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Smoke in the Air

Novel By: JRA

Book two (2) in the Horrors of Happyland book series.

In a world, tearing itself a part, is a secret. A secret humanity could easily use to stop the mess theyve created from continuing. Hidden in plain sight, is something no one can figure out. And the key to humanity's return and comeback is yet to be found. But the question remains, who will find it first? View table of contents...


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Walking home from school, I could still see the gravel flying by me. So far away it was, barely revealing itself. I kicked the pebbles, and bits of cement and dirt on the sidewalk, looking down at my feet walking slowly home. I could still smell the smoke and the constant burning in the air, nearly suffocating me and my friends each and every day. I held my breath as I approached my doorstep. And quickly refilled myself with oxygen. My tank had almost gone completally empty by the end of the school day, even though we only had 4 hours for education, our tanks only lasted 3, at the most. The school provided all the air, it had left to give to us. I knew, and I assumed my friends knew that we were short on it, and oxygen was getting very scarce on earth. I walked in the house, taking off my air tank. I felt the cool air blow on my skin, comforting me from the everlasting heat and warm blanket of fire outside. My house was filled with oxygen, along with everyone else's in the area. Although with buildings falling apart more as the days went on, I was afraid that it would not last. I greeted my mom, and quickly headed to the kitchen. I was as hungry as a poor man in the winter when I got home from school. I laughed at my silly anology, and continued to grab food. Today, it was either half a box of cheerios, or some leftover gum. I sighed and closed the cabinet, no longer hungry. My stomach was distracted by my lack of hope, and despair. My mother asked me, "How was your day at school, honey?" As the stood up and put her newspaper down on the half fallen coffee table. She walked over to the kitchen, as past me to the cubboards. I got out a bowl, and poured water into it from the sink. I felt the warm water touch the bottom of the bowl, where my fingers were placed, gently holding it. The heat felt so good, even though I had been burning all day. But with the weather constantly changing, I would expect to see snow or rain tommorow. I hoped not for hail, it was getting bigger every storm, and it would soon take out our house, and cars. Or cars that still existed. I got sidetracked by my thoughts, and failed to realize I had spilled the water over the bowl, and into the sink. I jumped at the realization, and quickly turned the water off. Mom placed a bowl down on the counter. "Dont think so much, your going to waste all our water." She teased, laughing. But even though I acknowledged her joke, I knew that it was a serious issue. Perhaps I should stop thinking with so much detail, and start focusing on our last resources. Ever since dad left, I had to manage my own, doing the man's work. But he'll be back soon, mom says. I didn't beleive her, if he had been gone for more than 3 months he had given up by now. Hes probably lost somewhere in the world, barely surviving in those desserted areas, if hes not already dead. I felt a tear go down my face, as I thought about my father. It was a shame, I might never see my old man ever again.

I had to go to bed soon, I was lucky if I got 4 hours of sleep. But with my insomnia, I couldn't fall asleep til' atleast 2:00 PM. I remembered when time was balanced, waking up at 6:30 in the morning to get up for school. For 6 whole ours, I got to learn, and laugh with friends. But I can't do that now, I have to focus more on the education because with our time periods changing in length every day, its almost impossible to gain knowledge. We had about 8 hours each day to live, eat, learn, and survive. And I was pretty sure by this point in my life, we are one of the only schools left on the face of our earth. Such a cliche thing to say. "The face of the earth..." I mumbled to myself, staring at the living room, seeming very introspective. "Whats that, honey?" Mom asked me, as she put her glass away. I turned to her, "Huh?" I asked. "You said something, under your breath. I couldn't hear you, im sorry." She said. "Oh no," I smiled. "Its fine, I was talking to myself." She gave me a small grin, and walked back over to the living room. "Such a creative person you are, dear." I heard her say, very queit and faintly. I laughed, and went up to my room to sleep. Today, it was 11:00 A.M. when I layed down to rest my eyes. Tommorow it should be a few hours later, and the cycle will restart. Giving us a full 78 hours of sleep. I smiled, knowing I would soon get the rest I wanted, and needed.


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