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Novel By: Fyregx

Tags: Fyregx, Hey, Blood, Lust, Love, I’m, Voo-doo, Voo, Doo, Evelyn, Day, Hate, Valentine, Stitches, Insane, Grin, Splitting, Cannibal, 19, Years, 12opal, Odd, Flesh, Eating, Hungry, Vampire, Physco, Super, Nattrual, Old, And, Fantasy, Horror, Spill, Cup, Falme, Desire, Dignity, Fear, Going, Carniverous, To, Tell, Gourge, Stuff, You, What, Happened, Enjoy, Divulge, Children, Me, Night, Scream, When, I, Was, Pale, Yaoi, 17. Exciting, Huh? Well, It, Is, Actually, So, Let’s, Start. Here, Goes, Nothing. , “evelyn, The, Girls, Are, Here!” I, Took, A, Deep, Breath, In, Smiled, At, Myself, Mirror., Not, Too, Bad, Guess., Ran, My, Hand, Through, Waist-length, Raven, Black, Hair, Framed, Face, Perfectly, Highlighting, Dark, Eyes, Long, Thick, Lashers., Kidding, Myself?, Nothing., Nothing. My, Smile, Looked, Fake, Now. I, Guess, Was. “evelyn!?”, “coming”, Set, Off, Down, Stairs, Front, Door, Be, Greeted, By, Sight, Of, Three, Stunning, Crowded, Outside, Door., Claire, Tall, Thin, Blonde, With, Flawless, Complexion, Glinting, Blue, Juicy, Full, Lips., Mary, Medium, Height, Natural, Brunette, Caramel, Skin, Curvy, Unusual, Green, Eyes., Last, But, Far, Least, Gabriella, Red-haired, Green-eyed, Fiery. “come, On, Evie!”, Exclaimed, Grabbing, Arm, Pulling, Out, Smiling, Mother, Closed, Behind, Me., Led, Drive, Literally, Pushed, Into, Her, Car., Gabrielle, Followed, Bit, No, Lot, More, Dignity., Blast, Pop, Music, Crashed, Car, As, Started, Engine, Began, Sing, Along., Window, We, Sped, Trees, Flashed, Windows., Glanced, Back, Had, Head, Texting, Boyfriend, Concentrating, Road, Still, Singing, Hideously. “what, Wearing?”, Asked, Eyeing, Outfit, Up, Disgust., Jeans, White, T-shirt, Held, Together, Ribbon, Tied, Front., Then, Short, Skirt, Tank, Top., Typical., I, Didn’t, Bother, Answering, She, Already, Lost, Interest. We, Were, Carnival, Fun, Right?, Wrong., Just, An, Excuse, Flirt, Many, Boys, Possible, Cheated, Went, Own, Probably, Have, Serious, Chat, Someone, About, Photos., Me?, Would, Wander, From, Stall, Stall. , , 2, Hours, Later, That, Exactly, Happened. Claire, Found, Boy, Photo, Club, Talking, Him, Angles, Light-effects, All, Over, Some, Where, Seen., Looking, Around, Stalls, Buying, Anything, Or, Taking, Part, Any, Activities, Watching, Men, Women, Covered, Make-up, Tricked, Customers, Playing, Game, Impossible, Win, Something, They, Really, Need., Amusing, Watch. But, Me. The, Coming, End, Beginning, Pack, People, Leave, 10:00pm, Wanted, Well, Given, Lift, Way, Comfortable, This, Guy, Interrupted. I, Sighed, Made, Store, Only, One, Hadn’t, Been, Throwing, Hoops, Lamp, Trying, Hook, Object, It., Instantly, Saw, Problem., Small, For, Such, Large, Object., Leaned, Against, Side, Watched, Intently, Threw, His, Ring., Landed, Straight, Smothered, Man, Picked, Gave, Boy;, He, Grinned, Ear-to-ear, Walked, Proudly., Frowned, Won, Even, If, Hoop, Balanced, Top?, There, Chance, Winning, Better, Than, Other, Odds. I, Turned, Came, Steel, Bars, Froze, Squirmed, Backwards., Tired-out, Horse, Dragging, Cage, Across, Grounds, Chosen, Precise, Spot, Rest., Peered, Nervously, Sat, Could, See, Human, Outline, Squinted, Shaggy, Detectable, Details, Like, Shadow., Tired, Move, Again, Light, Temporarily, Lit, Cage., Caught, Breath., (as, Predicted), Paper, Appearance, Wasn’t, Dirty, Unnervingly, Clean, Stop, Breathing., Face., Terribly, Wrong, Nose, Slit, Finally, Mouth, Shivered, Shrank, Away, Horror., Lips, Stitched, Cruelly, Thread, Criss-crossing, Healing, Penetrated, Worse, Bit., Huge, Grin., Cart, Moved, Swept, Making, Seen, Animal, Human. That’s, Noticed, Wearing, Strait, Jacket. Wide-eyed, Quickly, Towards, Claire. “can, Go, Home?”, Soon, Hearing, Range., Nodded, Stood, Grateful, Before, Impossibly, Bored, Looks, Saved, Her. “i’ll, Get, Gabriella!”, Announced, Slipped, Direction, Them., Almost, Deserted, Waiting, Return., Families, Past, Along, Who, Complaining, Babies, Crying, Did, Say, Dragging?, Particular, Family, Grabbed, Attention, Girl, Age, 8, Screaming, Clutching, Doll, Couldn’t, Dolls, Girl’s, Features, Properly, Young, Very, Upset., Wrapped, Post, Anchoring, Grounds. Her, Parents, Detach, Father, Giving, Stern, Words, Worn, Games., Prised, Pole, Fathered, Walk, Side., Hitting, Fathers, Both, Hands, Carnivals, Exit., Holding, Lying, Propped, Onto, To., God, Knows, Why, Want, That., Pale-skinned, Fair, Wore, Dress., Crisscrossing, Create, Grotesque, Look, Oh-so, Mocking, Little, Dishevelling. I, Remembered, Cages, Lighting, Similar., Tag, Neck, Read, Loopy, Writing: , Katherine , With, Approached, Gate, Make-shift, Car-pack, Field, Few, Cars, Parked, Clearly, Draining, Them, Obviously, Belonged, Teenagers, Inspect, Gone., Gone;, Feel, Right, All., Suddenly, Touched, Shoulder, Jumped, Heart, Rate, Speeding, Immensely. “evelyn?” “sorry”, Mumbled, Hiding, Friends, Raised, Eyebrow, Supportively, Mary’s, Keep, Up-right, Defiantly, Drunk., Fine, Sober, Always, Drink. A, Top-hat, Idea., Him. “excuse, Me?”, Painted, Eyelids, Strange, Effect, Tried, Concentrate, Staring, Eyelids. “this, Belongs, It”, Lied, Rid, Horrible, Slight, Pulled, Lips. “katherine, Yes, Does, Belong, Us”, Off., Relieved, Beyond, Measure, Reached, Backseat. , “bye!”, Yelled, Exiting, Stepping, Clair, Waved, Drove, Leaving, Alone, House., Ascended, Steps, Unlocked, Letting, In., House, Dark;, Gone, Bed., Locked, Carefully, Tip-toed, Room., Happily, Once, Entered, Room, Loved, Mix, New, Wooden, Desk, Modern, Bed, Walls, Floor, Board., Shoes, Placed, Feet, Warm, Wood, Heater, Located, Underneath, Bed-room, Constantly, Pleasantly, Touch., Collapsed, Linen, Covers, Enjoying, Fresh, Slowly, Relaxed., That’s, Certain, Patch, Lumpy, Uncomfortable, Itchy., Brought, Ruined, Relaxation. I, Maliciously, Grinning, Item, Room. , Katherine.

"Hey, I’m Evelyn Valentine, I’m 19 years old, and I’m going to tell you what happened to me when I was 17.
Exciting, huh?
Well it is actually, so let’s start.
Here goes nothing."
Evelyn Valentine Is Having A Night Out With Her 'Friends'. Mary And Gabriella Went Straight For The Boys And Claire Started A Conversation...Completely And Utterly Normal.
Until Evelyn Met Katherine.

Katherine. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1
Hey, I'm Evelyn Valentine, I'm 19 years old, and I'm going to tell you what happened to me when I was 17.
Exciting, huh?
Well it is actually, so let's start.
Here goes nothing.
"Evelyn, the girls are here!"
I took a deep breath in and smiled at myself in the mirror. Not too bad, I guess. I ran my hand through my waist-length raven black hair, it framed my pale face perfectly, perfectly highlighting my dark eyes and long thick lashers. What was I kidding myself? I was nothing. Nothing.
My smile looked fake now.
I guess it was.
"Coming" I set off down the stairs and to the front door, to be greeted by the sight of three stunning girls crowded outside my door. Claire, a tall, thin blonde with a flawless complexion, glinting blue eyes and juicy full lips. Mary, medium height, natural brunette with dark caramel skin, curvy and unusual pale green eyes. And last but by far not least, Gabriella, pale, red-haired, green-eyed and fiery.
"Come on Evie!" exclaimed Claire grabbing my arm and pulling me out the door, my smiling mother closed it behind me. Claire led me down the drive and literally pushed me into her car. Gabrielle and Mary followed with a bit, no a lot, more dignity. A blast of pop music crashed through the car as Claire started the engine, Mary began to sing along. I looked out of the window as we sped off, dark trees flashed by the windows. I glanced back, Gabrielle had her head down and was texting her boyfriend, Claire was concentrating on the road and Mary was still singing hideously.
"What are you wearing?" asked Mary, eyeing my outfit up and down in disgust. I looked down at myself, black jeans and a white t-shirt held together with a black ribbon tied at the front. I then looked at Mary, a short skirt and tank top. Typical.
I didn't bother answering her, she had already lost interest.
We were going to a carnival, fun right? Wrong. Mary just took it as an excuse to flirt with as many boys as possible, Gabriella cheated on her boyfriend and Claire went off on her own, probably to have a serious chat with someone about photos. And me? I would wander from stall to stall.
2 hours later and that was exactly what happened.
Claire had found a boy from her photo club and was talking to him about angles and light-effects, Mary was all over some blonde and Gabriella was no where to be seen. And I was looking around stalls, not buying anything or taking part in any activities just watching as the men and women covered in make-up tricked the customers into playing a game that was impossible to win, or into buying something they really didn't need. I found it amusing to watch.
But that was just me.
The carnival was coming to an end, stalls were beginning to pack up and people beginning to leave, it was 10:00pm, I wanted to leave as well but Claire had given me a lift and she looked way too comfortable talking to this guy to be interrupted.
I sighed and made my way to the last store, the only one I hadn't been to, a boy was throwing hoops at a lamp, trying to hook it around the object and win it. I instantly saw the problem. The hoops were way too small for such a large object. I leaned against the side of the stall and watched intently as the boy threw his last ring. It landed straight on the top. The make-up smothered man behind the stall picked the lamp up and gave it to the boy; he grinned an ear-to-ear smile and walked off proudly. I frowned, so you won even if the hoop just balanced on the top? Well, at least there was a small chance of winning, better than the other odds.
I turned back around and came face to face with steel bars, I froze then squirmed backwards. A tired-out horse was dragging a steel cage across the grounds and it had chosen that precise spot straight behind me to rest. I peered nervously into the cage, someone sat in the cage, I could see the human outline, I squinted, shaggy hair was detectable but no other details, and it was just like a shadow. Then the tired horse began to move again and the lamp light temporarily lit up the cage. I caught my breath. It was a boy with (as predicted) shaggy black hair and paper pale skin, his appearance wasn't dirty but unnervingly clean for something in a cage. But that wasn't what had made me stop breathing. It was his face. There was something terribly wrong with it, his eyes were large and black, his nose a slit and finally his mouth, I shivered just looking at it and shrank away in horror. His lips were stitched together cruelly, black thread criss-crossing over his lips blood was healing were the thread penetrated his skin, but that wasn't the worse bit. He was smiling a huge insane grin. As the cart moved away his hair swept over his eyes, making him seen more animal than human.
That's when I noticed he was wearing a strait jacket.
Wide-eyed I quickly walked away from the stall and straight towards Claire.
"Can we go home?" I asked her as soon as she was in hearing range. Claire nodded quickly and stood, she gave me a grateful smile and I noticed that before I had came she had looked impossibly bored, looks like I saved her.
"I'll just get Mary and Gabriella!" announced Claire then she slipped away in the other direction towards where she had last seen them. I nodded almost to myself and leaned against a deserted stall, waiting for her return. Families walked past me dragging along children who were complaining and babies that were crying, did I say dragging? A particular family grabbed my attention, a girl around the age of 8 was screaming and clutching a doll, I couldn't see the dolls or the girl's features properly but the young girl was very upset. One arm wrapped around her doll the other around a post, anchoring her to the carnival grounds.
Her parents were trying to detach her from the post and it looked like they were winning, the father was giving her stern words and her mother just looked tired, worn out by a day of fun and games. Finally the girl was prised from the pole and her fathered picked her up and began to walk away, the mother at his side. The girl was still screaming and crying, hitting her fathers back with both hands, they walked out of the carnivals exit. Then I saw the doll the girl had been holding, lying propped up against the pole she had been holding onto to. I frowned and picked up the doll, god knows why the girl would want that. It was a pale-skinned doll with long blonde hair and fair blue eyes, she wore a black dress. The dolls mouth was stitched up black thread crisscrossing to create a grotesque smile that look oh-so mocking and more than a little dishevelling.
I shivered as I remembered the cages boy, a smile lighting his lips, the dolls mouth was similar. A tag was tied around the dolls neck it read in long loopy hand writing:
With the doll in my hand I approached the gate and looked out at the make-shift car-pack that was really a field, a few cars were still parked but I could clearly see the families draining into them, there were other cars but they so obviously belonged to teenagers I didn't even bother to inspect them. But the family was gone. Just like that they were gone; it didn't feel right, not right at all. Suddenly a hand touched my shoulder and I jumped, my heart rate speeding up immensely.
"Sorry" I mumbled hiding the doll from my three friends, Claire raised an eyebrow at me her arm was wrapped supportively around Mary's to keep her up-right, she was defiantly drunk. Gabrielle looked fine, perfectly sober, as she always was, she didn't drink.
A man in a top-hat walked by and I suddenly had an idea. I ran up to him.
"Excuse me?" he turned around, he had eyes painted on his eyelids, giving him a strange effect I tried to concentrate on not staring at his eyelids.
"This doll belongs to the carnival, I found it" I quickly lied, anything to get rid of the horrible doll, the man looked down at the doll and a slight smile pulled at his lips.
"Katherine, yes she does belong to us" and with that he took the doll from me and walked off. Relieved beyond measure I caught up with my friends who had just reached the car and slipped into the backseat.
"Bye!" I yelled behind me exiting the car and stepping out onto the drive, Clair waved to me and drove off, leaving me alone outside my house. I ascended the small steps to the door and unlocked it, letting myself in. the house was dark; my parents have already gone to bed. I locked the door behind me and carefully tip-toed up the stairs and into my room. I sighed happily once I entered my room and smiled to myself, I loved my room. It was a mix of old and new, with a wooden desk and a modern bed, white walls and a wooden floor board. I slipped off my shoes and placed my feet and the warm wood, the heater was located underneath my bed-room constantly making it pleasantly warm to the touch. I collapsed back onto my linen bed covers enjoying the fresh feel of them against my skin as I slowly relaxed. That's when I noticed that a certain patch on my back was lumpy and uncomfortable, itchy. I reached behind me and brought out what I had just landed on and ruined my relaxation.
I went pale and threw the maliciously grinning item across the room.


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