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Tags: Horror, Scary, Death

Please Be paitent with this story when you start reading its slow moving and please read all the chapters thanks! View table of contents...


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I walked down the cold long hallway with the smell of alcohol and the sound of beeping machines, I hugged my white lapcoat around my body. I walked to room 208 with the sign on the door that stated to wear a mask before entering the room, along with having latex gloves on before entering. I pulled the latex gloves out of my pocket and carefully pulled each one on each hand, I took the mask out of my other pocket, hooked the white straps behind my ears and pulled the mask onto my nose, I pulled the mask down so my face was completely covered. I opened the door to the patients room I walked to the second bed that was closet to the window.

" Hey I am doctor Jermey, emily i am here to take a look and ask some questions"

The little girl with the brown pigtails and big blue eyes and a nose that was perfectly rounded at the end looked up from the hospital bed and said " ok"

"Before I examine you your mother already confirmed that it was ok for me to examine you"

I walked up to emily , " can you please open your mouth for me?"

Emily opened her mouth i put two gloved fingers inside her mouth and felt her bottom lip, I discovered two bumps on her lips that had pus oozing out, i had emily lift her tough up i felt with both sides of her tough with my gloved hand. I changed my pair of gloves. I had newlatex gloves on.

" NurseAmanda can you please get emily in the right postion for the stomach examine"

" Sure"

Amanda postioned emily so that her legs were in stirups, emily's legs were covered with her mickey mouse blanket.

" Doc I don't feel so good "i heard emily's six year old voice say, Amanda was at emily 's bedside holding a bedpan as emily vomitted up and into the bed pan a mixture oflumpy orange and yellowbile.

I felt a tap on the back of my shoulder, I turned around

" Hi I am carol emilys mom, doc do you know what is wrong and what emily has?"

" I am not sure, we thought we had the common cold a few weeks ago, The virus apparently is showing more and looks approximently along the lines of the stomach flu i am not saying it is the stomach flu though, I am going to palpate your daugthers stomach to see if i can find anything else out."

As I walked over to Emily and put my gloved hands on her stomach Amanda had already put an I.V. line into Emilys arm.

I went around emily's belly button moving the skin around, I moved felt her ribs a little bit i palpated emily's liver externally, I went to the other side of the table by emily's feet.

" Emily This may be a little uncomfortable, this is the only way I am going to be able to come up with a proper treatment for you."

" Okay" Emily's voice said weaker now.

I put a little lubircante on my glove i went under the blanket and palpated emily's small pubic bone with my palm, I put two lubricated fingers inside emilys rectum I felt around and I discovered her Reflexes were off. I gathered alot of information from palpating a little internally on a six year old girl even though I hardly did because I felt bad making little kids uncomfortable.

I took off my gloves and threw them in the trash and washed my hands.

" Will My little sweet emily be okay?"

" Carol Emily Has an infection and it is in her stomach, her reflexes are off for excreting waste, That is Terrible for a six year old, Id say she doesn't have that long."

" Amanda Can you please handle Carol I have to go put down the Data I found with the examination so my team can do better research for this new virus."

" Sure Doc No Problem" Amanda Said

I walked to the lab and reported the data to doctor Steve, Steve entered the data in the computer and started research on the virus.


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