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Evolution from in

Novel By: Factxzrx

The body as it feeds from in a feed for its life. View table of contents...


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"Technically impossible if that were." Ian said, stepping in thru the door as its now closed behind him. He stares on, not giving or showing any concern for Jim. His only concern is of that, the thing he had just stepped in front of from in his grandma's basement.
����������� "Monster."�Jim said once again and now saying it as if it was his. The surprise visit meant nothing, his grandma up stairs, up above them in the living room was none of his concern. His is of the hunks of man put together so profanely; its ruff cuts as they hold together are what gives him his entirely and now its aggressive domain as�he steps in standing�over it. Ian leans over�its bared chest and looks on to it from head to toe as it lays on the couch he was expecting to be seated in wile entertained by Jim.
����������� "Where in the fuck did you get this? Fucking hell." Ian asked. "This cant be man, this better not be. You're going to go to jail."
����������� "Why, have you heard anything on a missing dead man?" Jim asked stepping in over the corpse of man, now lifting the white sheet from on the body's waist, lifting it up, and lining it around its head. "Its mine." He said stepping away, in to Ian as Ian steps back. "What are you doing here anyway?" He asked as Ian sits him self down at the table next to the TV along the front wall and stares on to the sheet covered corps in front of him.
����������� "What." Ian asked, turning his sight away, off the corps and on to Jim as he steps in and sits him self down next to him.
����������� "Its mine." Jim said once again, lowering his voice and looking on to Ian to see if he makes him self clear.
����������� "Its going to stink up this house. That's the last thing Grandma needs. There will be cops, news, you; in jail.
����������� "Keep your voice down." Said Jim. "It's not what you think. It's a art. Do I have to spell it out for you?"
����������� "What? A Frankenstein." Ian said then matched eyes with Jim after hearing the squeaks and tumbles from in the ceiling as he stared on to the sheet covered corps of a man.
����������� "It's Grandma. Dose she know you're here?" Asked Jim getting to his feet, walked over to the steps leading out of the basement and stands in on the first, listens then turns back. "She's fixing her self a drink."
����������� "She knows I'm here."
����������� "Good." Jim said walking in to the sidewall; the table next to the couch along it then lifts the black sheet up off it and reveals his computers, heart rating monitor, and other gadgets he is still in the process of working on. He brings his right arm up over his shoulder, waving Ian over and flicks his computer on. "We need to get Grandma out of this house." He said. An Ian step back from in his stand, continues to look over the equipment and says. "Your nuts, you are fucking nuts."
����������� "Listen." Jim said, bringing the spike end of the thermometer op from in his left hand, turning and facing him as Ian stands put looking deep in to the thermometer as Jim holds it as a weapon, a spike for spiking then seen the madness that he held in his eyes.
����������� "Why." Ian asked slowly raising his hands up in front of his chest.
����������� "Ya." Jim said lowering the thermometer, turning and facing his equipment as it drops on to the table then says. "I need the juice." He points his right hand out in to the wall, brings his finger and points out the weather report from in the news clipping and runs his finger along, underlining the storm warning that he is to expect.
����������� "Like the movie." Ian said.
����������� "No." Jim said, bringing his hand down, flicking his fingers on the computers key pad and says. "Science."
����������� "Where did you get it?" Ian asked, stepping to his right, turning and looking down on the sheet covered corps.
����������� "Go and get us a couple of drinks, some munchies, tell Grandma we'll be staying out late night tonight."
����������� "You go."
����������� "I'm uploading here, I need to…"
����������� "Alright" Ian said, stepped back, then stepped in to a lead towards the steps.
����������� "Hi Grandma." Said Ian as she sat in her chair, staring out in to the cold of night as the television played its glare from in the shimmering specs from in the living room window.
����������� "Who goes there?" She asked turning her head back over her right shoulder, looking in on the reflections of shadow from off the kitchens wall. Ian stands in, leaning his head out in to the living room from in the kitchen and says. "It's Ian."
����������� "Oh, Ian. Where's that pretty girlfriend of yours? Are you boys behaving?"
����������� "Yes Grandma." He said stepping in to the living room.
����������� "You know our Jim is now left with out a girl. His girlfriend has leaved him." She said as Ian made his stand in front of her. He looks on, he knows she could yet wishes to believe that she has no idea about the body Jim has down in her basement. He looks on, staring onto her, knows she just as mysterious, as smart and in all its wicked ways. He looks her up and down. She eyes him back.
����������� "What have you went and done with your hair?" She asked, glancing on to his head and smiles.
����������� "Its my new due grandma." He answered bringing his hands up to his head.
����������� "What color is it this time?"
����������� "The same, lighter and with a trim."
����������� "Like a skunk." She said, huffed, and then puffed her self in to a humor. "If your grandfather was around to see that, he sure wouldn't let it stick. He'd have you over his knee, shaving cream in hand, oh and it wouldn't be a pretty sight."
����������� "Yes Grandma, it's only a high light."
����������� "You boys. I'll have to wait until you have children of your own."
����������� "Yes grandma. The girls no a days like to wait until there forty." Ian said then turned and stepped on towards the kitchen.
����������� "Forty." The old women huffed out from in her chest, letting her wind in laugh from out of her. Ian turns his head back, looks on her then turned around, steps in behind her in her chair, leans over her left shoulder and gives her a kiss then says. "Ya grandma there not all as tough as you."
����������� "Oh you." She said lifting her left arm up, catching him with her hand and pats him down as he steps away.
����������� "We're going to be out for the night Grandma, up. I'm fixing us a drink and snacks so don't worry."
����������� "Alright." She said, getting her self back in to position from in her seat as Ian tends to himself in the kitchen.
����������� "Yes" Jim said, cheering himself on as the monitor lit up in lights telling him he has matched what information he needed to know from in the city's hospital's human guide of heart monitoring and procedures. He clicks back in to his folder, looks over what he has planned next then clicked in. He hums, looking in to the screen then over on to the sheet covered corps of man. The folder opens, it lights up, Electrocuting screams and howls burst from out of the speakers. He looks on, his eyes look him back from in the pitch in darkness from in the screen, a flash of lightning strikes, his eyes shine, he looks back on to the sheet covered corps, back onto the screen, he tilts back in his seat as the eyes under thunder erupted on to the screen displaying a splattered brain leaking down then leans him self forward and hits the curser in to enter.
����������� "So this is what its all about hu." Ian asked as he stepped off the bottom step, looking in to the computer as it showed a human corps, its nervous system wile an exotic naked Goth girl dances in the left upper corner of its screen. He sets the trey on to the table, setting his pop on his side, setting the bowl of chips in the center then says. "I got us a pizza on the way."
����������� "Back door." Jim asked.
���������� "Ya back door." Ian answered stepping in behind Jim as he sits in front of the computer eyeballing the gothic stripper. "So Leeann left ya hu." He said, standing in behind him. "Is this why?"
����������� "Leeann's a hobag." Jim said then broke a smile on to the gothic stripper. "Pull up a seat."
����������� "No." Ian said, looking over on to the dead man under the sheet. Jim looks up in to his face, down on to his specimen then says. "Pull a chair on to this side of me. I don't want you next to him anyway."
����������� "So now tell me." Ian said, sitting him self in left to Jim as the corps laid out to his right from under the sheets. Jim looks over his right shoulder, eyeballs the corps then looks onto the gothic girl dancing on his screen and says. "Her"
����������� "What?" Ian asked, pulls the pack of cigarettes from out of his coat side pocket from on the chair, offers one to Jim and says. "A stripper, some bimbo on screen."
����������� "She's not a bimbo." Jim said grabbing the cigarette out of Ian's hand then says. "Her names Elektra."
����������� "She your girlfriend or something."
����������� "Give me light." Ian stares on to him, watching how he seems to hold her in value then dose as he asked and flicks the lighter up in front of his face. Jim puffs; getting his cigarette in smoke then leans back and says. "Watch this." The screen lights up as he hits the keys, the curser scrolls in around the human figure then snaps. Ian leans back, the lights from in the screen showing off the human nervures system from in the out lined figure spark up, the screen goes black lighting up again as bits and pieces of brain begin coming together from in the bottom of the screen then bolt in to a hole as it shines in voltage from in center screen.
����������� "Then what?" Ian asked. Jim takes in a long puffing drag of his cigarette, flicks the computer off, leans forward, turns on the lamp next to the computer, turns, and looks over the sheet covered corps on the coach saying. "Life." He stands up, turns his back to the corps, Ian and his computer table and walks towards the table next to the television.
����������� "You're mad." Ian said getting to his feet, turning his back to the computer and stepping out towards him.
����������� "There's no madness." Jim said, sitting down in his seat, grabbing a hand full of chips.
����������� "Elektra." Ian said stepping in to the table, reminding himself of the corps laid out on the coach and asks. "Where is she?"
����������� "Nice fucking hair." Jim said as Ian sat down. "Looks even dumber then it did last time, grade twelve and college."
����������� "Ya that's what grandma said."
����������� "What about our pizza?"
����������� "What about my explanation?" Ian asked, reaches in to his side pocket, pulls out his cell phone and sets it on the table. "They'll call before they nock on the door."
����������� "Good" Jim said, reaches out, grabs the phone, and says. "I'll call her; tell her to bring her friend."
����������� "No friends for me. Halloween had its toll on me already." Ian said then pulled the bowl of chips toward him and watches as Jim presses in to his phone.
����������� "Hey." Jim said turning his head away from the table and staring in to the blank TV screen, narrowing his vision on the sheet-covered corps as it begins to reflect.
����������� "Tonight." He said starring in on the TV.
"No" He whispered.
"I'll try." He said then says. "Heart, lung, vertebra. I long to love you too." He folds the phone, turns back in his chair, drops the phone on the table and looks up in to Ian's wondering eyes.
"What the fuck was that about? I long love you too." Ian asked, smirked, then filled his mouth a couple of chips.
"What did you order on our pizza?" Jim asked grabbing his cup off the trey.
"The usual why?" Ian answered. Jim stares on, looking on to him as he sucks back the pop then lowers the glass on to the table and asks. "You spending the night?"
"Why, yes already."
"Elektra's on her way." Jim said. "She works downtown, at the hospital and in the corners officer. She works part time at the funeral parlor too. Grams doesn't know about her yet."
"Alright." Ian said.
"Alright then you're whacking him." Jim said, grabbing his cup up off the table and taking a drink.
"What?" Ian asked, watching him as if the drink he's taking considerers his suggestion a done deal, a deal that he knows nothing about only the terror of images about what Elektra is and dose along with a human corps on the couch a few feet away from him.
"The pizza guy." Jim said lowering the cup back on to the table. "Vertebra, lungs, heart." Ian is left with out a thought, his face froze, he stares on to the guy that once was sane, a cousin of his, notices the black tint in around his eyes, his hair once dark brown; now pitch black like the shirt he is warring�and now sets his eyes on the two pricks in the skin of his neck. Jim lets him have his moment, thinking it's a tough one for stomaching and for a guy like Ian, the type who is ready and willing to settle down and start a family despite the die in his hair and the high school outfits he still wares. He looks him over, tries to get a feel for the one cousin who had always been there for him, his light red shirt, faded blue jeans, the brown eyes and once again on to his brown and bleach blond streaked hair. "Hey." He said. "Snap out of it now, he should be here soon."
"Kill the pizza guy." Ian said, his hand shaking on the table, grabs the cup and shakes it up to his mouth.
"If that was you lying there." Jim said looking over his right shoulder, smiles as he sets his sight on the sheet covered corps then turns back to face Ian saying. "I'd drain my own blood, cut out any, every heart in this world until I found the one that worked.
"You" Ian said then looked on to the phone as it began to ring and shake from on the table. "Pizza guy."
"Ya." Jim said, watches it as it rings, and vibrates then looks on to Ian as he stares in horror. Jim reaches, grabs it then hands it over to Ian.
"No." Said Ian, his hands out in front of his chest, leans back, and leaves Jim with the phone in his hand.
"Hello." Jim said then looks onto the plate of the phone to read out its number instead of saying it was him.
"Yes." He said smiling. "We'll be up in a moment. Love you too." He sets the phone down, looks on to Ian as he shakes there in his chair and says. "Let's go."
"Go where? What?" Ian asked.
"Snap out of it man." Jim said as he stood to his feet. Ian stands to his then turns and steps in behind him as he steps in to the stairwell.
"She's upstairs." Jim said after opening the door slowly and checking if their grandma was in the living room. Ian steps in behind him. Jim opens the back door from in the kitchen then steps out. Ian follows in behind him, looks then spots a woman carrying a couple of pizza boxes and a bag of pop bottles and other goodies walking in towards Jim. She tangles a set of keys from in the bag in her hand. Jim walking in to her, he stands in front, kisses her then holds out his arm after grabbing the keys making way for her to walk on in.
"What are we doing?" Ian whispered as he stepped by Elektra, in behind Jim as he walks in on the walkway leading out to the Lane.
"You smell that?" Jim asked as he steps in towards the red sedan parked in behind the garage. "It's sleeping gas."
"So, we can't do this out here."
"Ya." Jim whispered. "I'm going to pull him in to the garage, you go in thru the front, I'll meet you in." Ian steps back as Jim opens the driver's side door of the sedan and makes his way in thru the front door of the garage. He hears the engine turning over, the lights as they shine around, off the other garages and now pulling in to theirs.
"Hey." Jim said his head stuck out the window then turns the engine off and waves Ian in.
"Is he dead?" Ian asked, looks on to the pizza guy then noticed it was not a guy but a girl. Her long blond hair, eyes shut in a trance as her head leans over on to the passenger seat, her legs as Jim sets them down from off his as he steps out and says. "I'll grab her upper, you pull her legs." Jim Grabs her legs, pulls her out, Ian grabs a hold and Jim steps in and lifts her back in to his chest.
They walk out, in along the walkway then stopped for Ian to open the kitchen door. Jim steps in behind him, gets a glimpse on his face from in the kitchen under its light and notices how it went pale. "Are you going to puke?" He asked.
"No. Shut up." Ian whispered and continues to carry the pizza girl in.
"Well, well." Said Elektra as they carried the body down in to the basement then set her in to the wall, left of the computer table, her back leaned against the wall and she sits there as if dead and in Ian's eyes; deader then the corps lied out on the couch from in the right side of the computer table that looks more like an autopsy table now to him.
"Three Pizza's." Jim said, cheering, turning around and facing Ian. "And free." Ian remains still, standing over the pizza girl then turns after hearing Jim and Elektra sit in at the table.
"This is my cousin Ian." Jim said, telling Elektra of his cousin. Ian steps in, looks at her, lets the thoughts of her dancing naked on the computer wave him by as he looks down on her, her dark grey cat suit paints, the dark purple long sleave shirt that lets his thought of her jiggling breast fill fine from in behind their hold of her dark purple shirt. He steps in, looking in to her eyes, setting his in to hers as he begins stir his view in around her face, her long black curled hair then sets out his hand saying. "I'm Ian."
"Elektra." She said, smiles then looks over her left shoulder sharing her smile with Jim. Ian sits down, looks straight ahead on to Jim then turns to his left and looks at Elektra.
"Grab a box." Jim said setting his hand on the three and feeling the heat rise from in. "There's more in the car."
"Ya" Elektra said smiling then leans forward as Jim lifts the lid.
"This ones loaded." Jim said. "Ian can have this one." He hands it over to Ian, Elektra watches; Ian grabs it from out of his hands then says. "Let me guess. Garlic." Jim looks at him, tilts his head, and then grabbed the next box after Ian looked away.
"Oh ya, cheese, cheese, pepperoni" Jim said then sets the box in front of Elektra and says. "For you." He grabs the next box, looks on to Ian, to Electra then slides the box in under his chin, he opens it slowly, peeking in then "Ahh" He shouted, lifting up from in his seat. Ian standing, his chair kicked out from under him and Elektra leaning back in hers. Jim steps in, looks on to Ian, down on the box, sets his hand on and lifts it up saying. "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie."
"You devil." Said Elektra, sitting her self back in.
"Ya real fucking funny." Ian said, stares on to him then turns, grabs his chair and sits him self back in.
Ian watches, studies how Jim and Elektra haven't said a word. They eat as him, not a word or look back on to the pizza girl or the corps laid out on the coach behind them. He catches a glimpse of Elektra as she looks down to her feet then caught in the eyes of Jim as he looks back up over the table. Jim looks away, looks down in to his pizza from in its box. Ian looks to his left slowly, looking over Electra's shoulder and on to the sheet covered corps.
"Female." Jim said looking on to Elektra.
"Yes." Electra said, bringing her head up then looks on to Ian.
"A keeper." Jim asked then followed her eyes on to Ian. Ian looks back, turning his sights away from on the sheet covered corps then gulped as they both stared on to him. "What." He asked looking on to them and feeling as if he had been placed out from in. "What's going on?"
"She needs to be tight up, gagged, she'll be awake soon." Elektra said turning and facing Jim.
"She's alive." Ian asked.
"Asleep, out cold." Jim said
"What are you going to do with her?" Ian asked. Elektra looks onto him smiles then turns and looks on to Jim as her smile fades.
"I don't know yet." Elektra said. "She could be useful although she's no match for our man."
"Yes and what exactly is that man?" Ian asked, closing his pizza box then lifts it off the table and sets it down on the floor. Elektra looks on to Jim then back on to Ian and says. "He's our man, our creation, a life were going to bring in."
"A Frankenstein." Ian said smiles, looks on to Jim and continues to smile in thru a laugh.
"An evolutional break thru." Said Electra.
"It's been done, it happens all the time." Said Ian. "This is murder; they didn't come to us with a heart attack. He's dead and she's being held from her own will."
"Him." Said Elektra, stands, pushes the chair aside, walks in, and stands her self over the sheet-covered corps of a man. "Him." She said again setting her hands on the sheet from above his head then slides in down, walking it to the feet. "He needs a few vessels here and there, new vertebrae, a few bits, and pieces tucked away." She leans over, sets her lips on its head, and kisses it. Ian looks on from in his seat, staring deep on to the corps, now seeing it whole, totally uncovered and revealing the slabs of skinless tissue, the cuts in its stomach and in to the whole from in its chest as if a heart is to be pulled out or placed in.
"Alive." Jim said brining his cup up to his lip. Ian looks at him, shakes his head, squints his eyes then looks on to Elektra as she steps in.
"Then what? They going to take his prints, match him up with a missing persons list." Asked Ian, showing and letting know it was discuss from in the tone of his voice and the expressions on his face.
"Well I got work to do." Said Jim, standing to his feet, looks down on to Elektra then steps her by walking in towards his computer desk. Elektra turns her head, watches as Jim sits him self in, turns on the computer then she turns her self back and faces Ian. "How ya feeling Ian." She asked him, bringing her right hand up off the table and flaring her finger's out in front of his face.
"What?" He asked, looks on to her hand, fingers as they fan up in front of his face. "What." He asked once again then feels his head begin to drop, his eyes no longer able to stay open and awake. Elektra sets her hand under his chin, lets his head fall slowly as she tilts it and sets it down softly onto a pizza box.


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