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Second face of Ruth

Novel By: kannette

Tags: Life, Game, Death, Fear.

Sophia,violet,Scarlet moves to 'the lake' for their vaccation of 4-weeks. the very first moment when they reach lake the girls experience a different vibe in the air. the night becomes sleepless and the sweet smell in the air washes away their memories. Margret,late Ruth's mother meets scarlet and don't let her go as Scarlet is exact replica of Ruth... View table of contents...


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"Where would we go this time?"Violet asked her mother. "I don't think we could go sweetheart, I am really busy with the work. You know our gallery is in complete mess, we need to bring back to normal. Scarlet, where are you? You are supposed to bring my canvas."Handling the canvas to Sophia, "Look Violet, I found a Voucher the Stefan Grace shop is selling this cubic and the magazine for the publicity.""What does it say?" Violet screeched."It's advertising about a camping place to the north, it says it is a forest site."Scarlet said."Cool, we should go there why not for these holidays?"."Hold on, Joseph" their mother said on phone."Dear Soph, you won't believe, our happiness and business will come back in track soon. I got a sponsor for our art gallery. It is Mrs. Jones, she is impressed by the art work of yours and the gallery set up. She says, she wants to talk to you personally. What should I tell her?""Oh, it is great; tell her I will meet her in the office by 9.30 am tomorrow."

"What is it mum, you are looking very confused "inquired Scarlet. "I think our hardship is going to end, we got a sponsor and if it happens true, we will go to a place where you haven't gone yet."

Sophia and her husband were well known artist and people used to purchase a lot of paintings. They soon setup a two floor gallery filled with their paintings and also some other private artists paintings. The business was in its peak. It was established between Sophia, her husband John and Sophia's brother Joseph.

It was years back when the twins Scarlet and Violet were five years of age on the way to the airport to visit Paris, they met a very miserable road accident which took John's life and costing Violet to loose one of her little fingers.

Though Violet suffered but she and her sister inherited their parent's skill of painting. They were known in their school as little twin Picasso s.

The business had gone down for a while and hardship grew more in height. It was difficult in such a situation to paint, sell and to earn something. Sophia with perfect superwomen courage coped up with all rifts and rose with a very narrow escape.

Joseph and Sophia wanted a sponsor for their gallery to expand and to be known outside their country for that they needed someone who would shell money on them. "Good morning, Madam, I am Mrs. Jones" spoke elderly women of early 70's in her soft shivering voice. It was so like a sparrow chirping. "Good morning, yes Joseph told me. You are on time. Good. Please have a seat."Sophia chimed. "I have a great collection of paintings in my house and it is all purchased from here. I am totally in love with your paintings especially the 'lake view' it's so natural." Sophia went back to her memories when she heard 'lake view' that painting was done by her husband when they were trekking they had found that lake accidentally, the small quite place with natural beauty.

Mrs. Jones could see on Sophia's face that she was lost in thought. "Am sorry Sophia, I know about your lose". "It is okay" Sophia said hiding her tears behind her frame less spectacle.

"So, you that I and my husband one of the known holders of the major leading companies now that James left early whereas I thought I would leave this world before him and now I am all alone. We didn't even have any kids that I would be happy in a way Soph you are blessed you have your two daughters with you. I have no intention of moving further in business. I was thinking of giving the whole share to the charity that's when my eyes fell on the advertisement of yours asking for sponsors and you know charity is said something that you give to those who need it and at once I called here. I am ready to be your sponsor but on one condition." Smiling Mrs. Jones raised her one eyebrow.

"Wh...What is it ?" Sophia asked. She was depressed when she heard 'condition' as far she had received sponsors but they asked one or the other things that she could not meet the ends. "Don't worry Soph, I want you to paint a portrait for me. Smiling."

A complete relief. "Okay, sure. Thank you Mrs. Jones thanks a lot." By afternoon, they signed the agreement and made announcement on air about the gallery re-opening ceremony. "It was fun, mommy and so I guess we can live without any hardship now on." "Yes, Scarl, it's a good time for us" Sophia said. Violet was still thinking, planning and re-planning about where to go for the holidays.

"Violet, do you remember I telling we shall go to a place very different and beautiful, we will go there to the 'lake view'." "Oh, the painting which dad had made, so beautiful!" exclaimed Violet.

"When are we leaving?" Scarlet inquired. "After two days, some paperwork needs to be finished. "Told Sophia. "Won't Joseph uncle come with us?"Violet asked."No, his wife and son are landing here tomorrow." "Superb, it's a complete jackpot for all." Scarlet giggled.


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