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Undead War;Zombie High *COMPLETED*

Novel By: GraveLyn83

Tags: Horror

It was a peaceful day in Nikotoe city,six ordinary teens, Shikoku,Ren,Mikota,Shizuka,Ashikago,and Chi-Chi face a nightmare come true; the dead coming back to life.But the thing is,the undead are developing and being able to react more quickly to human movement.The group of teens are now trapped inside their high school.Can they escape without being turned to the enemy?Or will they become the enemy? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 31, 2013    Reads: 8    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Chapter 3: Lunch Room Meet-Up

Ren and Mikota walked down the hall and continued to head to the lunch room."Um..Mikota?".

"Yes Ren?".

"Thank you..for saving me from what ever that was that tried to attack me".His brown eyes wondered down to her legs again.

"Don't thank me Ren..I know you would do the same for me any day."She turned to look at him,her purple hair shining from the lights.Ren didn't know she turned around and he walked right into her chest.Ren backed up quickly,"I'm so sorry!",he said.Mikota smiled and grabbed his hand,"come on..no time for chit-chat! Don't you see the zombies behind you?",she said.Ren looked out of the corner of his eye and saw a herd of zombies come after them,the two began to run the rest of the way to the lunch room.

"Hey Shizuka take my picture next to the lunch lady will ya?",Ashikago asked as he posed next to it,Shizuka took a picture on her phone and sent it to Ashikago."Hey when we get back to normal people...people are going to HAVE to believe this".The two laughed and switched places.Chi-chi and Shikoku sat by the door,Chi sat on the edge of the chair,"ew...".Something pounded on the door,Zuka and Kago ran over,"open it Koku",Shizuka said.Koku slowly reached for the door and opened it.Ren and Mikota ran in and gasped for air."Get ready! A whole herd of them is out there!",Mikota yelled.Her,Shizuka,and Shikoku stood on in front of Chi,Ren,and Kago,since they didn't have any weapon.Mikota took the middle,Zuka on the left,Koku on the right.The growling of the zombies grew louder and moments later a bunch of them spilled in the lunch room.Zuka and Koku bashed in their skulls when ever they came close,Mikota shot five in the head with one arrow,in a line and bloody.Chi-chi screamed as something pulled on her and pinned her on the wall,"ahh! Kago help!!".Kago turned around and saw the lunch lady reaching for Chi's neck,the leftover cake and organs spilled on Chi's clothes."Ewww!!Kago please help me!!".Kago pulled the lunch lady off of her and stepped on it head,blood splattering all over him and on his white hair.Chi slid down on the wall and hit the floor,Kago kneeled by her and hugged her in his arm tightly.Shizuka kicked a zombie and it flew into the heard,moments later the herd was killed,blood and brains were on everyone and they sat down taking in as much air as they needed."Kago?What's wrong with Chi?",asked Zuka.Kago didn't respond,he was rocking back and forth with Chi in his arms,Chi held on to him like it was life or death,crying into his shoulder.Chi leaned up enough for her lips to be at his ears,"Kago..I-I cant move..I'm scared.I don't want to go anywhere..my legs wont move.Thank you..please don't leave me ever again...please Kago please..",she whispered through her tears."I promise Chi..I won't ever leave you alone ever again..",he said softly so no one would hear him."Okay..we got to get the fuck out of here",said Ren."Dude..the lunch room is on this floor..the 12th floor...the exit is on the first",Koku said.Mikota put her bow away,"well lets get a move on people".Kago picked up Chi and the group headed to the 11th floor.


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