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Tags: Horror, Scary, Death

Please Be paitent with this story when you start reading its slow moving and please read all the chapters thanks! View table of contents...


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Part 2

It was seven o clock as Ipulled in drive way from my long day at the office, my neck ached from sitting at my computer all day typing reports.

Isaw jermeys red bmw as I walked to the front door of the house , Iturned the handle on the doorI stepped inside my nose took in the smell of steamed vegetables.

" Honey the christmas party is comming up for the hospital, my coworkersrequested today that you make the same thing you did last year for the party" Jermey said from the kitchen

" Thanks"

I took off my high heels and felt my feet throb from the blisters

Iwalked slowly to the kitchen, I pulled out a chair and sat down

Jermey brought my plate to the table filled with shrimp and steamed vegetables

" Thanks"

"No Problem"

Jermey Placed his plate on the table, his large hands picked up a dark wine bottle and he poured a whitesh gold liquid into to wine glasses.

He placed a clear glass with white liquid in front of me, Jermey took his wine glass and placed it in front of me.

Jermey and Ibegan eating and my mouth salivated as i ate shrimp and sipped wine.

After dinner, Ibegan making a grocery list of ingredents and items for Jermeys chirstmas party at the hospital since it was in a few days.

" Honey Did We Get everything?" Jermey said has he looked into the green grocery cart

" Yeah"

We Put the grocerys on the black belt as the cashier wrung each item up

" $130.00 is the total mam" the cashier said in a way that makes you know that there life is meaningless and that the greatest achivement ever in there life is to be promoted to store manager.

Ihanded the cashier my gold credit card with the ugly maroon writing on it,sheswiped it and gave it back to me.

we put all thegrocerys in thetrunk and drove home.

Ipulled out my recipe book and placed it on the counter with excitement because i loved to cook

"Olivia I have to run to the hospital for a few hours every patient is comming into the emergency room with odd symptoms and its my job to figure out what is the cause "

" Okay doctor Jermey doctor of unknown dieases" Isaid to Jermey As Ikissed him before he ran out the door

IWent back to the kitchen and washed my hands under warm water Iturned off the faucet Idried my hands on a towel that was orange with a big yellow leave on it.

I took out of the refridgerator the turkey, The Cranberries, greenbeans, carrots, squash, greenpeppers, sweet potatos, onions and fruit.

I washed the turkey first disgusted by meat as it is i turned off the faucet and Igagged as ipulled out the gizzards, Iplaced the turkey in the pan and I placed the pan in the pan in the oven as Iclosed the oven Iwas so disgusted because Iam a vegetarian.

I turned on the faucet and washed my hands under the warm water Iturned off the facuet, Iopened a cabinet and pulled out a crum mixture in a bag that ihad made, Iplaced the bag on the counter and I took out a pan and placed it on a burner on the stove.

Ichopped up peepers and onions and Iplaced The chopped up onions and put them in the pan and Iadded my homemade bread crum mixture.

Icooked the ingredents in the pan in a half hour, Iplaced the finshed cooked ingredents in a bag in the refridgerateor.

Ipoured myself a Glass of white wine, Isipped on it as Icooked the other ingredents I finished up my cooking and the turkey was cooking in the oven, Ipoured myself another glass of white wine and didn't exactly sip on this wine, Ifelt floaty as Iput my glass on the counter by the sink. Imanaged to get to the couch and Ipassed out.


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