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Vampire Wars- the battle of all

Novel By: lanchava

The greatest war of the vampires under two leaders:

Susan Wald and Voppus Neive.

Susan, with the good vampires, only takes a little of human blood. but Voppus, her older brother, feels that they should take the humans and drain them of all their blood. Now the good vampires, (or the Walds) must fight against the Neives in a battle in which the future of humanity depends. View table of contents...



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In the middle of a forest miles from any village, somebody was stirring. It was dusk, and the time of the vampire. He opened his eyes slowly and blinked in the moonlight. He chuckled as he thought of the unlucky human that he would soon be feasting on. His dark, intelligent eyes wandered towards a motionless object in the cover of the trees. Suddenly with a burst of speed the deer took off, closely followed by the person. The deer, however, was no match for the speed of a vampire, and soon the vampire was enjoying a nice meal of fresh venison. Five miles away in a mountain cave sat ten people. They were having an urgent meeting. " The nieves are near, I can almost smell them!" hissed a tall black male. He looked around the cave like a hawk, studying every nook and cranny. The others nodded, except a young girl of about twelve. She shivered slightly. " Father, when are we going back to the base? Mother will be anxious!" she whispered to a blonde haired man next to her. He squeezed her hand and motioned for her to come closer to him. " My son is only seventeen, yet he had led the Nieves to many victories against us. I now wish he had never been born!" spat her father. The others murmered warily. " Diago, you and your human wife had both Susan and Voppus when you were a human. After your deal, we changed them into vampires, but it was not your fault." sighed the black vampire tiredly. He had been at work in the cave all day, and he was urging for dawn to arrive so he could get some shut eye. Diago nodded his head. " I had only hoped he would of been more respectful to humans, but after that incident i knew something was wrong. I should of told you my suspicions." Susan frowned. She was still only part vampire as the vampire blood had still to dominate her whole body. One of the advantages of being a vampire was becoming more smart and more fitter. Yet Susan still didn't understand what they were talking about. " Father, what do you mean?" An old vampire stood up and smiled at Susan. She got up and walked over to the vampire elder. His name was Hans, and he was a brave German vampire. " Susan, your family comes from Deutschland, yet you were raised in Britain. Anyway..." he added as the others glared at him to get on with the story. " Some vampires, like your brother, show signs that they must or want to have all the human's blood. Most of the time it is when they have their first taste of blood that they crave more, so they drink more. Like alcohol..." here he also trailed off as the male vampires glared at him, for they loved a good beer. The only woman vampire there, Lady Catherine, as she was called, chuckled and then froze. " NIEVE!"


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