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Novel By: Izlan

This novel is about a family who just moved to a new house.At the new house,something disturb their peaceful life.What will they do?Love horror story?Then read this novel. >:D View table of contents...


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It's almost dusk and she still waiting. Her husband should be back by now. It's really unusual. But she can't do a thing about it. She just have to wait for her husband to come home. She can't help her feeling. She too worried about her husband. She kept thought that something bad happen to him.

It's almost 7:30 P.M. She saw a black car approaching to the house. It's her husband, Kenny Johnson. "It's good to see you home honey. I was so worried. Why are you late home today?"

"Trish, I already told you many times not to worry about me. I can take care of myself okay? In fact, today is my last day here. We are moving to a new place."

"What? Moving where? And why?"

"We'll talk about it later okay? Right now I'm starving. So what's for dinner?"

"Oh yeah, come inside. I made some spaghetti just for you."

"Where are the kids?" Kenny asked while putting his shoes on the rack.

Jimmy and Melody run to their father quickly. "Dad you're home!" Jimmy Shouted. "Did you miss me, son?" replied Kenny.

"You know I am!" Jimmy Shout again while hugging his father. "Now where is my sweet little princess?" Kenny asked. "I'm right here dad!" Melody shouted. "How are you little princess?" Kenny asked while hold her tight. "Why were you late? It's almost 7:30P.m! I've been waiting for you since 6:30p.m." Melody said. "I'm sorry. I got a little problem at the office. But, I have good news for you guys." Kenny replied. "What is it?" Both Jimmy and Melody asked. "We are moving to a new house!" Kenny replied with a smile. "Wow, I'm so excited!" Jimmy shouted with shocked face. "Let's have dinner and we will talk about it after.

It's 7:40P.M. The whole family was having a dinner at the dining table. "I'm done." Jimmy said. "No you're not. Finish that broccoli first." Trish replied. "Mom, you know I don't like broccoli." Jimmy replied. "Don't be like that. That broccoli is good for you." Trish Said while looking at her daughter eating that broccoli. "See? Your little sister can eat it." Trish replied. "Alright I eat it." Jimmy sighed and then ate the broccoli.

"Anyway, where are we moving to?" Jimmy asked. Then Kenny replied "We're moving to Melodious Road(Just a made-up place)."

"Oh,wow!" Jimmy shouted while grinning. "When we will be moving, Dad?" Melody asked. "We will be moving on Sunday sweet princess." Kenny replied with a smile again.

"Well, that just give us 2 days to pack our things. So we can't be wasting time. There is a lot to pack." Trish said.

2 days later, they're already packed their things and they're about to leave their old house. It's 1:00 p.m.

"Let's go!" Melody shouted. She so excited. She can't wait to arrive to their new home. The kids were really happy and excited. However, their mother is not. Something disturbs her feelings. She was uncomfortable to move to the new house. She can feel that something are waiting for their arrival. She know that she was not supposed to feel like that but she can't help it. However she did not tell anyone about her feeling. To her, that is just a feeling. She should not think much about it.

After that long ride, they finally arrived at number 7,Melodious Road,Little Rainbow. It took 7 hours of trip.


The whole family was looking at their new house. "Let's go inside" Kenny said. "Why it is so dark dad? I'm afraid." Melody replied. Kenny chuckle and say "Don't worry dear, we'll get inside together. Once we're in, I'll turn up the lights so it won't be dark anymore okay?" Melody nodded and smile. "Come,let's go say hi to our new home" Kenny said. So they walked into the house. That house looks abandoned. The front window has cracked, the wall is full of spider webs, the floor is so dusty. That just make Trish feel scared. Then, Kenny shouted from inside "Alright, I found the light switch! Don't worry everyone." Once the light turned on, Melody shouted "Hey, wait up!"

Trish tried to control her feelings and asked that 5 years old girl "Who are you talking to dear?" Melody replied "That woman. She quickly run up the stairs once dad turn up the light switch.

Trish shocked and then look at Kenny. Kenny was also look at Trish.

Then Kenny said "There is no one on the stairs dear, you must be tired after a long trip. Let's go to bed."

So the whole family sleep together at the hall that night.


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