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Survive (Only You Can Decide)

Novel By: KulSteph

The Apocalypse had begun.
We are recruting people whoever just come.C
apable to understand that you are human. If that is.
And also if you have a power we would naturally love you to come and help us.
We also know a safe place,a new world.
But we need people,and very skilled fighters. View table of contents...



Submitted:Aug 21, 2012    Reads: 37    Comments: 9    Likes: 3   

Are you a survivor? I ask you? I don't care who you are,well yes obviously I do. But lets not get to that now. Okay? I, with some friends. Am looking for any survivors of the apocalypse. I want to know if someone out there can hear me. I with my friends had made this old radio junk made into a worldwide radio. I had been calling out since it started. Let me tell you guys out there. That you are save here. In the time I had called out. Some survivors had came,those are some friends. And they are with me and I am with them. We protect each other. We are looking for other survivors.

If you want descriptions of us,I'll tell you. Well let me tell you about me first. I have black hair,scars mostly around my body one scarf that goes thru my right eye thru my mouth making a diagonal line in my face. I am a fierce fighter,a smart nerd,and a sensitive man. I had seen many die. And many transform. I had seen many that I seen by,survivors,who don't care unite with us. Being walking on the streets all changed looking for food. Humans.

Okay now let me tell you about my second in command. She is another fighter an incredible one. Also has her brains that work very well. And has something that no one has. A power,yeah you may say. And why doesn't she use it so that nothing of those monsters ain't left. But let me tell you something she gets tired. She only uses that when really necessary and when she gets tired she goes unconscious,so she is like our second special weapon. Only when really needed we use her. Also maybe want to know physical features well let me just tell you this,she is blond,not dumb but ass smart.

Also we had to have a doctor, everyone needs one. But let me tell you this. We have two doctors. And both are very experienced. Both have 30 years old. One a woman and the other a man. Both when they came had medicines and some of there work stuff. They always have their stuff. Also both are great fighters. The woman has red hair and the man has blonde hair. The man that we call Dr.Saver. Has a sword. But not just any kind of sword, he has a Katana, that is a Japanese sword that has a lot of sharp edges. Is a very good weapon on cutting of heads. And the woman that we call Dr.KIA(KnowItAll). She isn't one of those that presume,but she really knows her stuff. She has an awesome weapon that she herself made a spell. That who ever touches that swords edges will die instantly. And if its already dead. It will fall completely.

Now you may say That's all the people you have. And let me tell you this. No that's not all the people we have we are six. But the rest are just kids. Two twins to tell exactly also both those kids also have powers. But they say that they won't say anything else. We ask them if they could show us. But they say that when really needed they'll do it. But as we adults are great fighters don't have a Necessary need to use them.
Also the twins are a girl and a boy.Both with white hair and blue eyes. They just don't say where they come from or what they can do. We found them and told them to come with us. Also they are good fighters.Really, I give them some of my weapons and they shoot an awesome headshot.

But really as I said on the first paragraph. We need people. Great fighters. Survivors and we could lead you to a new world that you had never imagined. But only you decide. She this journey be made?
Only You Can Decide

A/N:I ask you that. Should I make this novel? While doing The Elemental? What do you say. Just comment me on what do you think and if you could give me suggestions better. :)
Okay C YA :)

P.S. Hiya guys,im already making this,but still if you want tolike me keepyou posted. Just fan me and I'll fan back. And also keep you posted :)


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