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Hood Bat

By: Jalen Hill

Chapter 1, He stalks the night and he brings you a fright. Hood Bat is a vampire that is unkillable and is the Turnsville Dark Knight who is also the world\'s story as a monster that drinks blood without a single thought about it. Once a young personal detective enters Turnsville\'s grounds he is bound to never get out because Hood Bat lurks in the shadows waiting for the kill...

Hood Bat


Death is what I am.  Life is what I taste.  But, in between the two I am both its friend and its enemy.  I’ve roamed the earth for many years in this perfect form of seduction, and blood lust.  Every women put before me is merely a snack or nothing but, something that is merely a creature made by my glorious God who has damned me to an eternal hell.  More than likely it was fate and not God.  I have loved I have hated, I have fought, I have killed, and I have hardly created the other race of humans who are the cheat codes to life. 

          I am a vampire.  I am the most powerful vampire on earth.  Over the years as a child I begun to obtain new powers and have somehow managed live for about two millennia and I am the Hunter the killer the avenger and…


                             The preadotor…

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