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Fear - Horror Stories

Novel By: Howlingwolf214

Basically a collection of short horror stories. They're all about different things. The main one im writing is going to be split into seven parts, interspersed with smaller stories. View table of contents...


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The mind plays tricks

Subject Name: Stephen Matthews
Age: 26
Job: Accountant

Other Information: Relaxed but not very talkative. Black belt in karate.


Stephen was sitting down in his armchair watching tv the first time his phone rang. He glanced over at the caller ID and it was an unrecognised number. He was feeling pretty comfortable at this point and didn't bother answering it. He let it go to the answering machine. It played out its usual message. What followed though was slightly different from usual. It was a voice that seemed almost mechanical, as though there wasn't really someone at the other end. It said, "Tierman's Laboratories. Nine O'clock Sunday." There was a click and that was it. He dismissed this.

Three hours later Stephen was in the kitchen washing his dishes. The phone rang again. The caller ID showed it was the same number as before. This time he answered. "Tierman's Laboratories. Nine O'clock Sunday" came the voice. Stephen blinked and then said "What? Who is this? How did you get this number?".

There was a short pause then the voice said, "Come and all your questions will be answered." Then there was a sharp click as the voice hung up. Stephen was pretty shaken by now but he again dismissed this. He had no desire to go to those laboratories. He'd seen them on his way to work. They were old and run down in places. He'd seen no one going in or out even though the doors didn't look locked. He pushed these thoughts out of his mind. Later when he was getting ready for bed however, the thoughts again returned this time with a hint of curiosity.

The next day on his way to work Stephen couldn't help looking out of the window on his train at Tierman's Laboratories. They seemed the same as they had done on any other day, however he seemed to get an inexplicable feeling of foreboding. He finally got into work and moved into his office. He worked solidly for the next couple of hours. But then he took his break. He went out of the back of the offices to get a cigarette. He was out for only a few minutes when his mobile rang. He answered it without even checking the number. When he put it to his ear he heard those words again, "Tierman's Laboratories. Nine O'clock Sunday". Stephen froze for a moment and then made his decision. "All right! All right! I'll be there".


It was Eight Thirty when he got off the train that stopped the closet to the Laboratories. He walked a little way until he reached the gate. He tried the handle, it was locked. He looked around but couldn't see anyone else. He sat down on a box and waited until it was five to nine. Then a woman who was only a few years younger than him came up to him and said, "You! Was it you that phoned me?!". Stephen was momentarily taken aback. "You... what? Wait, you've had the calls saying to meet here at nine as well?" She nodded. They both jumped when the door gave a loud clunk. Stephen turned the handle and the door swung slowly open. A load of dust fell from the frame and from the ceiling of the disused room within. He walked slowly into the room. There didn't appear to be anyone else in the room apart from him and the woman. They both waited and gradually five other people entered. They stood around looking at each other for a while until there was another loud clunk as the door swung shut behind them. No one tried the handle, they all knew it was locked.

"Ah. So you have all come. Good. I so hoped that you would." A rasping voice uttered from the other end of the room. Out of the shadows walked a man; he had a lab coat on that was bright white. He was a pretty short man and he seemed to walk with a faint limp in his right leg. Oddest of all though was the mask that he was wearing to cover his face. It was made of polished Mahogany with many elaborate markings. Two shiny green eyes poked through the eyeholes. "You may be wondering why I lead you here. Hehehe. Follow me and you will get your answer." He lead them out through a door and into a corridor. This corridor was made of metal and seemed well cared for and modern. Along the corridor there were a series of doors. Each led to a cell with another door at the end. "Now then. Each of you in a cell of your own please." A man turned round to argue with him but then noticed the gun that was being pointed at him. "Please. No resistance is necessary." Under gunpoint they each walked into a cell. The doors slid mechanically shut behind them. There was a pause and then a gas started spraying into the cell. This lasted for about a minute then stopped.

"Welcome to my game." Said the voice. The amusement was clear in his voice. "That gas that was sprayed into your cells causes very realistic hallucinations. Any pain that your hallucinations cause you, for example, will be real. You will be then let loose into my series of different chambers and dungeons. There you will encounter both your hallucinations and the traps I have set up. However there is a catch in my game." He laughed softly. "In one persons cell all I sprayed was a harmless gas which causes no harmful effects at all. The danger that person faces will not be hallucinations. However I'm not going to tell you who it was, so you'd better be careful. Hahaha."

There was a metallic sound as the door at the other end of Stephen's chamber was lifted. Through it he could see a dark stone corridor, lit by torches on the walls. He lifted the nearest torch out of it's holder and began to make his way down the corridor. He soon came to a turn left. He decided to ignore the turn and continue straight on. He had just made it past the turn when he heard footsteps coming from it. He froze then turned to look down the passage. He couldn't see anything but he could hear the footsteps getting louder. He also thought he could hear a kind of low moaning sound coming from there as well. The footsteps quickened as Stephen waited and he began to hear faint whispering. At this point he took off, running down the passage straight on. He began to hear a voice calling his name behind him and another set of footsteps running beside his own. He ran down more corridors, taking turns at random. He ran for what felt like hours but the footsteps behind him did not get any further away. Finally he took a turning that led him into a dead end. "No... NO!" he cried. He heard the footsteps slow behind him and turned slowly to face the entrance to the corridor. There stood a misshapen figure. It was hunched over, it's face angled to the ground. Cuts and bruises covered every inch of it's skin. Ridges of what looked like bone had grown out of it's back like spikes. Slowly the creature raised it's head and it's face was illuminated. Stephen had no breath left in his body to scream. The creature had no eyes. Just empty eyes sockets, the skin around the eyes sockets was cut and bleeding. Stephen took a step backwards just as the creature lunged. It slashed at his wrist and blood sprayed from where it hit. He took another few steps back and tripped. He landed hard on the floor and experienced a sickening pain in his chest. He had dropped the torch and it illuminated the creature from behind. The creature bent it's knees and launched itself at him just as everything went black.

Subject Name: Stephen Matthews
Status: Deceased
Cause: Impaled on spike trap on floor. Spike went through the heart.
Other information: No other injuries were found on the body.


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