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The Pains of Life

Novel By: LiliaRayne

Life, what a dark useless thing. What is the use of living when every breath is torture? Wouldn't it be so much easier to stop the futile roller-coaster when only grim, terrible, and dreadful things happen to you? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 5, 2013    Reads: 42    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

I slowly open my eyes when my nose registers the smell of mold and moisture. I blink a few times before realizing it's too dark to see anything. 'I remember…,' I desperately grasp at the depths of my mind and try again, 'I remember…what do I remember?' Putting a hand to my aching head, I hear the clank of metal and something hard, cold, and heavy on my wrist but naively ignore it. Forcing my eyes shut, I rub my temples to try and think back to the last thing I can recollect. 'Oh, right!' I congratulate myself on recalling something. 'Nate, Jacob and I were walking home from a movie and we were talking about what we liked the most and how bad the end was…then…then…' Opening my eyes again I sigh in annoyance at how little my memory is serving me; but all of a sudden, like a ton of bricks, I recall what happened next. 'I heard harsh breathing then a cloth with a gross fragrance was covered over my mouth…the last thing I can retain is my older brothers calling out my name…'

Abruptly, my senses keen and I look around in fear to see two more forms beside me, looking limp. "Nate?" I ask hesitantly watching out for any movement that might be vile. "Jacob?" Hearing a murmur and whine I glue my eyes to the farthest figure starting to stir.

I hear a questioning and tentative, hoarse tenor voice ask back, "Rose?" I sigh in relief at hearing Nate's call, and show a smile, even though I know he can't see it. "Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" he interrogates, leaving me no room to answer in between.

"Yah," I start replying with contentment that he's safe lathering the sound of my voice, "I'm alri-" Stopping mid-sentence, I recognize the feel of restraint when I try crawling over to him. I tug at the objects that are holding me back, but they won't budge. Grabbing it with my other hand, I tug and pull but soon realize I'm cuffed with chains connecting me to the wall. "Nate!" I whisper urgently, taking another worried glance quickly around the dark room, "I'm chained up!"

I easily catch the sounds of metal clinking in the silent room and a shouting whisper as scared as mine, "Me too!" Frantically, we start tugging and pulling trying to get out of this situation that we know is bound to get worse!

Unexpectedly, I hear a door slam and loud, boot-like steps being taken above us. The steps take their time as if going in slow-motion. They pass by us after what seems like forever. I finally let out a breath of air that I was holding in horror of this mysterious figure. "Who was that," I mumble softly as my heart keeps beating. Then, I try to decipher whether the footsteps have stopped, or if they are somewhere I cannot hear them. Nate and I stop breathing because of our dread, and also because we're trying to see where the heavy footsteps have gone. Without warning, the door closest to Nate suddenly opens with light pouring out and blinding me. Blinking many times, I watch with fear clouded eyes as a masculine body descends slowly with a malicious smile playing on the lips.

"Seems you all finally decided to wake!" a chilling voice creeps out of the evilly smiling mouth. His smile widens when my brother and I try getting away from him by going as far as the chains would take us. The sound of desperate pulling and the loud thud of boots on wooden stairs echo throughout the empty basement.

All of a sudden, I remember Jacob and look over at his still limp body with frightened eyes. Lunging for his form, I cover him with my own and hug the droopy body close to me. The footsteps come closer and with every step he takes I flinch and seem to grit my teeth and close my eyes even tighter than what I had them. Soon, his footsteps stop right in front of us making my senses go to alarm mode. It's as if warning lights are flashing inside my head saying, "Danger! Danger! Danger!" I'm shaking with panic when a rough, large hand grabs the hair on the back of my head and pulls until my terror-stricken face is seen from the little light coming from the door he had entered. Without realizing it, his other hand brushes a coarse finger on the side of my face inflicting a shiver to run up and down my spine in fear.

"Damn! You don't have bad looks at all," he announces in a low bass murmur. 'Don't touch me you monster!' I determine inside my head, giving a disgusted look to the man touching me and bite his finger until I taste copper. "Ouch, bitch!" he yells, kicking me hard enough to throw me off Jacob and slam into the wall behind me. When I come in contact with the brick wall, my breath gets knocked out of me and I end up gasping for oxygen. He comes up to my coughing and choking body and bends down to get his low, rumbling voice into my ear, "You got a shitty body, but with an attitude like yours…" He pauses, giving me time to register the horrifying words, then whispers wickedly, "It'll be lots of fun to break you."

He pulls away and enjoys the look of pure horror in my eyes mixed with the flaring pain in my stomach. Getting up and showing a smug smile on his shadowy face, the guy starts walking to the stairs without a care in the world for my brothers. I hold a nasty look towards him, the worst I can get, until he turns around once at the top of the steps. Grinning wickedly, he proclaims slyly, "I'll be leavin for a while." He turns back to the door and opens it, but adds, without turning around, "Have fun starving!" Just like every evil villain, he laughs maniacally and slams the door shut behind himself. My heart is beating so hard it feels like it's about to jump out of my chest.

My head, along with Nate's, follows the sounds of footsteps a floor above us until another slam of a door indicates he's gone. I hear a motor from a car roar to life and fade off into the distance. Unconsciously, I sigh in relief at not having to deal with the kidnapper for a while but my breath hitches when his last words echo through my head, "Have fun starving…starving…starving…!" Scrunching my brows together I contemplate, 'What does he mean by that?'

Hearing a grunt from the figure beside me, I look over to see it move slightly then start getting up. He puts a hand to his head and I could tell, without looking, that the realization of where he was waking up at was hitting him hard. His breathing quickens and he puts his back against the wall when he sees both Nate and I.

"It's okay Jake!" I hastily state trying to calm him down from the shock. I grab my sides quickly and gasp for air as if someone just kicked me in the lungs. Tears spring up from nowhere and trickle down my cheeks from the horrible pain I'm feeling.

"Rose?" he asks, sounding like he's freaking out even more than what he was before.

"I-I'm o-okay!" I try to grit through my clenched teeth. I gasp for another shallow breath at another wave of pain going through my abdominal area.

"I'm here too," Nate butts in trying to calm Jacob down from the fright he's feeling. I hear a sigh of relief and can see he's relaxing a little. Jacob then looks down at his wrists and starts tugging at the cuffs.

"They won't come off, man," Nate tells Jake simply, sounding like he'd shrug his shoulders right now. "We've already tried."

"Where are we?" Jake asks, looking around the spacious, dark, damp room, "And…what happened to you Rose?"

"As for your first question," Nate starts, sounding like a detective, "We have no idea where we are just that we've been kidnapped."

"A-as for your s-second question," I stutter and try to get through the pain by grabbing my side harder, "I-I bit the guy's f-finger and he got k-kinda mad…"

Swiftly, the room fills with silence except for the random clink of metal. I abruptly stop breathing as to not give away how much pain I'm in.

"Rose?" I hear Nate tentatively ask, "What was up with his last words?"

Grabbing my side even tighter, I reply with a question of my own, after a sharp inhale, "D-do you really th-think he'll starve u-us?"

"I wouldn't put it past him," Jake butts in, sounding like his normal calm, serious self.

"Why do you say that?" Nate demands, sounding bewildered that Jake knows what we're talking about.

"Well," Jake starts out, "he is a kidnapper and they're known for things like starvation, torture, and…death."

A shiver runs up and down my spine as if Jake just hit something right on the money. 'I hope not,' I wish, giving the door the kidnapper had come from a wary glance.

After that little conversation everything falls silent with a heavy blanket of dread covering us all. I realize that I'm actually quite thirsty and I start worrying, but before I can do much more fretting, my eyes feel overweight. They suddenly close, leaving all the uncertainty behind in a world of black.

***Just in case you cannot read the image, the hand to your left says "help" and the hand to your right says "me" (I thought it fit this story very well) Hope you enjoy :)***


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