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Undead War;Zombie High *COMPLETED*

Novel By: GraveLyn83

Tags: Horror

It was a peaceful day in Nikotoe city,six ordinary teens, Shikoku,Ren,Mikota,Shizuka,Ashikago,and Chi-Chi face a nightmare come true; the dead coming back to life.But the thing is,the undead are developing and being able to react more quickly to human movement.The group of teens are now trapped inside their high school.Can they escape without being turned to the enemy?Or will they become the enemy? View table of contents...


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Chapter 4: Floor Number 11

Ashikago carried Chi-chi down the hall,walking behind the others."Kago..",she began to say,"yes Chi?",he replied."I'm...I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention..it was my fault you had to save me",Chi said in a low voice."Please don't apologize Chi...it was not your fault..it was mine.I-I didn't look out after you like your father wanted..like your brother or mother wanted".His voiced trembled,Chi felt his heartbeat faster,and later felt something drop on her arm,she looked up and he was crying as they entered the 11th floor.Chi was wiping his tears away,"don't cry Kago...",she said.Mikota and Shizuka were in front of the group,"wow...your bond with Shikoku is very strong huh?",Mikota asked.Shizuka took a while to respond,"yeah..we have been friends since we were born",she finally said.They continued to chat while Ren was telling about what happened when Mikota pushed him down."Well...her lower body was between my legs bro",he said low enough so only him and Shikoku can hear."Wow....how did it feel? I know you liked it",Koku said.Ren blushed and took a while to answer,"well..I did but I didn't want her to know that...she'll kill me for sure"."No way! Mikota his legs were wrapped around you??".Shizuka exclaimed,"shush!",Mikota hissed."Yes they were...and I felt it..getting larger",she blushed and looked away from Zuka's eyes.The two girls turned their heads around to look at Ren and Shikoku,they smiled and Zuka and Mikota waved slightly and turned back around."You two should totally go out..then you to can-" Zuka began to say but Mikota cut her off,"Zuka!?!?".

* * *

The group stopped when they saw classmates and teachers feasting on one another.Mikoa,Shizuka,and Shikoku took out their so called weapons.The zombies started to walked slowly towards them."Ashikago...put me down",said Chi-chi.She has never called him that before so he knew she was serious,he put her down.She nearly fell but Kago caught her,"I'm okay..",he let her go and she walked in front of them,she took something out of the closet on the wall,a katana with the letters; C.H,on them.Ashikago looked at her as she took her hair out of pig tails,Mikota and the others surrounded Kago and Ren as the zombies came closer.Chi ran into the crowd,slicing every zombie in half,Mikota shot arrows at the ones she didn't see.Zuka and Koku looked at each other and smiled,they ran on each side of the hallway,bashing in the skulls of the zombies.Ren and Kago stood there watching them in action,Ren saw Mikota's skirt go up as she flip off the wall,showing her black underwear.Ren's cheek blushed a deep red and he turned around,Kago didn't notice,he was too busy making sure Chi was okay.The mini war brawl was over and the fighters took in as much air as they could.Chi stood in front of the window,she swung her katana down and the blood splattered off of it.Kago walked up to her then ducked when she swung her katana,"oh! Sorry! Didn't see you Kago-kun".He smiled and hugged her,"I'm glad your okay Chi",Chi smiled and put her sword away,"I'm glad you care",she said.Mikota walked up to Ren and saw his cheeks still red,,"you okay Ren?",she asked."Huh? Oh yeah..I'm fine Mikota".Shizuka and Shikoku checked on each other,Koku looked at his now called teammates,"alright lets keep a move on!"


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