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Novel By: iGuard

WHAT IS THIS A STORY OF, you ask? Many, many things. Some tragic-- abuse hate sorrow death deceit. Some full of magic-- romance happiness sanctuary friendship trust. BUT. Some are incomprehendable----- Supernatural talents. Quarantine. Destruction. Fate. Heaven. Hell. Rejuvenation. Love. TEENS. But mostly, this is a tale of Light vs. Darkness... ◎◎◎=new paragraph View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 2, 2009    Reads: 130    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   

[REID] When I reached to change the station, Unclear Ross swatted my hand away like a fly. ◎◎◎ "Don't change it," he ordered, glancing my way. "Just in case I'm needed." ◎◎◎ "Even when you're off duty?" I grumbled, sticking my hand out the police cruiser window. ◎◎◎ "Technically, my shift ends in ten minutes," he corrected, running a hand through his slick, black hair. ◎◎◎ "Faithful till the end." ◎◎◎ "Yes, I am - you never know what could happen in ten minutes. Someone could get robbed, call 911, and when they try to contact me because I'm the only officer out near the person in need, I won't hear them because you wanted to listen to heavy metal." ◎◎◎ Me and heavy metal? Yeah, right. It would be Ross to get touchy about something so trivial. He wad serious about his job - too serious, if you ask me - but I guess I'd rather have him come rescue me than some idiot bozo eating donuts. ◎◎◎ "Sorry," I mumbled. ◎◎◎ He grunted, then changed the subject. "How's school going?" ◎◎◎ "It's goin'." ◎◎◎ "You know, you sound just like your dad. The parents would always ground him every time he said 'It's just school' or 'Don't really know and definitely don't care'." ◎◎◎ That was hard to believe, considering my old man was working high up in NASA. He was also training to go up in space. Didn't sound stupid to me. Though the grandparents' part I totally believe. ◎◎◎ "And baseball season?" Ross prompted. He stopped at a red light and glared at someone attempting to run it. ◎◎◎ "Awesome," I grinned. "Five homeruns in one game!" ◎◎◎ "That's my boy. I bet the girls are crawling all over you." ◎◎◎ I had to admit, there were quite a few, though none were anyone I'd actually go out with. But there was one girl who always caught my eye... ◎◎◎ "Reid, are you listening?" ◎◎◎ "Huh? Oh, yeah. Sorry." ◎◎◎ "Today a patient broke out of the asylum downtown. And with him he had a vial containing some sort of deadly chemical. The people trying to catch are saying that when they locate him, they're going to have to quarantine the area, just to be safe." ◎◎◎ "Whoa, creepy. Quarantine? Where would he get something so dangerous in an asylum?" ◎◎◎ "Well, the asylum is next to a chemical plant, though I still don't know how he could have gotten in. They're still shocked how he got out, even with a tranquilizer dart stuck in his neck." ◎◎◎ "That's crazy! Seriously?" ◎◎◎ "It's what I heard down at the station." He reached to turn up the volume; someone was on the other end. ◎◎◎ "Officer Reagan? Do you read me?" asked a woman's voice. ◎◎◎ "Cheryl, this is Reagan. What is it?" ◎◎◎ "A neighbor called complaining about consistent yelling next door. The address is 1447 Primm Springs Road, in the Kherington neighborhood." ◎◎◎ "I know where you're talking about," Ross confirmed, making a U-turn. "I'll check it out." ◎◎◎ Slouching in my seat, I watched the blur of lights and buildings pass by in our dark night surroundings. I was waiting for Ross to hammer me with an "I told you so", but I knew he wasn't like that, and I appreciated it. ◎◎◎ "That address sounds really familiar," I pondered aloud. When Ross pulled into the driveway, I realized why.


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