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Isle's Marsh (Pt.II)

Novel By: Kote

103 years later, Isle still isnt finished. Two girls and two boys are assigned to investigate this house, but when the train tracks freeze, and there is no escape from this town... love still arrives, yet someone is telling them lies, and what should they believe? Will they escape her wrath and finally end what their ancestors started? View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Good Intent

Evangeline Swire thanked the driver and paid him her due amount. Stepping out of the cab, trying to make sure her shirt was not a view for anyone, and her skirt was keeping herself contained, she heard the airplanes overhead and the constant chatter of passengers. Even thinking about planes made her shiver down her spine. She walked around in her flats to the back and quickly grabbed her luggage. Five bags and one carryon were not going to be easy to handle. With a twinkle in his eye the car driver drove off into traffic, leaving her on the side to carry the bags.

"Dear God Evee, need some help with those bags?"
She trumped around to see her friend, and partner in crime. It was more of that they solved crime: her being a forensic investigator and her tomboy perky red-headed partner as a detective. Yet no matter the difference between their personalities or looks, they were inseparable.
"You know I do," Evee smiled back. Hayley put her two bags down and quickly hugged her companion. On the outside, Hayley was that person who stood out. Red hair didn't help with the situation either, but she seemed flexible in her choices of clothing. ON the Inside, Hayley was a tomboy yet longer for romance. Though she prefers sport clothes, today she wore shorts and a white v-neck.
"What's with the short skirt and flirty top?" she asked Evee.
"It's not that short," she gasped, looking down. It may not have been knee length, but it was certainly at her fingertips.
The girls laughed as they went inside, sharing the load of luggage. They grimaced at the long line for tickets. Evee groaned, yet Hayley dragged Evee to a machine against the wall.
"Touch screen," she sang, pressing the buttons to print out the tickets.
"We were to meet them here right?"
"The other people? Yeah," Hayley replied. Evee waited patiently aside to not hold up the line, yet everyone on their tight schedule had little time to look at this easier route.
"Your ticket," smiled Hayley, handing her the paper. "Oh, and a baggage carrier should be here-"
"Need help?" asked an older man in uniform. Evee gently handed him her five bags.
"Please be careful with mine," squealed Hayley. "My new cleats are in there!" the man tipped his hat, asked which flight they were and immediately trudged along/
"You look rather fresh," commented Hayley. Evee was shocked.
"Do I look that angry?" she asked.
"No- I meant you look nice today," Hayley groaned. She dropped her carry-on bag off her shoulders and leaned against the wall. For being partners for five years and living in England most of her life, Hayley still never understood the language. Too much American inside of that child.
"What's with the shorts?" asked Evee.
"Hey, you know our boss said we would be accompanied by two more Scotland Yard. Plus, shorts can be tomboy-ish... I think."
"They might not even be men, and maybe if you didn't wear truckies to every date since you always lose track of time," replied Evee.
"Well little miss. Dress-up-for-dates, that hasn't seemed to work for you either."
Evee sighed, realizing the truth. Yet Evee wasn't as ready as Hayley was, and Evee saw the evil in men. Hayley only sees herself with one.
"Crap Hayley! We were to meet them at the gate!" The girls groaned and ran to security. Luckily the line was short and since their outfits were as well, (yet Hayley thought they were being nice because they were cops) the inspectors let them through quickly.
"Alright, almost at the gate," said Evee. What time is it?"
"Well," said Hayley, digging through her purse, "it is-"
Suddenly a man ran in-between the two and snatched her purse.
"Hey!" Evee shouted, seeing the man start to run.
"Evee, my gun is in there!" shouted Hayley.
"Is that all you care about?" she groaned. They began to chase after the man when suddenly he pulled the gun from the purse.
"Evee!" shouted Hayley.
Evee was knocked to the ground by another force as she heard the bullet dodge above her. She opened her eyes to see a blonde male on top of her.
"Well," he growled with a smile, "you must be Evangeline." In his t-shirt and jeans he looked like any normal person, yet Evee still kept her guard. He could be working with the thief.
"Would You Get off me?!" she shouted, hitting him with her carry on bag. He easily got off her and stood up, dusting himself off.
"I was just trying to save you from a bullet," he said. He lended a hand for her to get up, which she didn't accept and she grabbed her bag.
"Give it back!" Hayley shouted, kicking at the man upon the ground with her bag. Hayley kicked over and over, yet the man would not budge. Suddenly, he went onto his back and held a gun at her.
"Put the gun down!"
Another male walked towards Hayley and the thief, but this time he held a gun. A Huge gun. His black hair and green eyes captivated Hayley. He looked at her orange eyes, and they knew.
It was love at first sight.
With a wink in his eye, he cocked the gun and the thief threw the bag at Hayley and scurried out of the gate.
"Robin, I told you no big guns," groaned the blonde. Evee stared at him, and realized the males both knew each other.
"Are you alright?" Robin asked Hayley.
"I am now," she flirted with a laugh. Evee walked over to Hayley and gently nudged her.
"That's why you don't wear flip-flops when chasing someone," Evee smirked.
"Well, thank you for helping me retrieve my bag," smiled Hayley.
"Anything important?" asked Robin.
"My gun was... oh! And I also have my ProSoccer magazine," she blushed. Robin loved the way her cheeks turned as red as her hair.
"Well, I can at least buy you something to eat," suggested Hayley. Robin looked at the blonde.
"I guess," he shrugged. Robin fist pumped the hair and shouted with confirmation.
"You aren't kidding?" he asked.
"I'm serious," replied the blonde.
"Sirius Black?" gasped Hayley. Evee shook her head slowly and Robin began laughing. The only reason that kept Evee from laughing is that Hayley was actually serious.
"No... I Don't Think I am," he said charmingly. "I'm Ryder Faris." He looked at Evee as she folded her arms.
"Evangeline and this is Hayley Simmons," replied Evee.
"Don't mind if I call you Evee?" asked Ryder. He grinned slowly and Robin shook Hayley's hand. Evee doesn't know if they ever let go.

"Please quickly sit in your seats so we can begin to start our takeoff."
In walked Hayley to an open seat with Robin behind.
"Robin, don't leave me with her," growled Ryder, the "her" directed to Evee.
"Ryder, she ain't bad," said Robin.
"She's beautiful," Ryder muttered. "It's the fact she is the only girl on this earth who isn't attracted to me." Robin scoffed.
"Are we just going to stand here?" said Evee, tapping on Ryder's shoulder. He had an inside shock of nerves spread from his shoulder. "I can sit with anyone.
"Good, I'll sit next to Hayley," grinned Robin. Evee showed some disappointment upon her face. Ryder gently let Evee ahead and wrapped his hand around her waist.
"What are you doing?"
"Giving you support," he replied. She shoved his hand off of her and began to walk ahead.
Hayley sat at a window seat while Robin began to climb next to her.
"Dude, this chick his hot," he mouthed to Ryder. Ryder didn't see much in Hayley, not saying that she wasn't. Evee was... well he wouldn't say his type. His type would be the one running into his arms already. Yet... why does he want her in his arms right now?
Evee gently slipped to the row across from Hayley and Robin. She chose the window seat in order to keep Ryder away from reach, and she assumed the flight attendants would be flirting with him later. That's what she assumes Ryder is....
"Have you been upon a plane before?" Robin asked Hayley.
"Yes I have."
"Oh. If you get scared then you can hold my hand." Hayley smirked and gently put her hand in his. Robin winked at Ryder.
"So... have you been on a plane before?" Ryder asked to Evee. As her shiny brown hair got in the way she struggled to put the seatbelt on. Ryder gently put his hands on hers and put the buckles together and tightened it for her.
"No Ryder, no I have not," she exhaled. She brushed her hair aside and Ryder had the feeling Evee didn't do well in uncomfortable conditions.
"Well, it isn't so bad," he said softly. He turned on his TV and looked away from her but she glared at him. He isn't acting like the ass she thinks he is.... but he could be acting it all out. She had to keep her guard up... and protect her heart from the bad.

"So... you like soccer..." said Robin, trying to make conversation. She tried to hide her smile and feelings by reading her magazine.
"...What position?"
"Every, but I prefer goalkeeper." Robin nodded slowly.
"You've been on that page for a while," he remarked. She shut her magazine and then began to watch TV. She began to watch a soccer match.
"Hello, would you like a meal? We have an egg-white futtata or cornflakes," said a flight attendant with a perky smile.
"Ooh," said Hayley. "What's in the egg white futtata?"
"...Egg," replied the girl.
"Cornflakes," sighed Hayley. Robin ordered the same.
"Don't like egg?" he smiled.
"Oh no, I love egg," she grinned. Robin only laughed from her strange cute behavior. Hayley laughed because Robin had a handsome laugh.

"GOAL!!!!" shouted Hayley, but she elbowed the flight attendant and she spilled water upon the seat across. Luckily Ryder dodged it, but Evee didn't.
She opened her brown eyes back into the airplane setting. The window to her right had been closed, and now she was soaked in water.
"Miss, I am so sorry," she said. Ryder quickly wrapped Evee in his blanket.
"That should keep you warm."
Evee sighed and looked out the window. The sky was grey and foggy.
"They said the weather conditions might delay us," remarked Ryder. Eve turned to look at him, and he was reading her book.
She remembered buying the book at a closing sale. She saw it, and she actually looked at the details. The book was published in the late 1800s, so it must be very valuable. Plus, she enjoyed Poe's stories.
"Found it in your bag?" he smiled.
"You could've asked," she said.
"Can I read it?"
"No," she said, taking it from his hands.
"Poe isn't bad," he remarked, trying to ignore her rudeness.
"Well it's an old book," she started.
"Excuse me sir," said the blonde flight attendant, only smiling at him. "Would you like an egg white futtata?"
"I would," he replied with a smile.
"And you?"
Evee on her first plane ride already didn't like it, and her stomach couldn't agree more.
"Oh no thank you."
"I don't want anything," she said sternly. She glared at Evee and then gently slid her hand across Ryder's chest.
"I'll be back," she flirted. She walked swiftly away and Ryder turned back at Evee.
"Are you alright my dear?"
"I'm okay," she replied softly.
"... I can let you listen to soothing music or have a drink."
"No, I'm fine," she said weakly. She glanced over at Hayley and Robin watching the soccer game. Hayley seemed to be having a wonderful time.
"Your cornflakes," said the blonde flight attendant, handing them to Robin and Hayley. They said a quick thank you and began to eat.
"Can I try yours?" Hayley asked. "I want to see if they taste different." Robin laughed with a nod and let her taste the exact same cereal.
"I thought only opposites attract, remarked Ryder, looking at his partner across the aisle.
"I suppose not," sighed Evee.
The blonde flight attendant suddenly got on top of Ryder and locked her lips with his. Evee struggled to get the seat belt to release.
"Back off my work partner," she said, shoving the flight attendant off him.
"You wanna go?" she challenged Evee.
"Uh... ladies," began Ryder. Evee punched the flight attendant and started to fight.
"Ah, Fist Fight!!" grinned Robin.
"Everyone relax, I'm a sky marshal!" shouted Hayley. Evee stopped and looked at her.
"No you aren't!"
The flight attendant took a swing and hit her right in the chin to send her flying back onto Ryder.
"Are you alright?" he asked her.
"Okay, I'm fine!" she said, sitting back down in her chair. The flight attendant backed off.
"You didn't need to handle that, I could've done it," sighed Ryder.
"Well the fact you were enjoying it didn't make it better."
"Who said I enjoyed it?"

Evee glanced back at Robin and Hayley. She felt happiness that her friend was getting the "love" she desired.... but she also feels jealous. Did she feel jealous when Ryder was attacked by that blonde? Why? She has no interest in Robin, and she isn't thinking he doesn't have good intents... but aren't all guys the same?

Evee sipped her tear silently as Hayley next to her chattered away to Robin. Evee focused mostly on he outside of the train, watching the scenery pass by quickly. Occasionally she could see and feel Ryder's eyes upon her, but he was quick whenever she checked.
"You know, I really don't understand this case at all," remarked Hayley. For the first time since they had met at the gate, Hayley said something that made sense. They began to wonder about why they were sent.
"Well...what exactly are we looking for?" asked Robin.
"Answers," simply replied Evee. They all stared at her. "What, did you not pay any attention during the meeting?"
They began to laugh hard.
"You are one to say that," replied Hayley with a grin. Evee only scowled. Hayley let it go and talked with Robin over the case.
"You deal with forensics," said Ryder, trying to make conversation. "What do you do exactly?"
"I deal with dead people."
"Oh... I'm a spy. I kind of do what Hayley does," he replied kindly with a smile.
"Look Ryder, is there something you want?" she said, and Robin and Hayley paused.
"I just want to be friends and knowing we'll be working for a while we might as well," he said. Evee slowly nodded but returned to her book that she grabbed from her book.
"I love you," he blurted. She suddenly looked back at him. Ryder shut his mouth quickly, not knowing why he said it. Was his mind running through past relationships? He needs to calm down.
"Uh... excuse us for a moment," said Robin, nudging Ryder out of the train booth. Hayley quickly nodded and the boys left to the restroom.
"Evee, can you at least be nice to Ryder?!" said Hayley, her face almost as red as her hair, and she was not blushing.
"Hayley, did you hear what he just said?! He's probably wanting me in his bed right now!"
"Look, I can tell he likes you and maybe it slipped and it wasn't what he meant," she sighed.
"He could be a rapist!"
"He isn't bad Evee. Let go of the past and look at him! You two would be amazing together," suggested Hayley. Evee did imagine it... and they would, but she shook it away.
"Really? I thought you were only paying attention to Robin." Hayley bit her lip, but decided to not say anything.
"Hayley, this is business. I know Robin may seem wonderful but it's not his intent."

Ryder banged his head upon the sink as Robin came in.
"Can I ask what you were thinking?" asked Robin.
"I don't know," he stuttered. "It just slipped out! I... I like this girl, and maybe I like her because she doesn't like me. But she's different than the others, I can feel it."
"....You can feel it?" laughed Robin. Ryder just shrugged past him back into their caboose.
"You don't understand," he muttered.
The boys returned back to the booth to find the girls not talking. Evee silently read her book while Hayley avoided eye contact with her. Hayley began to talk to Robin to forget about it.
"I want to apologize for what I said," began Ryder. Evee looked up from her book.
"It's alright," she said softly. He noticed a change of mood in her.
"I missed the meeting of this case because I had to attend the funeral of my sister," he explained. Evee's heart stung and she knew she shouldn't have been mean... they would be amazing together.
"I'm very sorry," she replied, but when she put her hand upon his he knew she meant it. He firmly grasped it, and for his loss she gave him a warm smile. His heart melted, and he closed his eyes so he could dream about Evee.

"So, what is this case anyways?" Ryder asked, and when Robin and Hayley joined the conversation Evee began to feel uncomfortable around them.
"Well, we are to meet someone at the station... oh I forgot his name," remarked Hayley.
"His name must've slipped from mine too," said Evee. "What I remember is that we are to investigate further followings of the house...supposedly nobody alive owns the place and the town has no intention of selling it. But they said strange things have been happening."
"Wait... the guy we are meeting with started with a C..." muttered Hayley. Evee slowly nodded, recalling it was with that letter.
"Strange combination," Ryder remarked. "Why would they need a forensic, detective, spy and weapon specialist for?"

Overtime as the night sky outside revealed itself, the more the train got empty. Evee had fallen asleep on the booth while Robin's face slept upon the cold window.
"It's snowing," remarked Hayley, seeing the white flakes fall upon the barren outside world. Ryder forced himself to makes his eyes leave Evee's gently breathing. His blue eyes saw the snow fall.

"Robin really likes you," Ryder said.

"He does? Really?!" she said. "Oh... I mean he does?"

"I've been around girls... believe it or not so has Robin. He's never connected with a girl like this."

"Oh.... so you were with a bunch of girls before?"

"I was, not Robin," he admitted. "I will say my past is something I am not proud of... but I'm working on it. Maybe Evee sees the old me." he looked back at Evee.

Her brown hair was perfect, yet with the darkness it shaded it. Her rosy cheeks matched the tint of her lips. When her eyes search around it's almost like a black hole.... those eyes suck all the love out of him and to her.

"Well... she doesn't like men like you were. But you have changed," she said. "So don't give up."

"I feel there is something in her that she isn't giving up," he muttered.

"...Her father did some horrible things Ryder... and other cops as well have been fired because of what they did to her."

"What did they do?" he asked with concern. It seemed everyone had a little past... and it seemed they all werent as bright and cheerful.

"...She never told me. She never told anyone but our captain so they could be reported."

Ryder slowly nodded and glanced back at Evee. It's not that she doesn't like Ryder... she just doesn't trust him... yet.

"Don't tell her I said anything," said Hayley, punching Ryder. They both laughed slowly, and the train's speed began to decrease. Ryder gently awoke Evee.

"It's time to go," he said to her. She nodded gently but he helped her up. She was so tired she could hardly walk, but Ryder supported her. They grabbed all their belongings and hopped off the train.

Outside the air was freezing and snow covered everything. Before Evee could refuse Ryder tossed his jacket onto her with a grin. She blushed and slid her hands into the sleeves. When her hands reached back to the cold air and not the warmth of the jacket, new warmth found them. Ryder's hands found hers and he gently and slowly kissed Evee's cheek. She closed her eyes and breathed out, finally decided to let her heart decide what she wants in her life.

"Right-o! You must be the group for the marsh house," said a very handsome man, and an old fashioned outfit, way outdated for 2012.

"My name is Carter Doyle. I'm your escort during your stay," he grinned.


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