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Glaring Light

Novel By: JRA

It hasn't been easy since the predators awoke. People are dying at our feet, loosing their families, and friends. The town's streets, soaked with blood, dripping and sliding in every corner. No one can remember the last time they saw the sun, and anyone who has, has lived to say anything useful. Life may be hard, but I refuse to let these hell-beasts take over our lives.

Book (Part) 1 in the Horrors of Happyland series. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 27, 2011    Reads: 15    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Its been exactly 2 months since ive seen my family. My wife, Margaret died along with my daughter Jenny. WIth only my son left, I almost broke myself in tears. I struggled to protect both of us. There were too many of them to fight off for two people. And he died the marking day I speak of now. I cry for every minute I witnessed my family's death. I guess I can no longer lie to myself about not being at fault for most of them. If only I was stronger then, like I am now, they would still be alive to see me today. I mean not to sound Vain but I can't help but gloat for my survival. Life is about the only thing of value at this time of despare and regret. Weve been quarintined, not but 4 years ago. 1 year after the horrible, gruesome invasion started. Some people beleive were hunted by things of a greater beyond, some people beleive were fighting against a zombie apocolypse, but most focus on religion at this time. Being skeptical, before the incident, I could not help but to loose faith in a time like this. No churches to pray to, no miracles visual, I couldn't distract myself with thoughts of great detail, now. It was kill or be killed, survival of the fittest, if you will. The incident's origin was merely an infection, a cancer, holding a mutation so powerful it had more than just a pyshical adaptation, but a behavorial, or mental one aswell. I had no further knowledge on the subject than what im speaking of right now. Im not a man of science, I wouldn't consider myself an atheist either, im just so nuetral ive lost who I used to me, who I am. Very disappointed in myself, and in every sneaking bastard ive seen betray me in this wordly damnation. I use to think expressions were just dumb, but now I laugh whenever I hear someone speak of Hell on Earth. If they can't imagine or begin to visualize any aspect of my, and the whole city's curse than they should shut the hell up. Not knowing where or what your going to eat, or where your going to sleep next is different than not knowing where or what your going to eat, or where your going to sleep while being hunted and constantly haunted by your own paranoia is a step up from any story of misfortune ive heard. I have no idea what lies ahead of me. Every god damn morning I wake up different, sometimes having no memory of what I did the day before, or the WEEK before! I was hunted, and hunting at the same thing, for the past 5 years. Life really doesn't get easier where I live.


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