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Look Behind You

Novel By: Ian Dawn

An Idea I had for a new novel what do you think so far.

You never know, is your closest lover your killer?
or someone else?

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Submitted:Sep 15, 2011    Reads: 67    Comments: 9    Likes: 4   

On the first day God created light

On the second day God created trees

On the third day God created life

On the fourth day God created me!

Big Mistake!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1 - Shhhhhhhhhh

Mia Lansing was dutifully going about her business in her new apartment, the apartment she got for an absolute steal. A new job, a new handsome boyfriend and a satisfying 2 hour work out at the gym downstairs in this very apartment block. She peeled the vegetables and pounded the chicken breast fillets that she is going to grill and create a healthy dinner for her and her new man the one who stole her heart away , the one who finally treated her like a lady and not just a piece of meat or a play thing.

She glided gracefully to the eighteenth story living area window and closed the blinds slowly as she looked out into the world below safe in the knowledge that life had turned around and the first 25 years had been worth it. The messy divorce all but a distant memory, abuse and mental torture she endured were now a bad memory in a short fast paced life. All is good! She thought to herself as she let out a sigh of both relief and joy with a smile on her face. As the blinds hit half way across the dark window with flecks of light splashing below from cars and other apartment buildings she glared to her left. The hair on the nape of her neck stood up ferociously and she felt a sliver of ice run down her spine as she thought she caught glimpse of a face staring at her from behind.

Mia turned so fast she hurt her neck. Nothing there!

"Hello! James is that you baby?"

She grabbed her mobile and dialled her savour her light, her new love and punched in the stored digital digits and waited.


"James how far away are you?" "I am just about to jump in the shower and finish dinner and I just freaked myself out"

"Not far away now Hun, you just get ready I shouldn't be too long now."

Mia walked around the house as she talked making sure there was no-one there, must have been the light playing tricks on me she thought to herself as she walked into the bedroom.

"Hey babe if you get home early enough you can join me in the shower" she said as she slipped out of her shorts and top just leaving a pair of black cotton panties on.

"are you close now coz I am going to get in the shower any second now and I'm all hot and sweaty from my workout, you know you love me that way" she cooed!

"Look Behind you"

Mia spun around with the biggest grin and her breasts giggled with the inertia.

Her smile just started to fade as the blade slid into her stomach just below the breast plate left of centre to her rib cage. A light pop sound and air rushing has audible as her left lung collapsed under the weight of the blade that was now embedded to the hilt in her lower chest cavity.

A solitary tear left her right eye and trailed down her cheek and with it her hopes, her dreams her love, her life. She heard a hushed Shhhhhhh as the last human word spoken.

The eyes that stared back at her gleamed with malice and hate and somehow she felt like she was falling into those black bottomless eyes and her last thought was why?


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