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The Crows Trilogy: Scandal At The Particular Area

Novel By: Fahmid

The first of the Crows Trilogy: It is about an archeologist who returned from USA to find out the real mystery about the series of crow attacks. Somehow, few good-for-nothing people who later becomes the supporter helps her to prevent them... View table of contents...


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Chapter One- The Mad House

It was 2033-midnight and cold as no one in the mental asylum was awake. The walls were pale and full of nonsense words written in graffiti plus full of dirt. The matrons were guarding the asylum cell all over as otherwise; the patients would escape from it. In one of the cells, a girl laid in the cellar bed as she was shivered with fear by reminisces her dreadful past which we would know later.


Her overhyped behavior jumped by using the word 'Emon'. She was stopped by nurses and matrons. The other patients woke up, jumping happily for no reason.

One of the nurses said "someone is here to see you, our little darling".

The nurses took her to the doctor's chamber. As she sat down in a couch, she was talking rubbish to herself without thinking. A good-looking man with a white shirt and pant opened the door, as he sat down; the girl got scared. She hid herself behind the couch.

The man said "there's nothing to be worried about my darling sister-in-law. It's me, Farhad".

The girl got scared like a little girl as she was crying. She said "I don't want to go with that bad 'uncle'. He always…uses bad words!"

Farhad was annoyed. He went out of the doctor's chamber without ending his conversation.

Meanwhile, in the busy streets of New York, a young and beautiful girl was walking towards Jackson Heights to meet her friends. Jackson Heights was one of the places in New York where Bengali and other mixed communities lived. When she was reading some newspapers, a young, fat but aged looking man patted her shoulders at the back.

She looked back and said "Hello, Bhoja"

The fat aged looking man (Bhoja) said "How do-do with your research about the fossils? Anika sister?"

Anika said "How many times I have to tell you? It's not 'How do-do' it's 'how is your research'? It's successful indeed"

Bhoja said "Sorry Anika sister, I almost forgot my English by interviewing a Bengali simpleton-Siddiqa".

Anika said "She may be a simpleton but also clever because, when you are about to interview with them, they just ran away. It is because you are genius! (So Idiotic Minded Person who always try to flirt with girls by using Chinese chopstics)".

Bhoja asked "what did you say?"

Anika replied "nothing, Mr. Genius".

Suddenly, Anika's phone was vibrating. After she picked up the phone, she heard a sorrowful voice-it was a woman!

"Mom?" asked Anika confusingly.

"You brother, Emon is back!" Anika's mother said.

"Sounds crazy! But he's dead" said Anika.

"Ok, I will explain it to you in full, when you will come to Bangladesh?" said Anika's Mother.

"Day after tomorrow, love you mom!" said Anika

Something was fishy. Something much horrible would encounter in Anika's life. Is this the crow attacks again? Was there any problem in that terrible past? Will she have to come along with Bhoja? It is a big mystery between all the people here.


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