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Big Things Come in Small Packages

Novel By: Km2

Tags: Horror, Fantasy

A recently unemployed father and husband has a strange creature suddenly enter his life. While, at the identical time, bewildering happenings and murders begin plaguing his life and the once quaint, accompanying, little town, of Winchester Gap; now desolated and diseased, left to rot into the ground. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 19, 2013    Reads: 58    Comments: 13    Likes: 10   

Chapter VI: The Awakening

The toilet was a disaster. It looked as if something had been slaughtered in there. Mutilated beyond recognition.

When Allie came knocking to see if I was alright, I blamed it on the overeating.

Attempting to clean it up, I almost lost my cookies again; flushing a couple of times as I swabbed the bowl with wadded up handfuls of toilet paper.

It wasn't perfect, but it would have to do for now. I had the sudden urge to get out of the house and go do something.

I stood, thinking for a moment about the creature. I hadn't forgotten about it this morning, as I had the previous afternoon and evening. But I hadn't had a reason to go into the garage and check on him yet.

At that moment, one came to me.

I fled the bathroom, barely catching myself from slamming the door from behind me as I bolted through it; hoping to keep the demon that now dwelled there; locked within.

I went and told Allie that I had some things to do today. "Then this aft'noon I was spose'ta help Timmy wit'is fo'wheela," I added.

Timothy Daniels (who lived a couple miles down the road), the acquaintence that I knew from work, was the closest thing I'd had to a friend in the ten year span of my marriage. But still, he was just an acquaintence. I just calls em likes I sees em.

"Alright," she said sweetly. "Just try to make it home in time for dinner."

"Yes, dear," habits are, oh, so hard to break.

I leaned in and kissed her goodbye.

"Love you."

"Love you too, sweetheart," as I headed towards the garage door.


I entered the garage, gently shut the door behind me, then turned to my left and looked for the creature.

There he sat, just as I had left him, seemingly not to have stirred all night.

I approached him slowly. "Fuzzy. Fuzzy Wuzzy," escaped my lips.

He chirped with excitement, accompanied by that funny sort-of hop.

"Wait a sec, I gotta get sumpin ta carry ya in," I told him.

I walked across the room to the workbench and the toolbox that was sitting on the shelf above it. I sat the toolbox on the workbench and began to neatly empty it into the milk crate on the floor; next to the bench.

When it was empty, I walked back to Fuzzy, where he was cooing happily, carrying the toolpail. I sat it next to him and placed his blanket inside.

I asked him, "A'you ready to go?"

More sounds of approval as I picked him up, placed him inside the toolbox, shut the lid, and closed the latch.

It was a perfect fit.


I exited the garage through the door on the side of the house and headed around the corner, once outside, towards my jeep.

Toolbox in hand, I felt as I were some strange version of a handyman. K.W.'s creature features. Oddities and Informaties. Fuzzy Wuzzy's: Handyman from Hell.

I sat the toolbox on the passenger seat as I sat down in my own seat. I unhooked the latch and opened the lid for him. It didn't appear that he noticed.

"Alrighty," I exlaimed as I put the Jeep in reverse, backed into the turnaround, and headed out toward route 17.


I turned out of the driveway, not really sure where I was headed. Absently being led by some blind internal ambition. An unfocused burning deep within me; I was desperately trying to channel into some greater, unknown power.

None the less, it existed; it was present. I felt it.

However, blind may not be the best way to maneuver the labyrinth and exit, safely, out the other side of the maze.

I literally rode around aimlessly for over an hour, until finally broken and disappointed of my mojo's inability to produce; I pulled over to the side of the road.

I got out and walked around to the passenger side. Extracting the makeshift terrarium carefully, sitting it on the hood, I again found myself locked with those invisible eyes.

"Where do you think we should go?," I managed.

Now he silently stared into my face, drawing mine ever closer to his; until, finally, I unwillingly found myself placing him upon my head; once again.

With the apparent feeling of ridiculousness absent, I returned the toolbox to the passenger seat and strutted my way over to my side. I opened the door, unconcerned with the possibility of being spotted by a passerby; stepped back into my jeep; dropped it into drive; and sped away.


Back in the cavernous tomb, a sepulcher if you will, positioned directly below the unsuspecting town (what was left of it, anyway) of Winchester Gap, the monster stretched and stirred. Opening it's mouth with a deep yawn and exposing it's many razor-sharp teeth; closing it with a huff!

It outstretched one rear leg, clenching it's foot and rolling three long-clawed toes; immediately followed by the other leg. As that rite passed, another ebullience began.

The monster's tail whipped and snapped into life with a loud hiss! The tail's head proliferated; extending and exposing it's dual-hinged, double sets of fangs.

When the jaw (slamming shut with a snap!) closed again, the serpent that was the monster's tail, flicked its forked tongue repeatedly in and out; smelling air around it.

The monstrous and horrid beast suddenly hauled itself up with a cataclysmic burst that sent it flying up the rocks, clawing its way franticly toward the pinhole of light that is the surface; growling the entire way.


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