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The Solomon Complex

Novel By: jonbautz

The Solomon Complex is the exploration of the astral form of existence, the lust after experience of all forms, and the evils of one malovelent being that has transcended its origin of humanity. View table of contents...



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I have lived my life and lived it as I wished. Nothing have I left behind to regret, though I admit, to others, it must seem I have. True, there are, in my past, actions that some…most…would deem deplorable. But who are they when stood in contrast against myself?
Have I not lived as man is intended? To eat when hungry? To lie down when weary?
Who among this race have not acted out the impulses of our kind when the urge rode their conscious minds? How am I different than the wolf, which feeds as he wants?
So I say to every person that life is the sum total of experience. And, farther, state that experience is of neutral value. In whose rhetoric have I sinned and in whose have I climbed to the utmost heights and from there launched myself high above all that dwell below? I care little.
What is important is that I have lived a life rich in experience and have satisfied every curiosity, sated every hunger, and tested every possibility. As Solomon has said before me, I have denied myself nothing. And so, like Solomon, I stare into the burning sun realizing that it illumines no creation of an undiscovered ilk.
Ah, of course you do not understand completely. This does not offend me. I have encountered often the mute incomprehension of humanity nearly every moment of my waking life and while it wearies me, I understand that I was created of an unparalleled soul. Sooth, sooth; I forget myself and am reminded that humanity has fallen short of its potential. Let me then deign to chew my thoughts into digestible pulp that I may regurgitate the purer truths into minds of a narrower capacity.
I entered this world the seventeenth day of December in the year marked as the one thousand nine hundred eighty forth since the birth of the Messiah as men reckon time. As I have left, so had I entered, bereft of title, possession, position, and knowledge. Understanding of the unease with which society's inhabitants view the unknowable, I will grant myself an appellation by which I may be thought of, though not known. Never known. I. Solomon Kane will do.
It is important to understand from the forbearance this single fact. I, whom will not be understood, have seven months past ceased to live as is conceived through human convention. This does not remove me from the realms of that which breathes and requires the sun and the living waters of Earth. Only it makes comprehension of my being unattainable without what is requisite of an understanding of the esoteric philosophies. Allow yourself, then, this enlightenment.
Forget, first, what has been learned in your time. Do not heed the instruction nor hearken to the call of what is claimed as paths of enlightenment or teachings of righteousness. Understand above all else that no man, save one, has known in his days on Earth what I have realized, and that all teachings are false, though some bear less the stench of lies than others. Toss off of yourself what shrouds you have put on and have called morality, which only blinds all but six of your senses and dulls your wits. Scour from your thoughts preconceived notions, which have been sipped from your mother's breast, then forced to your mouth with the spoon until you have chosen to make this substantiation of ignorance a staple of your existence. Then, with clear mind and open perception, you may take your first tottering steps toward ascending truth.
Begin with this. Life is. Life has always and will always be. It has no end, contains no interruption, consists of all, is devoid of nothingness, and is unmarked of inception. In life, as in truth, there is only conscious. This conscious, which is collective, contains all. There is outside of this conscious, nothing that exists. Consider it in this form, which is not as life is, but is the simplest analogy of what is true.
Life is conscious and conscious is a sphere. There exist many separate consciousnesses and each is its own sphere. There exists collective conscious, which is contained as spheres inside of a larger sphere. There are commonalities between distinct consciousnesses and these are overlapping spheres.
If it were to be drawn, one sphere would represent all life, which is, and would contain all life within which are separate spheres, some containing still smaller spheres and many of these overlapping. Only the largest sphere is not overlapped, but contains all conscious within itself.
Being that all other consciousnesses are contained within this largest sphere, all consciousness belongs to it, and it is aware of all and contains all and is all. What smaller spheres exist within this largest that also contain smaller spheres are like to these smaller they contain as all are to the largest. They are not, however, conscious of all that is contained in the largest sphere, but are a collective conscious that serves the perceptions of the largest of these spheres. So the smaller spheres, which contain nothing, serve only the greater collective conscious.
These spheres, any and all but the largest, as they overlap are aware of the conscious, which they overlap, but are not served completely by it. Instead they are symbiotic consciousnesses, which are each served by the collective conscious contained in each to the extent that they overlap. This is much like partial understanding, or intuitive comprehension. And this is life; served only by and serving only itself. Too fully comprehend what I have just illustrated, one must also, with clear perception, receive the understanding of time.
Time does not exist. This has been so and is so and will always be so. Perhaps, this is harder to understand, to conceive and comprehend, than that which is life. Still, it is elemental to the understanding of life and must be grappled. Unfortunately, this rhetoric is unavoidably discussed in the language of human comprehension and terms relative to the concept of time must be used in discourse upon the matter. Follow, then, as well as you are able, and as you gain understanding, this should be thought of not in meditative form, but shall become abstracted to knowledge that is not contained within thought, but in conscious perception. Then, you shall be capable of dwelling mindfully on the subject without the confusion of rhetoric, which argues against the existence of a concept in the nomenclature set forth for its discussion.
There is no past, no present, and no future. As some would view time as existing in linear form, that is not so. Others, having reached a higher understanding, though failing to grasp truth, may perceive time to be thought of as a circle. In truth, this (that time is to be perceived as circular without end nor beginning) is the best-laid ground for discourse on the nonexistence of time. Begin your understanding, not with the higher concepts of this truth, but with the foundational blocks for which the concept was fabricated.
There are cycles, which are witnessed within life. The sun rises as surely as it sets and the moon waxes to fullness and is thereby afterward waned away to near invisibility in our sight on Earth. This has been accepted as the marking of time since man has felt the desire to understand these cycles, though his logic is flawed. Merely, the Earth turns and the sun is not in our sight, it turns more and again it is visible. Also, as the moon orbits and rotates around the earth it is likewise hidden and revealed from the sight of man. The first use of the concept of time was to meter these occurrences.
From this came concepts of age, that time has worked its powers on objects animate and inanimate alike. I reveal that age also is not an existent element of life. Instead, this is the metering of the sun and the moon's visibility from Earth applied to that which is on the earth. There are no years, which afflict humanity, only the collective conscious of humanity demands there be, so as it is thought, it is so. Only this is to be discovered untrue when man leaves behind his body and becomes astral. Let is say instead, that where age is perceived, there is only maturity and decay, and that it has been set forth that these are attributable to age where man thinks on the matter. These are the basic foundational conceptions of time. Here, if one can grasp what I have stated, with these blocks revealed to be untrue and un-supporting of anything, than we may move farther into the understanding of time, which is not. Here we enter into what is seemingly paradoxical and self conflicted argument, which is unavoidable in discussion on the matter in human terms.
All things are. Everything, which has happened, is happening, and will happen occur without distinction of separation of the occurrences. To illustrate this point, I will ask that those who read should imagine they are standing in the exact spot where Moses received from a burning bush, the tablets containing the Ten Commandments for conduct of life intended for the Israelites. Imagine there are impressions in the earth where his sandaled feet were placed as he received these instructions. Now, imagine then that you have placed your feet into these impressions. You would say that you are standing where Moses himself had stood. Only, I tell you, you are standing not where he had stood before, but where he is standing, as surely as you are.
Think of it in this manner. If time were to exist, it would be existent in a form, which is circular, and all things would occur not at points along the arc of that circle, but would be contained exactly in its center. What it is, is that all things occur at once and only the perception of what is conscious fails to recognize that there occurs, at the same time, what in that place has occurred before, and that which is yet to occur. As you stand where Moses stood, you also stand where he is standing, each of your consciousnesses unaware of the other and you believing that you stand alone and that he who stands within the same space yourself, has been gone. Dwell on this, and receive the truth if you are able.

So, having attempted to enlighten you on the condition of my being, I will explain one final item before revealing the chronicle of my life as it has been conceived through the conscious of others, which are smaller than my own. This is that I do not exist in such a manner allowing that I could be known. Instead, as I am consciousness and without form, and am in conscious greater than most others, I contain within my sphere of being, the collective conscious, and the individual conscious of many beings. I have imparted to my chosen oracle the task of becoming my scribe and chronicler. I have deemed that in having become greater than humanity, I will allow my oracle to recount after his own fashion, the events of my life, as man knows life, in order that man can understand. Only the factual events and happenings will I show him, the words will be his own.


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