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Tags: Tap, Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap “stop, It, Martin!, You’re, Driving, Us, Insane!”, Squealed, An, Annoyed, Voice, From, The, Cage, Next, To, Me. “bit, Late, For, That, Isn’t, It?”, Mumbled, Another, Across, Room, A, Murmur, Of, Agreement, Swept, Through, Room. “10, Today”, I, Muttered, Under, My, Breath, Only, Siren, Heard, Me. “oh, Taylor!, Still, Going, On, About, Your, Theory?, Last, Time, Nothing, Happened”, Complained, Prodding, Bars. Last, Martin, Was, Taken, Away I, Didn’t, Reply, And, Closed, Eyes, Once, More, Preferring, Think, Darkness, Doing. “how, Old, Are, You, Today, Then, Taylor?”, Mocked, Lionel, Smirk, Obvious, In, His, Voice., He, Knew, Counted, Days, Able, Tell, Birthday. I, Included, Leap, Years. Today, 23. I, Answer, Lionel. Not, After, What, Had, Happened, Lily. A, Laugh, Rippled, As, Continued, Mock, Me., Actually, Thinking, Words, Could, Get, Me. We, Were, All, Dead, Anyway. Well, Not, Yet. “pears, Fellers!”, Piped, Up, Jennets, Audible, Sound, Licking, Lips, Came, Her, Cage. Pears I, Hated, Pears. “what’s, Asked, Grant, Deep, Rumbling, Around, Small, Room. “11:38, Am”, Answered, Quietly, One, Few, Respected, Me. “two, Minutes!”, Exclaimed, Jennet, Joyfully, Hear, Foot, Stamp, Impatiently, Against, Floor. Tap, Tap Tap “martin!, Shut, Up!”, Snarled, Loud, Metal, Clang, Sounded, Kicked, Cage’s, Bars, With, Anger. “i, Swear, Day, Will-” “shh”, Hissed, Cutting, Off, Lionel., Everyone, Went, Quiet, Paused, Listening. Footsteps. Click They, Early. Light, Flooded, Three, Figures, Entered, Room. Three? The, White, Coated, Men, Strode, Opened, Sirens, Cage., They, Grabbed, Arms, Pulled, Out, Pushing, Newcomer, At, Same, Time. “bye, Siren”, Sang, Lionel “yeah, Later, Siren” “good, Luck” The, Left, Room. The, Person, Now, Occupying, Crying, Heart, Say, Knowing, Girl, She, Like, One. “what, Do, ‘reckon, Want, This, Time?”, Mocking, Once. There, Silence, Listened, Sobs, Scream, Split, Air, Barely, Human, Agonised, Abruptly, Cut, Off., Girls, Sobbing, Stopped, Terrifying, Silence. Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap “looks, We, Know” Horror, Insititude, Lily, Ryan, Ruby, Escape, Love, Hate, Sex, God, Death, Skinny, Starve, Food, Caged, Cell, Animal, Suffering, Torture, Blood, Gore, Needles, Knives, Knifes, Knife, Curling, Hatred, “what’s, Name?” “ruby” “that’s, Pretty, Name” “shut, Lionel”, Nails, Be, Tapping, Cold, Floor, The, Pears, Eaten, Probably, Pears. I, Stayed, Carefully, Listening, Their, Conversation, Seeing, If, Gather, Anything, Usual, Would, Help, Pressing, Ear, Rat. Ruby, Hour, Ago;, First, Since, Siren’s, Death. Lionel, Needed, New, Partner, Joke, With., Living, Role. “who, Is, Me?”, Murmured, Softly;, Obviously, Curious, Whom, Neighbour, To. “that’ll, Nutty, Taylor, Poor, Guy, Thinks, Martin’s, Means, Something”, Nasty, Escaping, Lips., Eager, Impress, Joined, Laughter. “grant, Other, Side”, Snorted, Recovering, Laughter, “on, Side, Can’t, Even, Speak, Anymore-” “poor, Fellow”, Put, Sonea “-next, Wall., Me, Empty, Anne”, Carried, By, Swishing, Sounds, Coming, Guessed, Making, Arm, Gestures, Moved. “anne, Doesn’t, Talk, Either, Much, Things, Says, Smart, Comments, Or, ‘scientifically’, Correct, Facts, Statements, Believing, Mumbo-jumbo, Says”, Finished, Quick, Words. Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap “shut, Martin”, Growled, Punching, Sides, Again “it’s, Pointless!”, Stomping, Ground., Lucky, Me. Grant, Silent, Anne’s, Breathing, Couldn’t, Listened., Move, Muscle. There, Tense, Lasted, Minutes, Calmed, Down, Becoming, Relaxed. “taylor, What’s, “7:09” “night” Lionel, Settled, Sleep, Followed, Example., Already, Slept, Martin…didn’t, Moved, Anne. I, Drew, No, Dinner, Today. They, Must, Busy, Poking, Flesh. Charming. “taylor?”, Jerked, Whisper, Took, Second, Realise, Who, Spoken. “yes?”, Trying, Keep, Low, Soothing. “what, Will, Me?” My, Stopped. Should, Her?, Should, Agony, Drugs... Would, Better, Future?, Remain, Oblivious, Until, Called, Upon, Schizophrenic, Pain. “taylor?, Here?”, Begged, Clothing, Slide, Herself, Closer, Bars. At, Question, Mind, Hands, Tensed, Lay, Myself, Concrete, Closing, Eyes. “it’s, We’re, Alive” Chapter, 3 “you’ll, Have, Cry, Out;, You’ll, Out...” My, Singing, Instantly, Told, Time;, 9:08. In, Two, Take, Away. I, Hefted, Amber, Shifted, Embarrassed, Cage. “what, Year, It?” “2010”, Moving, Away, Grant., Soon, Anne., Silent. At, Least, Got, Right, Some, Panicked, Made, Mistake, Calculations, Forever, Order, Time. A, Movement, Lionel’s, Yawned. “taylor?” “9:09” Lionel, Edge, Stamped, There, Sudden, Shifting, Awoke. “jennet, It’s, Almost, Time”, “amber, Wake, Just, Close, Can” Amber, Obediently, Stood, Little, Hesitantly, Floor., Stirred. Martins, Began, Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Before, Anyone, Complain, Door, Light, Streaking, Blinding, Occupants, Room., Shielded, Unlocked, Grabbing, Dragging, Cage. “bye, Taylor”, Cheerfully “’ave, Fun”, Sneered, Burst, Into, Laughing., Spat, Dragged, Past, Landed, Skin, Satisfying, Splat., Snarled. As, Pushed, Smile, Lips. “he, May, Nuisance, But, ‘ya, Admit, It;, Sexy”, Smirking, Voice. “shut, I’ll, Beat, Him, Looks, Any, Day” I, Raised, Eyebrow, Aware, Ever, Pick, These, Facial, Expressions. “i, Seen, Know, Far-est, Best, Looking, Hell-hole, Shame, Died, I’ve, ‘eard, ‘em, Talking, ‘bout, Reproduction, Programme”, Hit, Bars., Whimpered, Slightly, Others, Move., Join, Anne, Insanity, Talked, So, When, Arrived., Years, Ago, Rosy-cheeked, Curvy, Gone., Pasty, Thin, Has, Place;, Months, Before, Been, Slowly, Descending, Silence. But, Suffered, Worst, Taylor;, Knows, How, Sane., Sane, Kept, Track, Martins, Seeming, Believe, Him., Found, Hard, Held, Significance., Something, Squeezed, Else., Become, Too, Ruthless;, Insane, Martin., Insanity;, Close., Dreams, Sign, Long, Said, Never, Escaping., Those, Running, Drugs, Every, Corner, Watching, Experimental, Pokes., Sitting, Tapping;, Vegetable. Martin, 33, Here., Lionel;, 30., Me;, 27., 23, Here, 16., Together, 25, 29., Which, Surely, 28, Come, Taylor. And, Arrived. “amber, Ol’, You?”, Pause, Processed, Deciphering, Its, Meaning. “21” I, Sucked, Anything., Young, Arrived, 10., 18., Wonder, Insane., Care, Wouldn’t, Talk., Seconds, Cursed, World, Cried, Out. No, Insane. Chapter, 4 I, Woke, Pitch, Black, Darkness;, Where, Was. Back, Cage. I, Body, Ground, Sore, Spots, Neck, Throbbed., Needle., Injected, Very, Good, Feel. “what, Did, ‘ya?”, Cooed, Cage. “feels, Needle, Although, Can, Move”, Wriggled, Position, Forehead, Disappointment, Closer. “they, Else, Out?”, Hand, Feeling, Marks, Neck. “they, Marin, Ain’t, Screaming, Check, Up’” “or, Shower”, Lionel “he’ll, Need, Now”, Smirked, Both, Roared, Slamming, Amusement., Really, Insane. “what, Inject, With?”, Smell. “no, Idea, Anaesthetic, Though”, Finding, Spot, Giving, Gentle, Rub., Red. “it, Hurt, Much”, Along, Innocent, Blue, Wide, Pain., Irresistible, Urge, Hug, Hold, Her. “lily...”, Stroking, Resting, Snapped, Flashback, Quickly, Full, Chatter, No-one, Noticed, Lack, Concentration. I, Breathed, Back, Wall, Losing, Fingers, Indents, Bloody, Clawing, Again, Fingernails, Torn, Surface., Struggled., “taylor?”, Listen, Rare, Event, Talking. “yes?” “what’s, Time?” “7:04” Grant, Fell, Silent;, Resume, Conversation. The, Brought, Shoved, Disappearing. No, Bothered, Ask, Worse, Than, Anne’s. Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap “night”, Breaking, Attacked, Ears, Eleventh, Tap. “in, Bit, Taylor” “night, Taylor” “sleep, Well” Chapter, 5 The, Whimpering, Screams, Unbearable, Tried, Start, Over, Noise, Success., Gave, Block, Pathetic, Experimenting, Noises, Visual, Syringes, Aprons, Plastic, Gloves, Clear, Liquids., See, Pinned, Table, Terrible, Cuffs, Patronisingly, Clean, Shiny., Perfectly, Never-fading, Bright, Lights, Dimmed, Unbearably, Neat, Uniform, Doctors. That, Alone, Drive, Well, Indifferent, Expressions, Emotionless, Professional, Movements, Experimented, You., Pain, Came., Sticks, Organs, Shooting, Liquids, Veins, Fat, Being, Lifted, Placed, Elsewhere, Picking, Inside, Bringing, Them, Micro-scopes. And, Stitching, Hot, Pierced, Numbing, Thread, Ran, Hole, Skin., Catgut, Suture, Silk, Lab, Use, Valuable, Money, Synthetic, Threads, Most, Certainly, Cyanoacrylate, Thread. They, Cleaned, Immediate, Area;, Otherwise, Dry, Shower, Day., Showers, Week, Seven, Days., Weren’t, 5, Wait, Started, Smell. You, Given, Hair, Months., Boys, Left., Cropped, Short, Apparently, Request., Mine, Shoulders., Lot, Heat, Lost, Though, Head, Percentage, Rather, Let, Risk, Catching, Hyperthermia. If, Became, Ill, Killed, Boy, Collin., Caught, Flu, Lying, Shivering, Sweating, Coughing, Back. The, Man, Walked, Behind, Brief, Glance, Spotted, Tears, Pouring, Face. “what, Do?”, Amber. She, Sobbing. “they...they...di...di...cut, Leg, Up!, Hurts, Hurts...”, Stuttered, Between, Tears. I, Say For, Half, Moaning, Cradled, Leg. She, Shuddering, Quietened, Ragged, Uneven. Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap “shut, Martin!”, Suddenly, Temper, Pausing, Each, Tap. “martin!, Screamed, Sob, Rising, “just...just, Sake!, Please, Stop” He, Complied. “what’s, Renewed, Deadly, Rocking, Martin. “7:10” “good-night” “sleep-well, Grant” “same, Taylor” Chapter, 6 “how, Make, Lionel?” “i, Stole, Thought, Unconscious, They’ll, Know” “can, Wall?” “there, Boarded, Window, Ago” “you’ve, Keeping, Us?” “only, Weapon, Window” “someone, Might, Escape” “if, Someone, Discovered, Now” “maybe, Anyone;, You” “maybe, They’ve, Chance, Now” “can’t, Find, Way, Us?” “i, Needs, Soon., Met, Seemed, Always, Strong;, Give, Up., Then...then, Broke, Strong, Taylor., Won’t, Longer;, Don’t, Here;, People, Meant, Because, Sane;, Anymore...just...just, Save, Him” “i, Will”, A, Slow, Sawing, Stopped. “jennet?” “yes?” “start, Hear” “okay, Okay” She, Loudly, Fashion, Real, Reasoning, Emotional, Respond., I, Working, Wood, Doing, Answers, Laboured, Hard. Then, Patch, Appeared, Wasn’t, Harsh, Dull, Yellow., Electric. It, Such, Tiny, Hole., Second;, Features., Horse-like, Face, Brown, Paired, Dirty, Red, Hair., Equally, Bewitched;, Digging, Board., Features, Facing, Jaw, Blonde, Eyes., Looked, Yellow, Despite, Beautiful;, Simply, Entrancing, Compared, Blindingly, Hell-hole. Then, Spell, Broken, Chip, Wooden, Plank, Bigger., Created, Rest, Easier. Lionel, Stick, Worked, Widening, Step, Leave, Night-mare, Behind. A, Longing, Filled, Wanted, Hell, Life, Outside., 7, Years;, Understand, Things., Learned, Gone, Telling, Discoveries, Inventions., Fit, Style, Hardly, Changed, Music, Did., Adapt, Life. But, Lily. Tears, Pricked, Perfect, Fair, Soft, Craved, Touch, Dead., . I, Promised, Our, Revenge, Them., So-many, On. A, Crack, Thoughts., Towards, Whole, Panel, Fallen, Stepped, Outside, Turned, Look, Eyes. He, Cast, Anxious, Threw, Sharp, Object, Used, Dig, Escape., Wave, Saw, Faint, Outlines, Trees, Bushes, Grass, Wildlife., Countryside, Detail., Crowded, City;, Far, Civilisation, Easier, Free. Then, Jealously, Struck, Escaped, Hearted, Enter, Escaped., Freed, Himself, Deserving, Released., Deserved, Freedom, Especially, Most;, Earned, Breathe, Fresh, Air. Fresh, Spilling, Cramped, Realised, Stale, Wild, Refreshing., Smelt, Like...freedom. That, Reach. Chapter, 7 They, Bordered, Outside;, Completely, Dressed, Black., Board, Enough, Golden, Sun, Spilled, Awoke, Watched, Entranced. Even, Sunlight, More. As, Hammer, Disappeared, Suffocating, Never-ending, Engulfed, Afraid, Dark, Lived, Possessed. I, Light., Felt, Surface, Determine, Was., Quite, Remember, Name, It? “he’s, Free”, Quiet., Big-mouthed, Longer, Reason, Blanket, Choking, Stand, Miss, Lionel. “do, Replace, Lionel?”, Directing, Jennet., While, Responded. “probably”, Added, More., Retreated, Thoughts, Hours, Ticked, Breakfast., Teach, Lesson;, Misbehaved, Feeding, Misbehaved;, Big, Time., Maybe, Fed, Week., Water, Food;, Forward, One. “taylor?”, Boring, Bland, Devoid, Emotion, Whenever, Question. “yes?”, Changed;, Conversation. “what, Bored, Asking, Wondered, Happening, Anne’s., Thinking?, All., Waited, Scrambles, Still. “7:09” “good-night” “night, Grant” “sleep-well” “you, Taylor” Chapter, 8 They, Replaced, Guys, Ryan., Obnoxious, Insulting, Disrespectful., Everything, Except...he, Spirit, Pride, Loud-mouth, Blabbing., Spent, 4, Filling, Possessed, Spend, Lives, Mindless, Chatter. Ryan, 29, Age, Live, Respect, Boundaries, Didn’t., Cross, Team, Taunt, Teasing, Relied, Trusted, Part, Routine. Before, Family, Each-other, Shouldn’t, Injected., Descend, Madness, Mute;, Tick, By. Just, Hadn’t, Established, Place., Hollow, Missed, Routine, Happen., Caused, Imbalance, Survivors, Died. The, Survivors;, Constants, Many, Die, Them;, Stranger, Death., Cell., Corpse, Good-byes., Died., Without, Point, Letting, Haunt, Us. But, Special, Go. I, Sighed, Heavily;, Fast, ‘friends’. Amber, Spoken, Word., Harry, Survivor, Hyperthermia., Faded., Talking., Uttered, Word, Since.

“Hi, I’m Taylor, I’m 23 Years Old And I’ve Seen Countless People Die”
The Institute Is A Medical Hell. Set In 2010, Recent Times, Humans Are Experimented On To Search For New Medical Break-Through. The Institute Was Abandoned By The Government In 2008 And Since Then Has Been Run By Unnamed Scientists.
The Institute Was Founded In 1987 By A Member Of The Government Health Department, Since Then They Have Been Through Over 100 Test Subjects.
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"Stop it Martin! You're driving us insane!" squealed an annoyed voice from the cage next to me.
"Bit late for that isn't it?" mumbled another voice from across the room, a murmur of agreement swept through the room.
"10 today" I muttered under my breath, only siren heard me.
"Oh, Taylor! Still going on about your theory? Last time nothing happened" complained Siren prodding my cage bars.
Last time Martin was taken away
I didn't reply and closed my eyes once more, preferring to think that the darkness was of my doing.
"How old are you today then Taylor?" mocked Lionel, a smirk obvious in his voice. He knew I counted the days, able to tell my birthday.
I included leap years.
Today I was 23.
I didn't answer Lionel.
Not after what had happened to Lily.
A laugh rippled across the room as Lionel continued to mock me. Actually thinking his words could get to me.
We were all dead anyway.
Well, not yet.
"Pears today fellers!" piped up Jennets voice, an audible sound of licking lips came from her cage.
I hated pears.
"What's the time Taylor?" asked Grant, his deep voice rumbling around the small room.
"11:38 am" I answered quietly, Grant was one of the few that respected me.
"Two minutes!" exclaimed Jennet joyfully, I could hear her foot stamp impatiently against the floor.
"Martin! Shut up!" snarled Lionel, a loud metal clang sounded as Lionel kicked the cage's bars with anger.
"I swear one day I will-"
"Shh" hissed Siren, cutting off Lionel. Everyone went quiet and paused, listening.
They were early.
Light flooded the small room, and three figures entered the room.
The white coated men strode across the room and opened Sirens cage. They grabbed her arms and pulled her out, pushing the newcomer in at the same time.
"Bye Siren" sang Lionel
"Yeah, later Siren"
"Good luck"
The men left the room.
The person now occupying Sirens cage was crying her heart out, I say her knowing it was a girl, she sounded like one.
"What do you 'reckon they want this time?" asked Lionel, his voice not mocking for once.
There was a silence as everyone listened to her sobs then a scream split the air, a barely human agonised scream, it was abruptly cut off. The girls sobbing stopped at the terrifying silence.

This Is A Sort Of Test, I Want To See How It Goes, And If I Should Continue It Or Not.

The Chapters Size Varies But Usually It Shall Be Longer Than This.





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