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Undead War;Zombie City

Novel By: GraveLyn83

Shizuka,Chi-Chi,Mikota,Ren,Ashikago and Shikoku have escaped their Highschool and entered the outside world.Soon they discover that the outside world is much..MUCH worse then their Highschool.Now with new weapons and the idea of what's going on,they fight for survival.Can they live through this and get things back to normal? Or will the become..the undead? View table of contents...


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Chapter 5: The Hotel

Zuka rode the motorcycle down five blocks towards the hotel when Zuka stopped suddenly and looked ahead.She gotten off the motorcycle,leaving Koku with questions.

"Hey Zuka..what's the matter?",he asked her.

Zuka stopped by a gate to a stranger's backyard.My stomach hurts like a bitch...",she told him.

Koku looked at her and got off the motorcycle,"maybe...your pregnant..by me".

Zuka looked at him and un-strapped her guitar and told Koku to duck,he ducked when she threw her guitar and hit a zombie man in the head,he fell backwards with the guitar stuck into his skull.

Koku nodded a thank you and gave her guitar back.Zuka clenched her stomach and looked at Koku,"yeah..I'm your baby mama",she laughed as she got back on the motorcycle along with Koku.

= = =

Chi,Luna,Kenny,Ano,Mikota and Kago reached the hotel,Ano put down Luna and kicked in the door.

"Sage dear..I'm home!",she yelled.Mikota took out her bow when she head noises from the hall,she put it down when a man with brown hair and eyes walked in."Oh hey Ano..L-Luna..K-Kenny..? Is it you?",he asked as he hugged his children.

"Daddy",the twins said as they hugged their father Sage.Ano smiled as Chi and Kago walked back outside when they heard noises,and then Zuka and Koku arrived on the motorcycle.Koku got off and Chi greeted him in a bear hug.Zuka got off as well and put up the kick stand,Kenny saw her and ran outside and hugged her.

"Zuka!!",he exclaimed as he laughed as Zuka tickled him.

"Hey little buddy! I missed ya so much kiddo!",she said as she put him on her back."You are one heavy kid",she laughed as he groaned and moved around

"I know..thank my mom and her cake",he smiled as Zuka walked in the room.Mikota walked up the stairs and closed the bathroom door and took out an metal arrow and started to write on the wall.


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