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Big Things Come in Small Packages

Novel By: Km2

Tags: Horror, Fantasy

A recently unemployed father and husband has a strange creature suddenly enter his life. While, at the identical time, bewildering happenings and murders begin plaguing his life and the once quaint, accompanying, little town, of Winchester Gap; now desolated and diseased, left to rot into the ground. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 13, 2013    Reads: 84    Comments: 21    Likes: 12   

Chapter III: One Magical Evening

It actually couldn't have gone any better if I had planned it.

I yelled, "Allie," as I walked through the door, shutting it behind me. I then leaned against it, taking off my workboots, as I always do, and left them on the mat next to the door, as I always do, when Allie came bursting around the corner.

"What are you doing home so early? What happened?;" almost snippy.

But bless my wife, this was all she said and it was only with slight disgust. I was expecting the ass-reaming of a lifetime. My balls were clenched tightly against my body. Nerves shot all to hell, my palms were wet; sweating like crazy. I swallowed hard, trying to push my heart back down into my chest where it belonged, and felt my adam's apple rise; and then fall. The room was so quiet, a pin falling would have sounded like a gong being smashed.

That nerve-racking moment seemed infinite, but it was probably only a couple of seconds.

I finally mustered up, "I got fired. I couldn't believe it."

"What for?" Now her voice was filled with honest concern.

I couldn't believe that was it. I relaxed immediately, I know she had to've noticed, too, but she didn't say. My balls dropped back to their original, much more comfortable, position.

"I left at lunch to go get a pack of smokes and was late gettin back," I told her. Not exactly a lie, but so far from the truth it's not even remotely funny.

"When I got back, seven, maybe eight minutes late, the foreman told me, 'I just can't use ya anymo', sorry.' Yeah, sorry's bout right. He's a sorry piece-a-shit, anyway."

She didn't say another word. She only stepped toward me and gave me a big, much needed hug; embracing me. Then we looked deep into each other's eyes for an infinite, intimate moment; until she finally kissed me lovingly and gently. We eventually made our way to the bedroom.


That, my friends, was the first and only time I ever made love to my wife. Actually made love to her. Yes, of course, we had relations over the years (going on ten, actually). We fucked, fornacated, and even sexually reproduced, twice. We were certainly not without a love life.

We lucked out and had one boy and one girl. Both Abagail, seven, and Trevor, nine, were in school that day; two grades apart at opposite ends of the grade school. They didn't arrive home till about twenty after four, everyday. Pretty late for preliminary school kids, really, but they went to school at Tom's Brook Preliminary, in Zeigler's Crossing. Not even a half hour away by car, but a little over an hour as the yellow cheesewagon flies. They weren't due home for another two hours or so, at least.

I'm not really sure what, but there was something special about that day. Maybe it's because I arrived home early that day to my caring, understanding wife and no screaming kids running around the house. I believe it may be the most quiet I'd heard in almost ten years. It felt great. Borderline intoxicating.

I was also drunk with passion that day, with a feeling of love so deep for my wife, it is impossible to put it into words. The only time I've ever felt that way in my entire life, thus, the one and only time I've ever made love to my wife.

At the moment we reached simultaneous climax, that feeling fled me almost as if it were ejaculated out of me, along with my semen. Completely and utterly strange, I know.

I rolled off her and within seconds, we were both fast asleep.


After we awoke to the arrival of the kids, I spent the rest of the afternoon in a sex-drained doze. Sluggish and barely able to spit out simple responses, such as, 'Huh' and 'Wha'.

Forcing myself to make it through a dinner which I had no interest in eating. It seemed my appetite had escaped me as well, apparently.

After dinner and the kids were put to bed, I sat and watched TV while I drank a couple of beers.

Allie went to bed about an hour before I did. She told me goodnight and said she loved me. I said, "I love you too, Alexandra." I never call her by her real name. She appeared to take no notice.

"I'll be right behind you, I'm sure," I said with a little scoff.

"Don't stay up too late." She was gone before I could even reply.

I finally made it to the bedroom, the hands on the clock almost at midnight, to find my wife already asleep. Snoring softly.

It wasn't till I sat down on the edge of the bed and started to get undressed, that I realized something was wrong. I had completely forgotten about the creature, yet again; until just then.


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