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Undead War;Zombie High *COMPLETED*

Novel By: GraveLyn83

Tags: Horror

It was a peaceful day in Nikotoe city,six ordinary teens, Shikoku,Ren,Mikota,Shizuka,Ashikago,and Chi-Chi face a nightmare come true; the dead coming back to life.But the thing is,the undead are developing and being able to react more quickly to human movement.The group of teens are now trapped inside their high school.Can they escape without being turned to the enemy?Or will they become the enemy? View table of contents...


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Chapter 6: Floor 11;A Team-Mate In Need

"Where did you get that sword Chi-chi?",ask Ashikago

"My dad gave it to me..my other sister Ano was passed down guns from my mother.",Chi answered.

Chi put her hair back into pig tails,and her and Kago joined the group,Mikota looked worried,"hey you guys?Have any of you seen Ren?".Everyone shook their heads,Mikota face palmed herself,'damn it! He was right in front of me..how did he just vanished like that?',she thought to herself.The group fell silent as they tried to figure out what to do.Their thought were interrupted by a scream from down the hall.Mikota looked down the hall and saw something dragging Ren into a room,"Ren!!",she screamed.Ren looked over at her,"Mikota!! Help me!!",he screamed back."You guys stay here..I don't want anyone going after Ren besides me,got it?",Mikota told everyone,"no..I'm going with you Mikota.And I'm not taking no for an answer",Chi-chi said.Mikota watched as Chi-chi walked passed,she smirked,'she's beginning to be more like me and Shizuka everyday',she thought and walked with her.Shizuka looked at her reflection in the window,her clothes were all bloody,"I'm going to go to the bathroom to clean up.Don't follow me Shikoku".She said as she walked to the bathroom after giving Shikoku a wink.He smiled and looked at Ashikago,"I saw that wink she gave you.What's going on between you two?",he asked.Koku sat down,"I should be asking you that about you and Chi-chi".

+ + +

Chi-chi and Mikota ran down the hall and caught up to Ren,they turned and ran into a room.Ren was hanging from the ceiling wrapped in a cocoon,with only his head being exposed."Mikota! Chi-chi!",Ren said in relief that some one came after him.Chi and Mikota entered the room with caution,they jumped back when something jumped in front of them.A large spider with chunks missing from it body looked at them and slowly moved towards them."Please tell me that's not a zombie spider?",asked Chi-chi.Mikota nodded and dogged a acid spider web.Mikota shot it in the head but that didn't kill it.Chi-chi jumped over the spider to at least get Ren down.She started to cut the cocoon open.She was close when something grabbed her and pulled her off.She fell on top of the spider.She squirmed trying to roll over,she saw the thing that pulled her off,it was her ass of a boyfriend Jack,who cheated on her.She smiled and cut him in half,"its over..bitch".She rolled off the spider and stabbed it in the abdomen and it screeched and died,again.Mikota finished helping Ren out of the cocoon.He hugged her,"thank you..",he said.Mikota felt his hand on her waist but didn't say anything about it."I'm just glad we got to you in time and your okay Ren",she told him.Chi and Mikota helped him up and walked out of the room and back to the group.

+ + +

Shizuka walked to the girl's bathroom,she tried to open the door but something was held against it.She pounded on the door,she gave up and turned around and started to walk away.The door swung opened and something or someone hit her in the head and knocked her out.


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