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Ridged breath

Novel By: kagra15

A boy that never knew what was to become of him, now wakes to what was done to and around him, he must fight his way to freedom, and fight the monsters who stole his loves life View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 5, 2010    Reads: 30    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

A boy around 15 awoke with a gasp of breath, as if though he had not been breathing for a while, to the sound of rain clanking in rhythm with his heart on the tin like roof over head. The rain and the humity from the on coming storm caused the room to be unbearably stuffy. He stood to feel for light switch on the wall, but he as he flicked it on, he wished he hadn't. The over head lights that usually reside in hospitals flickered on and showed the gory scene that lay in front of him. Covering his mouth with his hand to stifled a scream. Blood coated the walls and the floor in pools, ripped flesh rotted in the corner and the head of a blonde man was staked to the wall between the eyes, the blood ran into a drain right under the metal bed he had just been in . He tasted blood in his mouth, he looked at his hand to see a blood covered claw emerging from a smooth skinned arm. He grabbed the blanket that had been pulled over him and pulled it over him to conceal the freakish arm. He pulled open the door silently and crept into the dimly light all way. This hallway was not like he had been thinking of, it looked as if though it was in a house, for the carpet was blood red and soft like velvet under his toes. He walked slowly, keeping close to the black walls, he came to another hall and looked around the corner quietly and saw no one, but spotted some stairs near by. He moved slowly trying not to make noise, he crept along the wall and accidentally made a mark trail of dark red blood along the wall he was just leaning against. He whisper a curse to himself and ran up the stairs to an open door, he stopped dead in his tracks as he looked at the even gorier seen laying just inside the entrance of the house.
The boy stared at the mangled corps laying about the floor like trash just thrown about, the gleaming of the setting sun shinning of a pool of red near the window, the wood floors held scratches of talons and finger nails of people being dragged across the room. The sent of blood made the boy's stomachic protest against it. He tried to walk with sturdy feet through the recige. He stopped when he heard a small yelp coming from the walls near the bed rooms. He walked quietly and swiftly up the stairs looking every which way at the hall intersection. He listened for a few moments until the sound came again, he turned down the hall closest to him he walked past a hall closet and herd a small whimper come from within it. He opened the door slowly and peeked inside only to get hit with the sharp end of a hanger. He fell back against the wall sliding down it holding his cheek against his hand.
"Owww. Hey, get out here." He said, rising to his feet he moved close to the door and pushed it open again and a girl fell forward onto her belly with the hanger in her hands. The girl had long silver hair and bleach white angelic wings on her back. He reached the hand that still looked normal out to her. "Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you." She looked up at him with bright blue eyes, her cheek smudged with blood. She looked at his hand and pushed herself to her feet.
"I-I'm fine." She said with a frown.
"Did you come from the basement too?" He asked tilting his head to the side to get a better look at her wings.
"Yes I did. D-did you?" She said holding her hands close to her chest.
"Yes I did, what happened here?" He said looking at her pale face and cleaning off the blood from her cheeks with his shirt sleeve, revealing small black lines coming from under her eyes to the bottom of her cheeks. A pink blush creeped up her face, her eyes looking at her feet.
"I'm not sure, I woke up in one of those horrid rooms, I got scared when I saw blood in the hall way, and I came up here there was someone biting a blonde man's neck and from what I had seen he ripped the guys body up afterwards well a bunch other men were doing the same thing. I-I ran down this hall way when they weren't looking and hid, I don't know what else happened.." She leaned her back against the wall and slid down till she was sitting with her knees pulled to her chest tightly. "I just want to go home." She pressed her face into her knees.
"Me t-" The girl looked up to the man with short spiked red hair and bright yellow eyes staring down at her smiling well holding the other boy around the neck. Her hand rose to her mouth as she let out a startled scream, her eyes filled with horror and anger at the red haired man and she bit down on his arm that was holding the other boy by the neck.
He let out an angry yell, releasing the boy he was holding and slapped her a crossed the face. "How dare yo-" He was slammed back against the wall as the girl stood up and her gaze leveled with his, she stared at him and she say that a hand made of glass held him up, as her eyes glowed bright blue. Her eyes drifted closed, showing her power was weakening.
The man stood up with a shake of his red head and glared at the girl, who was passed out on the floor from shear exhaustion. The boy with the dark orange hair stood up with a huff , causing the blanket over his arm to fall to reveal pink plump fresh skin, as if the freakish disfigurement wasn't there at all. He watched as the red-haired man picked up the girl by her throat and sniffed her. Grinning the man leaned down to lick her neck, which caused her to wake and struggle against his hold.
"Be still girl, and I wont make such a big mess.." He said with a demonic growl.
"L-let go please" She said struggling even more to get out of his grasp as she clasped her hand on his wrist.
"I said be still!" He yelled as he smacked her a crossed her face, leaving a trail of blood leaking from the corner of her mouth. He leaned down to kiss the pulse laying just under her skin. She struggled more trying to get free from him but he tighten his grip on her neck.
"Let her go!!" The boy said running at the man at top speed and driving his head into his side, and made the man fall to the side with a grunt as he dropped the girl to the floor.
"You little bastard!" The man yelled in anger. The boy jumped in front of the girl and growled low in warning.
"You touch her again and your risking your life buddy…" He said in a low menacing tone. Getting ready for the next attack he didn't expect to feel a soft touch on his arm, turning his head in the direction of the girl he saw her standing up leaning against the wall and her wings showing once more.
"N-no, you will be injured.." She said weakly, her eyes tearing up.
Shrugging the girl's hand off he lunged at the man knocking him off his feet and biting down into his jugular. He could feel the man's life slipping away as he bleed to death under the steal jaw bite the boy was giving him.
When the man's soul had left his body limp in the grasp of the young boy he jumped away and walked slowly back to the girl who was leaning against the wall, barely keeping her foothold.
He reached her and grasped her arm pulling her to him and holding her against his chest gently.
"I'm sorry." He whispered against her hair. She sobbed quietly against him.
"I never d-did get your name.." She said looking up at him.
He chuckled quietly and replied, "My name is Daein, and you would be miss-"
She blushed, "Angel.." She said quietly.
"Angel? Wow, a fitting name for one such as yourself. Very beautiful." She grinned
"Thank you… Um s-shouldn't we be going, I mean… I should tell someone about this." She said sweeping her hand through the air indicating the massacre laying just in the forayer.
"Yes, perhaps WE should tell someone…" He said rubbing his thump against her cheek in a soft caress.


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