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Internet Reality 2

Novel By: KristenLOVEStoWRIGHT

Does Jamie go through what Taylor did?
Or does Jamie Learn from the expierance.

Jamie tries to face the terrible fate, but is she going to make it? Will she live?
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Submitted:Jan 25, 2009    Reads: 253    Comments: 11    Likes: 3   

I picked up my phone to call Taylor`s cell. The phone rang and rang but no one answered. It was highly rair that she wouldn`t answer her cell phone.

I rushed out the front door and ran to Taylors house.

I opened the front door and rushed to her room.

My heart beat went faster and faster as I swung open the door.

I Looked on the ground to see Taylor.

Blood was everywhere. On her computer chair, splatered on the walls and on her things. Her eyes were open and her mouth was open like he was gasping for air. She looked terrifyed and worried.

I ran next to her getting blood all over my clothes. I put my fingers on her neck cheking for a heart beat. There was no sighn of life. I turned around to see a hologram behind me with a smirk.

"Did you do this?" I asked as Tears ran down my face and I stood up. "Yes. muhahahahaha." He said as he disapeared.

I looked at the ground and my knees became week. I fell to the ground and tears fell down my face. I could no longer bare to see her beautiful eyes staring up at me. I closed her eyes and than stood up, trying not to touch my face, for blood was solken into my skin.

I picked up Taylors phone and called her parents. I told them the hole story,

"So Taylor died by getting killed by a hologram?" Her mother asked as she sobbed over the phone. "yes." tears ran onto the carpet. "And it was her online boyfriend that killed her?" "I`m affraid so." "And you tried caling but there was no answer? So you came to see her and she was dead?"

Her mother started to cry and than hung up. I looked at Taylor and than sat on the floor.

"OH MY GOSH!" Taylors mother screemed as she stood in the entrance of her bedroom door. "Yes," I looked down as i felt my bloody hands. "No!" Her mother cried and fell to the ground.

We sat there and cried. I soon called 911 to take Taylors body away. We could no longer bare to leave her there.

After Taylor was gone her mother took a pair of Taylors clothes and got me to take a shower so I was clean.

In my shower I noticed something strange. I could see Taylors face in the blood that fell off my skin.

"Jamie. Be carefull. Don`t let Anyone you don`t know meet you. It could be the Internet trying to reach you." I heared Taylor`s voice say in a dreary way.

"But what I am to do? What if he gets me in other ways?" I asked. "Just don`t worry. I will try and protect you." I heared again. "But you dead? How are you even talking to me?" I asked as tears ran down my face. "I`m an angle now. I`m your gardian angle." Her voice weakend. "Whats going on?" I asked. "Don`t worry. I must go." her voice faded away. "Goodbye." I cried.

After my showed I put my bloody clothes into a plastic bag. I than gave Taylor`s mother a hug and left the house.

Once I got home I put my clothes in the londry room and went up in my room to cry somemore.

"Whats wrong?" My mother said as she walked into my bedroom. "Taylor got murdered." I cried. "Oh my. She was such a nice girl." She sat down and put her hand on my back. "I know and she is dead! I don`t know what to do without her." I hugged my mom. "I`m sorry. You too were the best of friends." she hugged me back as a tear fell off her face.

My mom let go of me and than got up and whiped her eyes. Her than walked out of my room.

I laid down on my bed and looked at the cieling.

"Things will never be the same." I said to myself.


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