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I Originally wrote this story back when I was 14. After a couple of years I've decided to reboot it with the same characters. (Somewhat)Different storyline(I'd say 80% is changed).
ENJOY. ^_^

I just finished at 2:52am. View table of contents...


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A light flashes, and An image comes to life.The image seems to be a recording of a boy, no older than 18 or 19 of age. His head is the only part of him that can be seen. His dark brown eyes are distraught and weary. He has dark bags underneath his eyes which hints the idea that he doesn't get much sleep. His medium toned brown skin is thick with grime, and his hair is in a small messy afro which looks like it's never been combed.The date and time were in the bottom left corner. They read 3/10/2011, and 10:39pm. He begins to speak.

"What do you want to be when you get older? What are your plans for life? Do you have any goals you want to accomplish?"

"I remember when they used to ask that question all the time in school. Back then my answer was never the same. As I got older my views and opinions changed, one day I wanted to be a fire fighter, the next a football player. Hell, when I was a freshman in highschool I told my teacher that I wanted to be a wrestler. As my dream job became different so did my goals, but no matter how often I changed my mind about what I wanted to be when I "grew up" one thing always stayed the same."

"I was gonna survive. No matter where I went or what I did I was going to succeed, and be the best that I could be or better. I was doing an awesome job too. I graduated highschool with a 4.0 GPA, had gotten myself accepted into worthy university, and to top it all of I had a girlfriend who was as bright as me, and we were both going to the same school. Family and financial wise I had everything under control. My dad worked somewhere in a huge skyscraper making seven figures a year, while my mom fulfilled her duty as the head of a detective unit. I had a huge house, with a giant backyard, and a white pickett fence; you know the American dream. Each of us had vehicles that we rode around in with pride. I had it all and I was at the top of the world, I felt as if nothing could stand in my way. Actually, I knew nothing could stand in my way. I was going to be sucessful and I knew it. Funny how a simple second can change ones fate...."He stops talking as a tear escapes his eye, wiping it away he continues.

"By now I know you're probably wondering "Okay, what the hell does his prefect life have to do with anything? Where is he going with this?" Well I'm telling you so if someone happens to find this in the future, they'll know that I was supposed to be someone important in life. I'm saying all this so that my story will be out there. I'm saying all this in hopes that it isn't too late, that there are more survivors,more than us and I won't fade away like a dying wind." The tears are coming more loosely now as the boy begins to cry. Suddenly the screen goes dark for a couple seconds, then it reappears. Once again the boy is shown. The same date is shown but the time is different, it reads 11:56pm.

He stares directly into the camera. His eyes reveal an undying pain, and sadness that cannot be described in words. There seeems to be not a shimmer of happiness or joy in his expression. He takes a deep breath before he starts to speak.

"Maybe I should have been more insightful to what was going on the day that it happened. As awful as it was to see, to hear, I couldn't bring myself to believe the Apocalypse was indeed happening." He stops and for a moment it looks as if he remembered something important, but just as quick as it surfaced, it vanishes, and he continues talking. "Maybe it was the way it happened. Perhaps the cause of it was to blame. Or maybe I was just too thick headed at the time to process it. But come on, I bet anybody would've. Zombies." He says the one word in repudiation, as if he still can't believe it. "If some one said to you that zombies were coming what would you say? I know you wouldn't have taken them serious." The boy stops and takes another deep breath, as he runs his hands over his face.

"I don't care who you are, if some one comes to you screaming zombie, your gonna think that person needs to have a straight jacket on, and deserves a nice white padded room. You would think that until you saw all the blood, and bodies. He scratches his head as he continues, his voice starts to increase in volume. "The carnage, the feeling of feeling completly lost. Seeing all those fucking monsters running around, praying on your family, your friends, your neighbors, children." He tilts his head back, as he leans out of camera sight. For the first time a small glimpse of the room he's in is showed. Behind the boy is a black office chair, and a geen painted wall. He is gone for a couple seconds before he reshowes himself, his eyes are red, and there are fresh wet trails going down both his cheeks. He reaches for the camera, his touch wobbles the video a little before the screen goes blank.

It is off for at least thirty seconds before It flashes back to life. The boy isn't there and neither is the chair. The Date has increased dramatically. It now reads 4/28/2011.

Suddenly something is placed in front of the camera so quickly that it's a blur. When the camera adjusts it reveals a severed zombie head. The skin is a pale milky color, and the eyes are white, as if at one time they had color never existed. The zombie has dark black hair that looks dull, and dingy. There is blood all over it's face, and a deep gash, that basicaly cut the creatures lips into four, and split it's chin.

The boy's voice is then heard. He is screaming . "This is what I'm forced to do now! Look! See it? This is the reason I can't sleep at night! This is the goddamn reason I no longer have a mother of father! A family! This the fucking reason I can't bring a child into the world!" The head is suddenly launched. It hits the wall with a disgusting smack.The boy enters the screen. He has a bewildered expression plastered upon his face. "Those things I are the reason I'll never have my life back! My simple, normal life! My life where I had everything that could be offered!" He stops talking and looks down. ".....My life where I felt loved." As he said that last statmet his voice cracks, and his expression is filled with an unbelieveable amount of pain, and torment. His eyes water, and like a leaking faucet, the tears escape. He doesn't try to wipe them, or stop his breakdown. Instead he keeps talking.

"I don't want this. I don't want any of this." His voice redeems a person who has reached their peak, physically and, emotionally. "From the time this all began I just wanted to know one thing.Why am I still here?" He forces out a light chuckle. "Why wasn't I taken before this catastrophe kicked off? Why do I have to live through so much peril, from day to day, constantly? Was I really meant to have a purpose in this hell hole?"

He picks up the camera suddenly and points it to another person.The recording lands on a female, she stands at '5-7", with black hair that is pulled into a medium ponytail. She has on a black tank top, navy blue sweat pants, and what appear to be brand new black Nike sneakers. Even though she is dressed casually, her beauty is compulsory. Her face and light drown eyes lighten up as she stops in the door way. Behind her is a dim light, and what looks like a hallway of a building.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know you were recording." She said. "I just got worried, when I heard all the shouting."

"So I guess it's safe to say everyone else heard me too, right?"

"Yeah. They did." She replies shaking her head. The girl starts to back out the entrance. "Well, I'll let you get back to what you were doing." She turns and starts to leave.

"Hey!" The boy shouts. The female turns back around and looks at him. The camera is still fixed on her. Before she can say anything, the boy talks. "I love you, Stephany." Stephany smiles broadly, and her face gleams with acceptance.

"I love you too, baby." She says proudly. He must had waved bye to her, because she waves at the camera, before turning and leaving. The camera is then turned back around.

"Allow me to fix what I said, earlier; I USED to wonder why was I still here and what was my purpose." And for the first time in any of his videos, he smiles. A sincere, genuine smile. "I know my purpose now. My purpose now is for me to protect her, and the other seven people that are with us. My purpose now is for me to follow what I've always made sure to do, it's the main reason I'm still alive." He releases a humorous chuckle. "If you don't know what it is, you weren't listening. But I'll say it again. My purpose now is to survive. I've done it from the time I learned to walk. So I don't see why I can't do it now." He pauses as he slides a thumbs up into the screen. Taking it away he smiles even more.

"To anyone who may find this, whether it's ten years form now, or a hundred. Know that I believed in hope that one day when the sun rises, it will no longer bring light to terror and despair. It will no longer show the death of billions worldwide. I believe that one day when the sun rises, it will reveal a change. A change where people can walk the streets without fear, a change where a young child can grow up and pursue life effortlessly. When this gets found I want you, the viewer, to know that I'm not giving up and neither should you. I refuse to be gone like a dying wind. This will be my last segment, I will not be returning back to this camera, so farewell. My name is Allen Marrow, and I'm a survivor."

The screen is engulfed in darkness, thus ending the boys tale at 4/29/11, at 1:15am.


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