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Lust's of bloods. BLOODY TALE

Novel By: Factxzrx

Tags: Bloody, Tales

A story from in the book BLOODY TALES. The boys encounter a blood thriving need from in their eye for strippers. View table of contents...


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Oh what a horror; ya I'll pay the bill, watch some creep show then puke my brains out when I see these bitches try and freak these guy's out. Pay day and these guys's cant figure out anything else to do. Strippers, strippers, strippers, and perfect timing too. My Alice leaves me; thinking that I was trying to get the ho from in the coffee shop to come back to my place for a threesome.
Well ten bucks, ten bucks it is. A done deal. Get home take a shower, shave, get dressed and wait for Jimmy. This fucking traffic; Friday their all out here like it's Christmas or the beer store's are handing out free coupons. Come on; come on turn green already… Alice, you fucking ho. I should go and grab a hold of that coffee shop ho; let her lips twirl around my cock. Hell, I'll have her right in side the coffee shop while you're in there; get her under the table after I add a spoon of sugar around my balls. You got some fucked up problems.
Grab a 2-4 tonight, hell I'll be needing them. Store a few in the back of Jimmy's car and have some for when I get home. Fuck, ten bucks cover charge, ten-buck drinks, and I can't wait to find out how much their charging for a lap dance.
Ah ya, just my luck, this place is full and out of all these clowns look who's a couple of clowns ahead of me. It couldn't be anybody else fuck, Alice's old man. He is going to want to have a chat with me. I hope he doesn't and if he doesn't then I guess it's over.
Ten minutes, ten minute wait. Must be a lot of thirsty fucker's out this evening. Good his car's gone. If he would have seen me walking out with a 2-4 then he'd defiantly want some questions answered. 'Ya well pop, your daughter's probably a lesbo or she's got some issues.' Maybe mommy was a little too affectionate or maybe not.
I don't know why I'm warring my lucky shirt? Ah ya, my first weekend alone; no Alice, no cuddling, no attitudes, no ho and I need to get my self some new cologne or use it on that coffee shop cattie ha ha ha ha ha. Go suck a few back before Jimmy comes by, load the case in to the back of his car.
Ahhha I guess this is what that good old bachelor life feels like; before you start coughing up ten bucks for a beer and going to under ground parties to watch stripper's get all fucked. If this place is some sick ass, nasty, desperate, ass licking, bimbo hang out then the guy's are going to be wearing my fists to work on Monday.
And here's Jimmy, oow, he's all spiffed up, little fucker hu dressed up like he's going to his own funeral. "Get in here you little fucker, where you going?" "What? What the fuck you talking about? How many of those did you have? Give me one." "Here take the whole case. I got those for after. I have a feeling this party is going to be a bummer. Let's go."
On the way, we're picking up Tommy then he still wants to go to the liquor store to pick up a few Mickey's. "Does he know we're here or what? Go in and call him." "Relax man; his old lady is getting on his case. She found the tickets on him." "Ahhha ha she found those tickets. Well go in Jimmy; get him the fuck out of there. I'm going to go and get this…"
"No don't go. If she sees us then she's not going to let him out." "Oh, this bitch life is over for me." "Alice left you?" "What you didn't hear. She dropped me over some bull about that coffee shop ho." "Her o ya."
Fucking pussy whipped motherfucker. Five minutes for this guy. What did he have to give her a quickie before she could let him out. "Tommy you fucking bastard. What took you so long.?" "Me, it's that fucking bitch and you." "Me, what the fuck did I do? Hahaha." "Your Alice and this bull that's going around about us guy's doing that coffee shop girl." "Ya well grab your self a beer. I got a case back there."
We get to the liquor store and on the way I was being put under the light; being asked if I really was doing this coffee shop ho, if I asked her join me and Alice in on a threesome and if I was doing here last night. It's the pussy whipping it has Tommy all fucked and paranoid. I told them I got the case in the back so they could both get-together and by me a Mickey, a Mickey of rum so I can wash it down in-between those ten buck drinks.
"A lot of people in there or what?" "Not too bad and we got a 60 ounce" "A 60 ouncer, Jimmy you still have to drive us home man. Who's idea was this?" "Tommy's." "Tommy you fucker, your going to be ending up spending your nights at the coffee shop."
On the way, Tommy had the bottle going around like it was water from out of the drinking fountain from work. I keep an eye on Jimmy the while he begins to get a bit sloppy. They told us this place was on the out skirts of town, just a few miles off rout twelve and in the same area of the old drive in theaters. Jimmy being the slop that he is pulled over and wanted Tommy to drive. Tommy looks at me and he couldn't hold a straight face. He was starting to act the way he acted when we were kids; laughing and grinning like I was going to go along with him as he took us on out in to the way of our early graves.
I take the wheel and Jimmy hits the passenger seat after I told Tommy to stay in the back. If he was up here with me and the way we're going he wouldn't shut up. I get us on to the number 12 and I know exactly where this place is from here. I can already see the good old drive inn's and if they're here then this party place has got to be some where along the way up a head.
As I take the boy's down memory lane; in and around the drive in theater's, running Jimmy's sport coupe in to the dirt and giving them a good spin as I run it into a one eighty fish tailing it along the road way. I stopped to let the smoke and dust clear before I could make my way back on to the highway. Jimmy starts to mumble something, Tommy looks then blasted out a laughing as Jimmy stuck his head out the window and let it rip. He pukes up at least half of what he's been drinking.
After the stink of Jimmy's puke and the clouds of dust cleared, I had us back on the highway. I pass all the old factories next to the theater's then with the sun in it's set I could see exactly where this party was going to take place. Who ever got their act together to set up a party out here must be a smart fucker and for ten bucks a pop, he must be getting rich too.
With my eyes locked in on the lights from the other cars there and the string of colored lights they had stung up around the inner trees of the lot I had no problem rolling us on in. "Jimmy you going to be alright or what?" I asked him because he's starting to get a bit pale. "Of course." He tells me as Tommy jumped out behind with the bottle of rum in his hand and sucks it back as he walks on out towards this farm looking house or barn.
We get to the entrance and it seemed to be exactly how I figured it to be. This place looks like some cheap ass bimbo hang out. Tommy hands Jimmy and me the tickets and we go on thru after handing them over to this big ugly fuck. The must have been six feet tall and three feet wide. Tommy slaps me on the back then yells out "Whooo hwooo" as we enter the main room flashing in blue and green lights with a glowing red light shining all around the dance floor setting its glow over top of the centered stage.
Theirs at least forty five people in hear; a couple of bitches sitting up on the stools along the bar, a few more entertaining some guys along the back row of tables and benches and the rest of the guy's setting them selves in around the center stage. Tommy grabs this girl as she walks on by us; he swings her around and holds her their in front of him. "Hey baby, I'm ready when you are." He says as he licks his lips. She moves in towards him for a lick then pushes him away calling him a creep. Jimmy laughing his brains out and Tommy holds up his hand and try's to wave down another one as we start making our way over to the empty table along the side wall that he points out while he's still trying to wave down some girl's.
"So who's buying first round." I look at Tommy; he tells me. "Not me man, I'm doing all the lip work around here, getting us some pussy." I look at Jimmy and his face was already turning as white as a ghost's
Then she steps in at our table; a set of chocolate lumps topped of with a set of perked chocolate chips and a set of hips centered with a muff that had our tongs dripping for some fudge as she stood over top of us. Tommy sets out his leg to see if she would give him a lap dance then and there. "What do you guys want to drink?" She asks us. Tommy rub's his hand down his leg trying to tickle her feet with his. The lights went out as she asks us again then the center stage lit up in a flame of colors as this burnet in a red gown walks out. The speakers hit the walls in a shocking of waves as the music hit the in to the air.
I looked over at Tommy and he is all laid back in his seat getting what he's been asking for a lap dance strip tease from the waitress.
The walls of this barn a dancing along to the vibrating floor from the music these guys got blasting in hear. It's all in motion like they have this place plugged in top to bottom in to a electrical out lit. I feel the hairs on my arms moving along to the beat that stripper is moving along to as she begins to let down her red gown.
All the guys around the stage have their heads going along to her moves. She brings her gown down to her feet as she slips it up under her heels I catch her; she locks her eyes on me and I look straight back. She holds her pose as I roll my eyes up along her legs then leaned back to get a look on her ass as I lick my lips in reaction to that sight of her long legs leading up to that round luscious ass. She laid her head on to her gown, rolled over on her back spreading her legs for all to see then she turned her self in to my direction and sat there on stage staring deep into my eyes as she ran her hand thru her slit and the other one up around her breast. She let's me get in a good eye of her then turned away and got to her feet as the music came to an end.
The lights hit from red to a tint of ultra violet in a background of a dark yellow. I turn to Tommy and he sits there with his eyes glued on to her ass she walks away from after giving him his lap dance. Jimmy is half-dead; his eyes set on their lashes as his head rolls around on his neck. Tommy turns to me, slaps me in the back and say's. "Ha ha we hit the spot." I look at the grin on his face then I see the blood dripping down on his shirt from off his ear. "Tommy, what the fuck happen to your ear?" He looks at me, looked down on to his shirt and said. "Ohwo it's bleeding. She bit me man; she was on my neck as I moved from the pinch. She got my ear. Dammmha." "So what are we drinking and look at this guy. He's wasted. Well I'll be driving us out so your buying the drink's Tommy." "Ya she should be back with a drink any minute now. So where's you're ho?"
"I should be getting her here soon." "Who, witch one, point her man. Point her out." "Don't worry about it," I tell him as I turned my head to get in a peak of my sexy babe in red. I looked around and she was nowhere to be seen. None of these girls out here are in red. I set my eyes on this girl sitting at the table down at the end of our sidewall. She sits there staring right back. A table of four, four girls to a table for them selves, she turns to her drink, brings it up to her lip, and rolls her tong around as she brings her eyes back on to mine. Tommy holding up his hand over our heads, waving them over, pointing on to her, waves her and her friends over to our table.
Three of the girls start making their way in towards our table; swing their hips, nibbling her nails as their breast bounce up, down, back and forth. Before they got close, enough to step in at our table we are served with the drinks Tommy ordered. As that sexy plate of chocolate fudge stepped out and away, we're smacked eye to eye with three more sexy pieces of art. One in her lacy lingerer sits down next to Jimmy, the one in the whit latex pants and braw makes her self comfortable next to Tommy and this one sits next to me, close, so close I can feel her sweat start to soak in around my legs. All she has on is the string holding up her tits and the other one as an oddment between her legs as it lines up and own her stomach.
The lights hit up in full lit as the main attraction hit the stage. Tommy hit's Jimmy on the shoulder and says. "Jimmy here is the big show. The show man." Jimmy lifts his head, looked around, and then dropped it on to the shoulder of the girl next to him. "Here's our show man." Tommy said to me as I turned my head and looked over on to the stage. The Lights begin to flashing and beginning to bring in a row of colors from under them. One of the girls walk out in to the center of the stage as the bouncer walks on in behind her holding some older dude then he hands him to her. The lights begin to flash as she holds him there with the lights making it seem she's moving at a fast pace as she swings him around. She holds him still; the lights go blank leaving a single lamp shining down on her as she starts to kiss him on the lips. I look around our table then I felt a hand go down on my crotch, a squeeze followed by a softening rub and a light lick along my neck. I let her work her stuff as I continued to see what was supposed to be happening on this stage with the guy and this bitch.
As lights begin to dim in above her slowly, she moved down on the guy. As she kneeled down on to her knees, she lifts up his shirt. She works her head all along his chest and stomach then the lights went down in to a total dark to be shined back on to her biting in to his stomach. She turned around to the guys sitting in the front row showing off her face covered in his blood then spit it up in to the crowd; guys start yelling, freaking out as others where telling them to shut up. She crawls on to him as he fell down on to his back then ripped her hands into his stomach and filled her mouth with his guts spiting it out in to the crowds.
I turned over to see what Tommy was saying; he was knocking Jimmy in the head telling him to get up that's when I felt her going down on me, using her teeth against my zipper. I push her away and I felt her hissing breath up against my hand. I looked up at Tommy and he points to his bleeding ear. The two other girls already making their way in to the warring crowds as this one got up, stood over me then a hand came out and pushed her away. I stood up, turned around and I was pressed in to her lips then she pushed me away telling me to leave now. I see the teardrop beginning to fall from in her eye. I grabbed her hand, held it in mine then brings it up to my chest and turned around letting go of her; the only lady I would of wasted a worthy dollar on, the babe in red, giving me all her stuff from on stage and now she's telling me to go.
Tommy and me grab Jimmy and run him on thru the crowds; swing our arms, pushing people, and hitting the exit doors like a set of bats out of hell. The parking lot was already in smoke from the one or two cars that already busted out of there. I pop the door open and Tommy throws Jimmy in to the back then jumped in. I cranked the engine, hit it in to reverse and set my self up for a strip to drag out on. As I gets the engine going and ready to pop it in first we start hearing these birds knocking in to the cars and begging to hit in to ours. "The windows Tommy close your fucking window." I told him as they started to hit in to his side and they begin to hit on us vicious. I hit it in to gear and left them in a cloud of dust with the rocks I kicked up sounding like music to my ears.
"What the fuck was that?" "What the fuck do you think? Ten bucks for a drink, out in fucking nowhere and the bitches their, none of them looked like they were from town and this fucking guy back here is fucking wasted. Fuck he gats wasted before we got to our first drink. Something fucked up
Tommy. That or it's some kind of fucked hoaxed and who's going to be taking care of this fucking clown? We drop him off at the coffee shop. You hear that Jimmy you fucking bastard. The fucking coffee shop!"
"We just going to leave him here?" "What you have to get home to your bitch? You see your shirt yet? It's covered in fucking blood. We're going to stick it out for the night. After those fucking clowns leave we're going in and it looks like you know who is working tonight." "Oh no, forget it man." "Tommy what the fuck. What? We can't go in to the coffee shop any more?" "Your Alice has been talking to my girl non stop man." "Oowoo I should invite them both over to my place." "Ya, do that. I'm starting to get sick of that bitch." "Here we go their gone."
I grabbed a hold of Jimmy, Tommy held on to his other arm and we walk this fucking waist head on in to the coffee shop then dragged him in to our corner and let him lean himself up against the wall. "How much money you got?" Tommy asks me while his ear still dripping out drops of blood as it specks on to our table. "Go clean up your fucking ear. I'll take care of it." Mumbling under his that his girl is going to kill him, he gets up and heads out to the washroom while I try not to lock my eyes on Ella as she's clearing of the table.
I wait, look around, try not to show any sign of interest as she wipes down the table. I am left with no other breath in no other direction only to be staring at that ass as she swings it back and forth. Wiping down her table, those perfectly plumped breasts hanging there, giving all their signs of being ripe and ready for a picking. Smack, I'm struck in the face from those evil European eyes as they caught me rolling up along her neck, pocking in to her lips, riding her check bones right in to her eyes. She kept a cool grin as she went back in to a final wipe of on the table.
All our girls are jealous of her and now I know why. I use to have a thing for her in high school; I think she used to have a thing for me too. I know when she kicked her idiot boy friend to the curb she was acting all girly again. She let us hang out here all night when she was on. Now I don't know what gives. I have a feeling she knows about the word that I wanted her. Well after that eyeball, she knows I'd want her.
"Where's our coffee? What's happening? You banging heads with Jimmy or what. I have to get the coffee. Fuuck." Get the coffee you fuck. Comes out thinking he's all hot with that blood stained shirt and that torn ear. Go on and look into the eyes of the hottest bitch in town then have another look at the girl that's going to be kicking ya to the curb tomorrow. He can't even stare her straight in the eye. There he goes, getting in a look as she turns to pour the coffee. His ear starts to twitch and all and there's the ringer as she bends over to grab the donuts. Man I would have paid a pretty penny to get a load of that shot. It's that fucking Alice. I think she wanted to play house or something. Now she can go suck her juices from off her dildo.
"What took you so long?" "Ah you want to drink your coffee or what? She told me to give you this."
The chocolate cheesecake pound cake; I knew it, she does know. This is the last thing I had here while Alice was getting all fucked up over her. This could be trouble or a new romance. "Where's yours?" "Mine, she told me to give that to you. You ask her for that or something." "Ya, she fucking hot hu." "Ya go and get your balls dirty and this fucking guy. Jimmy wake up, we're at the police station. Your cars totaled man. You killed a family of three on your way out man." Jimmy leans their half dead up against the wall. Tommy starting to get wired with in his every sip and I got my self a chocolate cheese pound cake. Nothing is going to be fucking with the rest of my night. I would like to grab a hold of her and just ram her up against that stack of pastry then lay it to her good.
Finnish her off with my tong wile she fills her mouth with that berry sauce for when I come up and can get a taste of those lips.
"So what do you think all that bitch show was all about?" "You're the one with the fucking ear, you tell me." "I don't know, they all said that this place putts on one hell of a show." Tommy goes for his cup and I get that shocking red light glare in thru my ere as I see her; the beautiful burnet, her legs, that ass, her there posing for me and it wipes all the nasty slutty thoughts from those whores out from the back of my head. Then Tommy's coughing splat from him spitting up his coffee turns my eyes on to the guy laying their on the stage as that whore shines under the light with her face covered in blood and spitting it out in to the crowds.
"What the fuck, you're supposed to suck it down not up your noise." "Ah ha ha ha fuck off man."
"You thinking the same thing I was thinking? The bimbo on stage?" "Ah ha ha ha ya. I'd like to let her swallow me on down her throat and hold it their for a few minutes." "Ya right after she downs a few mouth fills." "Ah ha ha ha haa."
Tommy finishes off the rest of his coffee then slaps Jimmy over the head and say's. "Hey numb nuts wake up. The fucking sun is already rising." Then as I turn my head away. "Hi boy's can I get you guys anything else." With my face pointing less then a couple inches away from getting a taste of her love juice. I wanted to use my tong on her sipper then lick my way in thru those panties using my teeth and ripping them down as she moaned wanting more and more. I lift my head up and she was their waiting for me as I open a big smile. I looked at Tommy and he looked on to me knowing that I had something going on with her because she was standing right there at my side, closer then any other service and she stood their in cheer. "Hi Ella, you want to join us, take a load off, kick back those heels and join us?" She looks on to me and I could feel her leaning in on me, curving her spine back as I would have used my tong and licked on up in to her breast. "Mmm the sun is showing and this place is going to be starting a line up out the door. So you want another slice Kelsey?" "I'm alright; we have to get this drunken clown out of here before anyone see's him. Both of these clowns. I'll take a rain check, and then we can…" "Humm mm you boys drive safe, bye." Mm that ass and mmm I can taste her sweat. Oh, I need to get some sleep before I end up here with these fucking clowns. "What the fuck was that all about." "Ah Tommy fuck off. Let's get this fucking guy out of here before you start slapping your head against the wall." "Please. I had more drinks then both of you put together and I'm hear standing tougher then you." "Ya, grab an arm."
We carry him out and in to the parking lot and in to the back of his car. Tommy grabs two beers out from the box and hands me one as torn the engine over. Before I kicked it in to first we sipped back on a few mouth fills then as I begin to pull out Tommy sticks his head out the window and yells "HEY YOU FUCKERS. HA HA HA HA FUCK YOU." At all the people getting out of their cars and walking in for their morning hit of coffee.
I sucked back my beer then told him that he was going to be taking care of Jimmy. He freaks out telling me he cannot and that his bitch bla bla. So I let him out a couple of houses down; fucking fruitcake was all-paranoid about his bitch with all of her neighbors. So I wait as he walks on down towards her house then I backed up slowly; I got to his house as he was just about to turn on to his sidewalk and I let it rip; popping this machine in thru second as it squealed in to third. I seen him trying to dodge the smoke show, not knowing what to do, jumping back and forth then ran straight in to his door like a little bitch.
I don't know how this fucking guy can get so wasted over a few mouth fills of rum. He only had one or two beers. Well he can sleep it off back here, it's his car, his problem, and I'll be taxing him for the stay on my driveway. I'll leave my door unlocked so the drunken fuck can clean him self up when he decides to wake up. I'll probably be out here later pouring a bucket of cold water over him.
Ahh home sweet home and my fucking machine is wiring up like a bitch in heat. Alice, she must have had my phone going all night expecting me to give her some love whispers or wanting to know where I was and that her daddy seen me at the beer store. Forget about it. Man that Ella has her ways mmm mmm my tong numbs.


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