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Undead War;Zombie High *COMPLETED*

Novel By: GraveLyn83

Tags: Horror

It was a peaceful day in Nikotoe city,six ordinary teens, Shikoku,Ren,Mikota,Shizuka,Ashikago,and Chi-Chi face a nightmare come true; the dead coming back to life.But the thing is,the undead are developing and being able to react more quickly to human movement.The group of teens are now trapped inside their high school.Can they escape without being turned to the enemy?Or will they become the enemy? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 30, 2013    Reads: 32    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Chapter 1: Beginning Of An End

Shikoku and Shizuka sat in the music room playing the guitar,practicing for a new gig they got for a new band."Oh Shizuka..you know i suck at this",Shikoku said as he sat down and leaned on the wall."I know Koku...but we need this gig to be famous",she smiled and stood in front of him,"wanna hear my first few lines of the song?".He nodded and Shizuka began to play and sing,"this twisted lullabyyou see the flamesin her eyes.you broke her and planned it from the start," she stopped and looked at Shikoku,"that's all i have Koku".He clapped slowly,"that was awesome Shizuka!",she sighed with relief,"thank you sir".Shikoku stood up and grabbed his guitar,then the intercom chimed in,nothing was said but static and crashing."Hey Koku..do you hear growling?",Shizuka asked as she strapped the guitar on her back."Yeah..but what is it?".They both jumped when a scream came from the intercom,the growling sounded louder then slowly faded."Let's go see what's happening",Shizuka said as she headed for the door,soon as she touched the doorknob something pushed it hard into her face and she fell backwards."hey what the hell are you doing!?",she looked up to see her little brother by a year missing a large chunk of flesh from his neck,"Kenny?",Kenny growled and lunged for his sister."Kenny no!",she closed her eyes screaming,Shikoku swung his guitar and bashed it into Kenny's skull,Shizuka looked up and saw him holding onto the guitar and his hair over is eyes,casting a shadow over them."Your okay Zuka..get up..",she got up and looked at her brother,"what the hell happen to him?,she asked calmly."He's dead..again","again? Koku what are you talking about?".Koku ,(Shikoku),sighed,"it's like a zombie movie..where the dead come back alive and hunt us..the living."He paused and looked at her,"zombie invasion..we are now being hunted by the undead".Zuka,(Shizuka),smirked and put her hands on her hips,"then lets get the fuck out of this hell hole already".Koku and Zuka left the music room and headed for the lunchroom to look for others that are alive.

"Eww! Get it Ashikago!",Chi-chi yelled as she stood on the desk kicking away a zombie's hand,"if you would shut the fuck up I would have killed it already!",he yelled back as he grabbed the zombie's head and snapped it's neck."Took you long enough Ashikago",she said as she got down from the desk,Ashikago growled,"yeah..I should have let it eat you".Chi-chi shook a bit,"you would have?",Ashikago laughed,"no never..but you need to be more ready and stop being so damn girly!".Chi-chi crossed her arms,"not my fault I don't like gross things..I wonder why I hang out with you",she smirked as Ashikago eye twitched,"what do you mean 'why you hang out with me'!?".Chi-chi laughed,"oh nothing!",he joined her in laughing,it stopped a few seconds later when Chi's stomach growled,"oops..excuse me".She blushed a bit and looked away,"hey let's go get you something to eat...maybe the lunchroom has some good food to eat".She nodded but stared blankly at him,"but we need something to defend ourselves right Kago?",he nodded,"yeah".Chi leaned on him and wrapped her arms around him,"but your my big strongKago-kun! Nothing can keep you down!",she beamed with joy,Kago (Ashikago) blushed and tried to get her off,"Chi-chi!".She laughed while not letting go.

Mikota and Ren walked in the hallway,"hey Mikota?",Ren started to ask,"hm?".Ren looked out of the large window as they pasted it,"why is it so damn quite?".Mikota stopped when she felt something brush against her,she looked out of the corner of her eye and saw a zombie passing by,Ren stood there shaking."don't make any sound Ren",Mikota whispered to him,they began to walk slowly and quietly behind the zombie,Ren began to say something but instead he gasped loudly,"Ren!!","sorry!!".The zombie turned around,it's white eyes not blinking,it began to come towards them,"fuck",Ren said.Mikota pulled a small bow from her boot and shot the zombie in it's head."Woah Mikota..I never knew you could do that".She smirked,"well I wouldn't have to if your damn nose didn't make you sneeze damn it!"."I said I was sorry!".


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