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By: Gammastarlight

Chapter 1, Jermey is a scientist at the hospital who specializes in finding cures for unknown diesases, He is happily married to olivia is wife that loves to cook, The towns people count on Jermey as there doctor when a new sickness comes in town, It\'s that wonderful winter strectch of cold weather and the flu but is this the flu or something more vial that is overtaking the towns people.

Chapter 1

Part 1

" Jermey Can you get my blue leather gloves?"

" Sure Olivia"

" Thanks Jermey Iwill see you after work It's 5am"

" Before You head out the door olivia come here a second"

Jermey Pulled me into his arms to plant a kiss on myartifically colored pinklips

"Sweetie Jermey it's time for me to head to the office"

Iwalked out the door scraped the snow off my windshield wipers, i opened the door to my gray acura

I sat in my black leather seat my whole body felt a chill consume my shoulders and travel down my spine

I shut the heavy door closed

I put the keys in the Ignetion,As Ipulled out of the driveway with the purple sky behind me

I saw Jermey come out of the front door in his black leather coat with his black hair geled and his chubby figure walk slowly to his red bmw.

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