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Ridged breath

By: kagra15

Chapter 1, A boy that never knew what was to become of him, now wakes to what was done to and around him, he must fight his way to freedom, and fight the monsters who stole his loves life

Character Description

Chapter ~1~

Daein: Short Dirty blond hair, spiked in the back and straight in the front. Piercing Brown eyes resembling that of a small wood. Pale white skin, Like that of a young ghost. 6"1'. And muscular in build.

Angel: Long silver hair, straight all around. Big inncent bright blue eyes, that which resemble the clear blue sky, or the calm oceans. Pale white skin, that resembling Daein's. Long big angelic wings of an angel. And black lines running from just under her eyes to the bottom of her cheeks. 5"7'. Small, thin but female like muscular build.

Vandiva: Short spiked red hair, that which resemble the fire of hell. Ugly, preditory yellow eyes, showing the evil soul laying within him. Light tanned skin. 6"7'. And big muscular build.

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