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Fade Away Creek

Novel By: jakeengel

John awakes after being in a car accident, he catches a ride to the nearest hotel through Fade Away Creek. The place is dark and grey, the amount of fog could limit your sight. He stays at the hotel and sees things leaving him to think the injuries to his head are causing hallucinations, could they also cause strange dreams? Or is there more to it? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 31, 2012    Reads: 19    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   

Fade Away Creek

Part 2: Scattered Dreams

As John lies in bed asleep, his mind slips off into a strange dream. Unlike most dreams, John isn't actually in it instead he dreams of a man, Michael Glashen who gets a call from his ex-wife. She shares the news with him of his daughter's death. She was 6 years old, her name was Coraline. She was out in her yard playing with her red ball when she dropped it. The ball rolled into the street, Coraline being a 6 year old girl didn't see it coming, the driver in the car didn't stop in time, she died instantly. Michael was devastated with the death of his daughter and he wanted revenge. 2 months after the accident, Michael went on a shootout at a mall where the killer was working at the time. He shot and killed his target as well as 14 other people in the process until he was shot and killed by police.

John awakens from his dream, not understanding anything about it. He notices that it's still night out. He looks at the clock and it shows 2:25 a.m., he shakes his head and says to himself "these clocks broken". He looks around in search for the red ball but it isn't where he left it. He hears a knock at the door. He opens it and rolling at his feet is the ball, he picks it up and examines it. As he rotates the ball around he sees something that looks like letters. He wipes off the dust and reads it out loud. "Coraline", he reads in a shocked manner. He drops the ball and runs back to the lobby. He walks to the desk, but there's nobody there. He rings the bell and the same woman he met earlier comes out of the room behind the desk. He asked her for a phone, she tells him the phones were down. He asked for the nearest hospital, she points across the street. As her head is turned to the side, John notices what looks like a bullet wound just above her ear. John runs across the street and into the hospital. There were a lot of people; most of them looked as if they were already dead. John runs to the front desk where he meets a nurse. He begged for some assistance and shows her his cuts and bruises and explains to her what he's been seeing. She calms him down and takes him to a room where she treats his cuts.

John awakens in a chair, he sees the nurse standing above him. She explains to him that he had deep cuts to his head and was given stitches. She also explains to him that the things he was seeing were hallucinations and gives him a pill that would prevent them from coming back. John sighs in relief and walks out of the room. There weren't as much people in the hospital as before, just a few people who looked pretty normal for the most part. John walks outside and notices a library, he goes in hoping they had computers where he could contact his wife by e-mail. He walks in; it's almost as if nobody else is there. He looks around and notices the computers; he takes a seat and turns the computer on. He's shocked that the internet is up and running while the phone lines are down and the snow is still falling. He opens up the browser, as he's searching through the internet he finds an article about a shootout at a mall. Remembering something similar happened in his dream, he opens the article. As he's reading the article every little detail sounds familiar. Girl named Coraline was killed in an accident, her father Michael shoots up a mall in an attempt to get revenge on the killer. It all happened in his dream. John looks through pictures of the victims, he comes across familiar faces. He notices the woman in the photo is the woman he met at the front desk of the hotel. He's shocked in disbelief, as he is reading, he learns that her name is Elisa Monaco and she died in a hospital from a gunshot wound to the head at 12:43 p.m. John sits in his chair with his arms over his head, a frightened look on his face and a desire to know what is going on. He runs outside, a young woman confronts him and says "nice weather we're having". John walked away and thinks to himself "she was wearing a bikini in 20 degree weather, what's going on?"

John talks to himself"is it a dream? Is the world at its end? Am I dead?" He wants answers but it seems as if everyone is just disappearing. John starts walking back to the hotel, as he's walking he feels something at his feet, it's the red ball. He turns to his left and sees the little girl who John now knows is Coraline. He walks toward her, as he got closer, she ran. John chased after her yelling, "Wait I'm not going to hurt you!" As he is running, Coraline disappears; John continued to run after her. Just ahead a shadow of what appears to be a man holding a gun slowly walks toward John. John begins to walk backwards, as the shadow gets closer John runs faster. Faster and faster John runs, looking back and forth. As John is running he hears guns going off, people screaming, police sirens, ambulance. He closes his eyes and continues to run until there is nowhere else to run. He is trapped and the shadow gets closer and closer. Suddenly everything is darkened; he closes his eyes and wishes he were home.


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