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The Singing Waters

Novel By: JRA

Theyre haunted. Haunted by something reaching to the entire world. Constantly killing, feasting, struggling to live without the destruction of our lives. Living in the water, these beasts do. We cannot stop them, we cannot see them, we cannot know what they are, we remain completally clueless, and whenever a new death strikes. Were just here to watch, and listen. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 1, 2011    Reads: 125    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Legend tells of a magical creature, living in the waters we swim in today. A beautiful creature, singing the loveliest songs, and swimming with the most grace weve ever seen. But waters have told us tales we were neive to consider true. FIsherman, surfers, and people of the water have been looking out for tales of these fine, great, and magnificient creature for all their live. The beautiful, scaled mermaid. Theyre tails shining, as the sun bounces off theyre scales. But those who have seen a mermaid were lucky men, lucky to be born with the capability to lie so beleivably. People told tales, of wishes, and sorrow, and great fortune with these creatures we beleived to be innocent. But what the story told us, was their greatest curse, was the only thing keeping us alive. Leaving the water would be only upon death for them, they could not leave until it was there time to die, and if they dared walked upon land early, they would be burned by the glaring sun.,

But those who beleived these tales, and went looking for a creature so finely told of, were the first to die in these horrible days. In the middle of the night, when the moon was higher than the stars, in the sky, a fisherman was out to catch. But an unsuspecting melody, was sounding from the distance. It frightened the man, he knew not of what could be out there, and was certain he had not brought any of his friends along. Ignoring the sound, he continued to cast his lure into the water. A vibration pushed the wooden boat, he sat in. Shaking it back and forth, ever so slightly. The moon glared down at the water, and the helpful glow, showed him the shape of a woman, below the low waves. She was not clothed, and lacked any sign of ever being outside of the lake. She pushed down, sending herself above the water. She stared at the man, with a great smile, showing all of her white, perfect teeth. She was singing, singing a song in G major, with only a few notes. A repeated tune, she carried. It comforted the man in the boat. He smiled, greatly seduced by the creature. "Ive heard of you." He said, taking off his hat, gesturing at the beautiful lady in the water. She showed no reaction, and just continued to smile and sing, with her occassionaly giving a smirk or a chuckle at his remarks. After about 3 minutes of what he thought was getting aquainted, she motioned for him to come closer. He, being almost under the complete love spell of the siren, he furthered his head down towards the lake. She closed her mouth and continued to hum. She smiled again, this time revealing a small fang, where her canine used to be, in her mouth. He gave his choice a second look, and tried to rise back up to the boat. She pulled him towards her, making his horrible try a failiure. She pulled him with great strength, straight into the water, going by so quickly. He looked around, realizing he was covered in the liquid of the earth. He looked back up at his boat, now beginning to know his loss was fully in affect. Pulling him deeper into the cold, wet, black lake, she embraced him tighter at each minute. He felt a great feeling of pain, right before he finally shut his eyes, failing at being respectable and smart. His man-like desire, and her seductive tricks got himself into this mess. But it didn't matter know, he couldn't warn the others, and the sirens would spread, continueing to kill, and prey on the rest of humanity. His flesh tore, and he watched his body flow infront of him, soaking the lake with blood, using the light he could still see, peaking from the top of the lake. It was over now, and he was only the start.


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