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Big Things Come in Small Packages

Novel By: Km2

Tags: Horror, Fantasy

A recently unemployed father and husband has a strange creature suddenly enter his life. While, at the identical time, bewildering happenings and murders begin plaguing his life and the once quaint, accompanying, little town, of Winchester Gap; now desolated and diseased, left to rot into the ground. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 19, 2013    Reads: 64    Comments: 18    Likes: 9   

Chapter V: The Happening

I awoke the next morning to birds chirping outside my bedroom window. I rolled over to an empty bed. Allie already up and about, taking care of the family; always the early riser.

As I rose and stretched my arms over my head, a feeling of bemusement fell over me. I was feeling completely refreshed.

I slipped on some pants and headed for the kitchen, pulling my shirt on over my head as I walked out the bedroom door.


The smell of bacon as I approached, suddenly made me realize that I was famished. My mouth filled with saliva. I swallowed. It quickly filled up again. I rounded the corner and spied Allie across the kitchen, the table the only thing separating us, madly working over a sizzling pan of delicious, pork backfat; cooking to the perfect crispness.

I crossed the room surefooted and deliberately, slowly making my way to where she stood; her back to me.

I crept quietly as a ninja, and just as I placed a firm hand on her right shoulder, my lips found her left ear and whispered, "Good morning, sweetheat."

Startled, she must have come two whole inches off the ground, coming down with a shriek. She probably even peed a little. I wouldn't have thought any less of her or looked down on her, if she had.

She turned to me sharply, obviously unamused. Emitting her evil death stare, deep into my eyes, seemingly staring beyond, far beyond, into the deepest depths of my soul.

She must of approved what she read, for she allowed a slow smile to radiate upon her still beautiful, early morning makeupless face. Her old, worn, pink bathrobe, not even stealing her beauty away.

She finally managed, still smiling, "K.W!, You scared me!" The last was accompanied with and annunciated by, a firm, open-handed slap to my chest.

"Sorry," I said; habitually. Then I leaned in and kissed her good morning. I walked over to my seat at the table and sat down.

I grabbed the Saturday morning paper that was on the table and began to read through it as I waited for breakfast to be finished cooking, then served.

Allie had a pretty good spread that morning. Bacon, scrambled eggs, fried taters and french toast. I was impressed.

I gorged until I was full, then ate a little more. Filled almost to the point of explosion, I'd be hurting and making an unscheduled pit stop this afternoon, for sure. But it was worth it.

The kids just sat and picked at their plates, per usual, already occupied with the Saturday morning activities they were planning to indulge in. Waiting to be released from the invisible grasp of mealtime by those four magic words: You may be excused.

When I finally felt able to move, I picked up the paper and headed for the bathroom to make my morning sacrifice to the porceline gods.


Unbeknownst to anyone, a foul happening was beginning miles below the surface of the small town of Winchester Gap. A happening so fierce, the force that it produced was felt for fifty miles.

To most it seemed a slight tremor; nothing to be regarded. You would have felt differently if at that exact instant, you happened to be standing in the middle of the empty town common of Winchester Gap; called Winchester Square (which ironicly, was a circular shape), by the original townsfolk, sometime, long ago; somewhere deep in the past. For far below the center of the town circle, a vibration erupted so strong and so deep, it simply split the earth; easy as a wishbone. Leaving a giant, gaping trench, stretching the circle. At the north end, the trench found the town gazebo; having no mercy. It was split into two shattered, leaning pieces, barely left standing.

The town common lay empty, for Winchester Gap is not without it's demons. Many plagues and abominations have happened within these town limits. These stories, I must save for another day; regretably.

The unsuspecting residents of Winchester Gap (and all of Eagle Rock County) are completely oblivious to the pain and horror, every last one of them, is about to sustain. Every resident, save for one.

For the happening isn't really a happening at all; it's an awakening. For something has awakened an unknown sleeping monster, who shall be hungry and upset after hibernating; laying dormant, trapped under miles of earth for so long.

Somewhere far down the cavernous crack, perhaps not far from the magma that inhabits the center of the earth, lies a monstrous, dark, shape; motionless. It then stirs and rolls to one side. Slowly, it opens one glaring red eye. If someone could have peered into that eye as it had opened, they would have witnessed the murderous passion, held deep, WITHIN that unflinching eye.

The beastial creature opened it's mouth and let a violent, ravenous bellow escape it's jowels; filled with menacing, needle-sharp teeth.


Something strange happened as I sat down and started reading the front page story--- Nine Murdered in Gruesome Massacre!

I heard first, then felt a vibration through the floor; mid-turd. The vibration then traveled through my feet, up my legs, around the bend of my ass, dropping the current kid I was working on, into the pool and splashinig cold toilet water up to my behind; making ME jump, this time. The tremor then travelled up the rest of my body and seemed to emanate out of the top of my head.

As gravity then returned my ass to the toilet seat, with a plop--- I suddenly was filled with an intense feeling of fear. An utterly horrible feeling that something terrible was knocking at a door, just waiting for someone to open it, humbly, and invite them in.

Not a particularly nice feeling to have; even worse to experience firsthand.

At that feeling, I involuntarily finished releasing my bowels, with a sickening splash. I finished up; and in between wipes, something caught my eye. The toilet paper in my hand was not only stained red, it was soaked through enough to just start dripping down my hand.

I stood up, dropping the paper into the toilet as I stared at the bowl; stained red with blood and seeming to be filled with gore.

Unable to control myself, I doubled over and heaved into the blood-stained bowl--- tasting that wonderful breakfast for the second time that morning. It wasn't so good the second time.


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