds out his hand as the monkey steps in. The monkey walks in to it, grabs it with both hands and jumps up and down then steps back, grabs a fruit from out of the leaf, peals half of it back then sets it in to Graces hand. "Well thank you soldier. At ease." Grace said and the monkey step's in behind Lenny then sits down with them.
Grace bites in to the fruit, sucks back its juices, and finishes it off with a mouth full after sinking his teeth down in. He grabs out the envelope from under his leg, holds up, and takes out the documents saying. "We've got our selves an insane issue on our hands, one that I'd say could cost us our lives or sit us in right next to the president himself then probably sworn to secret. I don't know what it is but it involves the holly church. Demon Dogs, I haven't heard of them or knew they are so. Its all on these documents, stamped sealed and signed from in our government. These dogs are soldiers in a whole other war, the kind you'd read about in trash news or in comics. This document only states their hazards not the mission. I take it we are on some ancient land, somewhere of a ritual, evil. I know its somewhere in the Bible or somewhere that talks about an unnatural or supernatural. That, their treasure hunters, some kind of Bible passage chasers. I hope it's not alien; it looks evil so keep your heads up. We should set camp, get a fire going, hope someone comes back. I don't know where we are. All I know is it was dark, I was sleeping in my cock pit, the fuel line began to flash a leak, we got into the water craft and took to the night's sky." Grace brings the fruit up to his face, looks up, and then looks straight ahead into the bush. He waves his hand out for Zo� and Lenny to remain still. The bush begins to shake, tall grass snapping, "Hey I'm un armed, a soldier, a fellow man." The voice followed in behind the grass snapping. Zo� gets to his feet, his rifle ready and locked in on the scattering bush, a body steps out left of the tree, leaving the broken bush to its right, and steps on in to the opening. "Down on the ground." Zo� said saying it again as he stepped in. Lenny stands to his feet, steps out with the monkey by his side and watches on as Zo� tears the coat from off of the strangers back, patting him down and tossing his weapons aside. "A Demon Dog" Zo� yelled back over his shoulder as he held the dog tag up from around the mans head. "Get up." He tells him as he steps back. "I'm Decker, agent Decker." The man said, fixed his shirt, leaves the dog tag dangling out in front as Zo� says. "I'm Zo�," Decker stares into his eye, holds a mean look on his face showing him that he's just restrained and apprehended a special servant. He steps out as Zo� says. "The older man is our Captain, Grace, Captain Grace. The man next to him is Lenny." Grace holds out his hand as Decker walk in towards him. Decker looks down at the envelope stamped with his units seal then looks back up in to Grace's eyes. "Ya, welcome aboard." Grace said as their hands collide. Decker lets him firm a grip, shaking his hand and not knowing what exactly his stand was amongst the remaining men of the watercraft that his fellow soldiers took to the water after an exchange of fire. "Our commander, he must be dead." He said, looking down on to the envelope. "Ya so are two of our men," Said Lenny. Decker steps back, look at Lenny, down on to the monkey looking back up at him then kneeled down, grab's a fruit, turns him self back against the dieing tree and sits. "That ant the half" He says, then waits for the tension to fall and rise back up again as Grace sat back down next to him, Lenny and Zo� to his left side then said. "One; you guys aren't suppose to be here, I know you don't know where you are. Two; that's the only way out of here, from here if you know your way out. Your in way over your heads, we are. I guess you have read the papers and you are staying put hoping some one's coming to get ya. There not, and if they do then it isn't to get us out of here." He looks straight ahead, deep into the bush and stares. "Then what and where the fuck are we? Why you here," Asked Zo�. Decker shakes his head, shaking off the trance then says. "You've heard of the Bermuda Triangle, your in it. Demon Dogs are Soldiers in hell. We've been exploring the supernatural or from here the part of the bible that doesn't get read to ya or anything we can add. We get sent out on specific dates, times, on specific missions. This one has been on going, the pasture came along for the ride, we lost him. Somewhere along the line we ran in to a batch of bloody serpents then a cloud hovered in over us, spitting out blood. The pastor kept on walking, holding out his crucifix, mumbling his mumbo jumbo. When the cloud went away we under attack by men of stone, ridding in on us on horned horses, little pony like critters with open flesh and a scull of stone.
It wasn't till the tree broke up from in the ground, spiked limbs, spraying us with its cold spikes, thorns, spraying us down with splinters. Half of our men, most of our men went down. The screams, cry's for help as they sunk in to a pile of flesh, turning in to a dust and mixing in with the dirt. Night fell on us like a bowl of being held down from the devils hand. We patrolled the waterfronts, seen you guys. We watched as you all got out of your boat, listened in. We found out you weren't with or for us, we weren't going to stand around asking questions. A shot was fired in to the air; you guys took cover and responded to any and everything that moved so they fired back. Me and my partner stood back, I lost him some where along the line, watched as the men fled for their lives, you all took to our dog hole wile they jumped the boat. By now they're all dead and hopefully that boat should be on its way back."
"Bermuda Triangle" Said Lenny.
"Ya or its busted into pieces, or in vanish as the myth says."
"And we're a sitting duck, dogs in hell." Zo� said. Grace stands to his feet, steps out, turns and faces them. He looks down on to the little monkey then looks out into the water as the evening fog begins to close in on it, looks down on to Decker and says. "We were about to set up camp. If you have somewhere in mind? I served for forty years, I have not heard of Demon Dogs, I could have never imaged the story you have said. I take it the Pasture is somewhere out here and your partner or they are dead. We are well aware of the Bermuda Triangle and its myth. It dropped us out of the sky I guess. Demon Dogs, I'm in and my men. Our only choice is to keep moving, stand this duty and work our way on to the other side. This side gives me the creeps. We should leave a trail incase we need to return. Not much firepower left. It's your call Decker, we'll set camp, then continue on as Dogs. You see my men have met a little friend." He points onto the monkey, the waits until Decker turns to look at him before he jumped around, grabbed a fruit, peeled half of it back, and handed it in to Decker's hand. "Thanks little friend" Decker said and accepted the offer. He looks back up at Grace, looks up into the trees above his head, and says, "Ya, Dogs and those tags look good on ya. The Commander he was a strong man, didn't put with men gone sick in the head. We know the routine, its bites from something that looks sin, most of the enemy crush like stones or crush like in an open wound. I take it the Pasture dead or he's out there having tea with the devil him self. My partner's name is Felix; I'm not to sure about him. Well camps out in a rock hill just a few miles north of here then use the morning eye of the sun to lead us on." �
����������� Lenny walks in behind Zo�, the monkey in on a leash of twin above him swing on branch to branches Grace and Decker follow behind. Decker steps to the side, swings his blade in to the vines, points out a bloody trail from the slithering serpent, turns his head to Grace and says, "These, bloody beast are all over the place, leaving this bloody slime behind in their trail." He steps back, follows in behind grace as Lenny and Zo� continue to break way in thru the tall grass. "We can't eat em." Grace asked, keeping his pace as he stepped in behind Zo� and holding his face up from in his left side, "Eat, we don't eat any of these beast, their wind blows in on another means for life, I'm still wondering about that monkey." Grace remains silent, letting the crunching from in under his feet match his view as he looks on to the monkey, swinging from vine to vine and keeping an eye up as the other keeps a glimpse on Lenny from below.
������ Decker took lead of commander as they begin to enter in on the stoned land. The winds begin to crisp as their arms and legs were set free from being tied in to a path of wild vines and trees. Grace begins to notice how the air blows in, how it leads a means for death, like a desert of stones: stones laid out as tombs with dry weeds dieing and laid out as if they've been sucked dry, the life absorbed from out of them as they gasp for a air from in between the stones. "Is that it?" Lenny asked, looking up in to a rock mountain. "That's it and its up from their." Said Decker, continuing on his way, keeping to the same beat as his feet kick up any stone that gets in their way. "What about some water, are we going to be around water?" Zo� asked then looked over his shoulder, seen Grace stepping in behind him then seen a pack of stone men stepping in behind them a few yards away. The monkey begins to grab on to Lenny shoulder, cracking his teeth together. "Decker" Zo� yelled, Decker looks back, stands still, looking on to the pack of stone men as they stepped in towards him and Graces men. "Don't move, don't any body move." He said as he stepped in behind them, stepping out, getting ready to confront the stoned man and says, "On my go, pick up a hand full of rocks and, alright go." Decker steps to the side, kneels down, grabs rocks up from off the ground with both hands, watching as the other's rocks begin to crush into the stoned men then stood up, stepped forward and took aim. One by one, he smashed them, getting down a second time as the other's smashed theirs in to him then finished them off. He stands in over the dust, lets the wind blow its way in, its means from in the life it blows for, its death for a life. He knows there's nothing to relate to from in his studies of the bible, only knowing that it's a death defying land and that the beings of a stoned man was immortal. He kicks up what stones he could before turning his back to the pile of worthless stone, the death for life that had no intelligence, stepping away with out regret for taking out a life as it mixed in with the rest of the stones that he kicked the ones from under his feet into. "The natives" He said as he stepped back in to his trail, passing Lenny, Zo� , and Grace and now leading them on the way as they too stay silent and knowing there was really nothing to say, deciding to let the stones as they kick up from under them explain.
������ The rocky mountain sat up high above the leveled surface of stones. The dead crisp winds from below, the silent mist of death that streams along the surface rose up in to the stone pile, dieing as they tumbled down a wave of stones and in on the mountain top. The greens from in the bush land show their mark, their tree tops lined along the water's, marking the dirt's end as the mist closes in above and down in to the waters. Decker, welcomes them in, waving his hand around, showing them the space he's had to work with; a hole in the rocks hill side, a cave like opening with walls of dried clay, a room that's outlined on his map as a skull. He looks onto the monkey, knowing that the litter critter its self too knew what they are now breathing. He lets his thoughts come to a rest, steps out in to the opening, stares out in to the wind, and looks for any sing of clouds that could soon be dropping its bloody rain. "What's the read?" Asked Grace, stepping in behind him. Decker looks down, stares into the field of stones, waits for Grace to step to his side, and then says. "It's the humidity, rain. It's not just the rain; it's the blood that spills in it." Grace takes another step, looks up into the graying clouds then looks down along the hill side thinking of what he has just heard, letting his mind run in to the documents, the mission he has now become apart of, the stoned figures that he and his men stoned down and now the one image of it all; the Demon Dog Crucifix that's tied around his neck. "Blood" Grace said, thinking why in the world would this land of rocks need any blood. Decker takes a step forward, lining himself up along Grace then says. "I wonder if they've made it, if they got anywhere on that boat or if they're as dead as the wind it's self." Looking out over the tree tops and in to the mist as it closes in over the water. Grace steps back, lets Decker have his moment then said, "My men are hungry, we need to eat and stand or post." Then says, "We'll be needing full details of this mission before we continue on." And left Decker on the hillside to him self.
������ "So who's who and what's what." Asked Lenny, sitting down on a lump of clay that he curved from out of the wall. "We need to eat Grace." Said Zo�, sitting in next to Lenny and their little monkey friend. Grace treads back and forth, taking three to five steps, from the back of the cave to in behind Decker as he stands in the entryway looking for any visible sings of rain. "We're in for it," He said, continuing to pace back and forth, looking Lenny and Zo� up and down as he steps them by. "This place is evil, it posses evil, eviler then I thought."
������ "Ya we know" said Zo�.
������ "Tell me about it, we crushed stone soldiers in to stone, a opened flesh snake into a splat and crushed its skull." Said Lenny� as the monkey held in on him with a firmer grip.
������ "It's more, there's more and I don't think any of us are going to survive. Sickness, it's a sickness. Listen to my self, I'm already going. This is…"
������ "Grace, Captain Grace. Dogs, Demon Dogs. We're dogs now Grace. Demon Dogs. Now We're lifer's in a land of no other. We are the soldiers here, Soldiers of god. We're wearing our tags, the crucifixes; we're in a whole other army now." Lenny said, as Grace slowed down his pace, taking step for breath as each word was set back into his head, and giving him meaning as his thoughts restored his power from when he read over the documents then remembering the Government sealed stamp from the president himself.
"He's right," Said Decker, stepping back in to the cave then says. "There is illness, sickness. A sickness even the toughest of them couldn't with stand. But those guys are sons of priest, brought up by nuns and been with their eyes stuck into a bible. "
������ "How did you get in?" Lenny asked.
������ "I've been in to this triangle before, investigating, sent out on missions with Astronauts and scientists then they introduced me to the Demon Dogs. I thought it was a hoax at first then I went over the documents, read the discoveries and they informed me of its relations to the bible. It all matched, it was as if someone has been here before or this has been a porthole of some kind. The only problem was reaching it, getting here. Attempts had been made, deaths, unsolved disappearances, unable to bring along monitors or tracking devices, and survival skills.

������ A team was sent in then found washed ashore, picked up by the navy. What they said seemed to convince the government after they died in the arms of the Priest. My team was sent out, we were flown in on air crafts specially designed for this; the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, we had a good idea on its location. We left in the waters, miles away from this land, our aircraft sunk to the bottom or as Tom had said 'It bubbled up into a cloud of dust and blew me up in it.' He claimed that the aircraft turned in to a bubbling dust, sending him up from in the water, saving his life as he was about to droned. We swam, got pushed ashore. The priest said this was it. We went on, venturing in. Our first encounter was with a nest of serpents, those flesh snakes. We took them out, the whole nest of them. The men wouldn't shut up, breaking down as the priest spat out his prayer's, beginning to go weak in their steps.

The first to go was the sketch artist; we decided to break for lunch under the trees, building our selves a campsite. Before we could sit down to a flaming fire we're under attack, not knowing where it was coming from, only that it was pinning tree stems, thorns and splintering in to him. Then we realized it was coming from the trees; the trees were attacking us, spitting its stems, and sending spiked splints in to the wind our way. Six of the ten men decided to stay back, dig a whole along the shore lines and hope some one would come they way. We continued on, stepping over the tree's we ripped from out of their grounds and lead the priest on thru.

During our first night, after the evening rain; a mist of dripping blood. The priest was convinced that he had been seeing a women and little children running around in the fields. Before the sun came up one of the men saw a stoned man on a horned horse, eyeing us over then took off in to the mist. We continued, letting the priest lead the way. The other's were beginning to see things, looking over their shoulder and complaining that they weren't fit. It wasn't until the sun came to its peak; one of them begins telling us that he's being mocked from in his own�shadow. Then before we could stop to confront him, he was standing there behind us; held up above the ground as his inner image in blood shadowed in behind him,�held him up and ripped in to his flesh. Eating and tearing at it like a mad man until he and his shadow in flesh or the fleshed mad man spit up in to a burst of blood as the others fired away.

We continued, moved on, I noticed this hole in the hill, kept it to my self. When we reached, the other side the priest was already showing sings of insanity or he was deeply moved. I don't know. He went on talking about hell, its paradise, how it exists. It was as if he was becoming one of them; a hell worshiper. I went along, thinking it's the only way to go about it, he's seen what he's seen and we all knew what this was about so it wasnt disturbing me much until he wondered off, I ran up behind him, "Not to worry my son, its all a gods land." He said to me and kept on walking.

It's another rock hill, a small one then from behind its more green lands, mounted greens with waters. I don't know for sure but that's what's behind us. When I trailed back to the other's they were on their way back, running, looking up into the sky as the grey clouds moved in and begun spitting its blood down on to us. They yelled out, screaming about the flesh in shadows then the yells began to sound like men being torn apart. I moved in on my own, slowly then heard the shots being fired, saw them get in to your water craft then stood my post and watched you get acquainted with our mission from in the documents you pulled from a Demon Dogs corps." Decker turns his head, takes in a deep breath facing the caves opening then looks down on to the monkey and breaths it out wondering if the monkey is going to be a means for protection, letting him know what way or when and where to stay out of.

"This other side, the other rock hill and jungle, is there a way out from there and this priest is he alright, is he sick in the head, you think he's still alive." Zo� asked, looking up in to Decker's face and beginning to loose confidence in him as a lead of command.
"I don't know, I don't know." Decker said then says, "He could be, he could be sitting up out there with that women, watching her little kiddies running around or he could be interviewing the devil himself. As for getting out of here, I've thought about the swim then I thought about the unsolved disappearances and the dust that I could turn in to. Now I wonder if you guys were sent out on a mission you weren't aware of or if you like the others, well the ones that had mysteriously disappeared; landed here. Either way, we need to eat. We can take or chances in here all night and hope for a breakfast or venture out in to the night, picking up what we can on our way and curving out spears and amour, using our ammo for personal use only. Using our fire power when we need it and fighting these demons with what we can." The monkey begins to twitch, shaking his leg, jumping up and down beside Lenny. "Ya, he's on," Lenny said, laughing as the little critter jumped up and down. Decker steps in, stand over Lenny, looks onto the monkey then held out his hand. The monkey holds out its paw, Decker swings him up, holds him against his chest then lifts up its arm. "I would have never known. Jesus, I'll be a monkey's uncle." He said. "What, what is it." Lenny asked, getting to his feet as Grace stepped in then Zo� stood in behind them. Decker holds up the monkeys arm, shows them the tattoo in its armpit; A Crucifix with Demon Dog spelled on it along with a serial number of Six hundred and sixty six.
"You mean he's a Dog, a Soldier," Said Zo�.
"Ya he sure is" Lenny said as the monkey climbed in to his arms.
"So he's one of us." Said Grace then says "They must have done to him the same thing they done to us, dropped him here and left him to fend for himself."
"Ya" said Decker then says, "I heard talk about it after the first sighting. After the men died, the first of them that where hear. The ones that died in the arms of the priest before they had me assigned to this. He must be warring a chip or something. These monkeys are highly trained; he has probably been to the moon. How long he's been here I don't know and how long this place has been known to our government I don't know. Its like I told ya, I thought it was some kind of joke, like I was a tour guide in to the triangle, and they just wanted to mark this place on the map."
"Well lets check our ammo, lighten our loads from here, set a few traps to let us know if we had company, leave a sign that we were here and get on our way. I am starving. Maybe we'll run into this priest or set way for a new opening from off of this land." Said Grace then stood back as Lenny and Zo� stripped from out of their utility belts. Decker rips off one of his tags and set in on the wall then steps out in to the caves opening and studied the clouds; watched if they were giving any signs of a blood spilling rain.
������ �


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