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Tags: Horror, Scary, Death

Please Be paitent with this story when you start reading its slow moving and please read all the chapters thanks! View table of contents...


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" Steve What Have you Found out?"

" I confirm that the symptoms that are showing up isa stomach flu, the next person that comes in With sickness we will need to gather blood samples and urine samples, I order you do a detailed examine of there stomach externally and internally." Steve said as he looked up from the microscope he was cleaning.

" Steven that is what I will do"

I walked out ofThe lab, I washed my hands at a nurses station and Grabbed a bundle of white latex gloves,I placed them in my pocket of my white labcoat. I felt a chill creep up my spine as I walked over to the box of surgery masks, I pulled out a bundle of masks, i Placed them in my other pocket of my labcoat.

I washed my hands again at the sink, I turned off the faucet, I tore off paper towels to dry my hands. I looked down at my sliver faced watch with the sliver numbers with the little hand ticking by the numbers, One Hand was on the Tweleve and the other was on the three, Telling me it was three in the afternoon, I still had about eight hours left on my shift and Olivia would be calling my Iphone at my break that was at 7pm. I went to the elevators and pushed the red button and waited for the white light above the steel elevator doors to light up and ding,The wait wasn't that long for the elevators and the steel doors opened and the light dinged I stepped in the elevator and pressed the main clinic floor button. I arrived on the clinic floor and are newest head nurse Holly came running up to me with her red curled hair bouncing up and down and had a stack of clipboards in her hands.

" here!" Holly said as she threw the clipboards in my arms

" Holly what Does each of these patients need" I said as I juggled to organize the clipboards and balance them in my arms.

" Just Sign offs for discharge and prescriptions and therapists assigned for homecare" Holly said with angery tone.

" Ok thanks Holly, Holly You are dismissed for the day you look like you had a stressful day."

" Thanks Jermey I will go punch out and head home and get some sleep." Holly Walked towards the elevators and went down to the ground floor to punch out and went home.

I walked down the hall and walked into room 167 I went to the first bed were i saw an older lady her frame tiny and her facial features were small and her eyes were hazel.

" Hello there are you here to dismiss my stay at the hospital, I am ready to get back to my bingo club! My murder she wrote! Above all my Kinect on xbox watch out all box you onkinect sports! Grace then did little boxing moves with her arms.

" I bet you could get me in boxing, I am writing you a prescription for pain killers for your arm and leg from falling on the ice last week, I am also sending you a few excercises to do for your arm and leg and I am ordering a physical therapist to come to your house for three weeks to strengthen your muscles the therapist will start comming next week."

Grace looked up at me with a smile on her face and said " Thank you I get to go home and ill call my husband howard to come pick me up!"

I walked out of Graces room, I walked to a few more rooms to discharge patients.

I Felt my phone vibrate in my pocket I took it out of my pocket and slide the unlock button i saw a text from Amandas Emilys Nurse that said in all Capital letters EMILY DIED JUST NOW.

I ran to the hospital elevator, I Went up to the floor that Emily was on, I stepped out of the elevator and put a surgical mask on and slid on my white latex gloves, i walked to into Emilys Room and to Emily's Bed I Saw her little face slumped limply to her shoulder and her skin had a pasty yellow look, I took Emilys Chart off clip at the end of her hospital bed and wrote Pronunced Dead. The team hired to take care of removing dead bodies and sterlizing rooms and cleaning rooms had already went into action I Could tell by looking around and not seeing a hospital tray table or a pink hospital small water pitcher.


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