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Bite Mark

Novel By: lovelybundy

Lisa Holden lives in Seattle, she loves to travel, dance, watch old films and she's a vampire. Don't worry, she won't bite. When Lisa was newly turned at the age of twenty-two in 1890, she was trained to protect the human race by her maker. So when dead girls start showing up around Seattle, it's up to Lisa to find the killer and put his rampage to rest. On top of that, Lisa has two men after her. One being a powerful but vengeful vampire and the other being a Seattle Detective who is completely human and unaware of Lisa's true identity. View table of contents...



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The air filled with the scent of snow soon approaching, Lisa trotted up the steps made of grey stone, her red trench coat snuggled close to her body. Lisa was then greeted by a man wearing a suit that was probably a rental and he smelled of cheap wine, he opened the large door for her and bowed his head just slightly with a grin across his face, "Good to see you again, Miss Holden," Lisa smiled at him, following with a thank you before entering a small vestibule that was mostly bare except for the large chandelier that hung high above her on the tall ceiling. A couple who stared at Lisa with some jealousy in their eyes, stood against the wall near the large open door frame.

With gracious steps, Lisa walked into a large ballroom, giant stairs leading down to the dance floor that was full of people dressed up in formal attire. Lisa pulled away her coat and revealed a long black dress with a deep neckline. Everyone in the room watched Lisa walked down the stairs, she was a show stopper to say the least, every girl wanted to be her and every boy wanted her. She was, after all the head and oldest female vampire in Seattle.

Lisa made her way past the crowd of dancers, who recently started up again after watching her enter the room, and made her way to the bar, "Vodka tonic with a hint of A positive," She smiled, her fangs just flashing out a bit. The male bartender smiled and turned to make her drink.

"Didn't think you'd show up," A male wearing an expensive grey suit, from what Lisa could tell, it was definitely Armani. The male smiled, flashing his own fangs at Lisa.

"Why would you figure that," Lisa turned towards her drink, the blood forming an odd shape in the vodka, she took a sip after spinning the skinny straw around.

The man grinned, not answering. This man was Edward Thompson, a strong and powerful vampire who was actually older than Lisa originally from Louisiana who recently has taken a liking to her, "Well, you seem to not really ever be into these kinds of things, my love."

Lisa ran her finger over the rim of her glass slowly, "You don't know me that well. Although I'm not really into the crowd, I love dancing and-" She raised her glass, "Drinking."

Edward chuckled, his cheeks showing faint dimples, "Then let's dance," He held out his hand, wiggling his fingers a bit to entice her to dance with him.

In that moment, Lisa took a look around, noticing everyone had been staring at the two, whispering and wondering if they were a couple. If they were, the world would probably crumble into pieces, the two are extremely powerful alone, together they'd be unstoppable. The problem was, Lisa believed he was evil underneath the fake charm, she just had no proof.

The whole room gasped when Lisa took his hand and was lead by him to the dance floor. A slow song began to play, she looked into Edward's eyes, they seemed to flash black. As she danced with him she had no idea that a brutal crime was going on just outside. A crime that would soon consume the life she once knew, everything was about to change.

A frantic woman came running into the ballroom, screaming at the top of the stairs about something. Lisa tore away from Edward and pushed past the crowd, walking to the end of the stairs. "Calm down!" Lisa shouted, the woman staring in horror at Lisa, she had blood on her hands and dress. Lisa thought about how lucky she was that her dress wasn't all that expensive. She then saw the woman's face get back some color.

"Outside, in the alley, a girl, she's dead!"

The room gasped, it was apparent that the cause of death was by vampire, the vampires hadn't had a murderer in their clan for decades. Everyone looked to Lisa, now that her maker was deceased, it was her job to find the killer.

When Lisa was turned, her maker was a ruler of vampires, he was one to protect vampires and most of all, humans. Lisa was trained to do the same, but never had to actually do it until now. Lisa glanced behind her at the crowd, she heard Edward call to her just as she ran up the stairs, ignoring him she ran outside to the alley.

The man who had greeted her earlier was kneeling over the body, he looked up at Lisa. "My lady, the body is still warm. I didn't even hear the screams, that woman saw the body when she was entering," He shook his head and sighed.

Lisa knelt down next to the body, she immediately saw the bite marks on her neck then as her eyes scanned down, she saw her chest was torn open and hollowed out. She brought her hand to her mouth and gasped, who could do this. The sight made her want to vomit, despite her food source being blood, she had never seen anything more gruesome in her life.

The vampires were only suppose to feed from donors, the look on the deceased girl's face showed she wasn't a donor and that she had no idea what was happening. From the look of her, she was much to young to even be a donor, maybe only fifteen years old. The approached police sirens alerted Lisa.

"Tell everyone to go out the back way and leave," Lisa ordered the door greeter. He quickly hurried off into the building, leaving Lisa alone with the body.

"Ma'am?" A deep low voice came up behind Lisa who was still kneeling over the body, she felt a hand touch her shoulder and she quickly spun around on her knees and pushed whoever back, showing fear and disgust, trying to act as a human.

The man wearing a cheap suit and a badge near his belt knelt down next to Lisa, shushing her in a soft matter, "Ma'am, what's happened?" His eyes went from Lisa to the body behind her, horror washed over his face, "Oh my god," He whispered just as cops in uniform came running out of their vehicles and towards them.

While being questioned, Lisa acted confused and frightened, "Did you know the victim?" The man wearing the cheap suit asked, a little notepad in his hand with a pencil that desperately needed sharpening.

"Uh, no," She shook her head, her mouth lay open just slightly, "I was just walking home from a party and found her," Lisa cupped her head in her hands, sobbing quietly.

After more questioning and the man with the cheap suit's partner showing that he obviously didn't believe a word Lisa was saying, she was allowed to leave the scene, the man with the cheap suit was ordered to drive her home for her own safety, Lisa knew that wasn't the only reason. Lisa Holden was now a suspect in the murder of fifteen year old, Casey Addams.

The car pulled up in front of Lisa's apartment building, the whole building was almost made completely of glass, "Wow," The detective mumbled, Lisa smiled and looked at him, wiping away a few forced dried up tears.

"Rich parents," She lied and opened up the car door, stepping one heel on the ground.

The detective was amazed that she heard him, he felt a little stupid for saying it, "Goodnight, ma'am," He said politely. Lisa nodded and stepped her second hell on the ground, looking at the long walk to the door. She glanced back at the detective.

"Detective-" She let her voice linger in the air.

"Andrews, Matthew Andrews."

"It's only common courtesy to walk me to my door, Detective Andrews," She smirked, her red matte lips still neatly applied.

Detective Andrews turned the car off, stepping out of his side of the car and walking over to Lisa, holding his hand out to help her out. Lisa took it graciously and held onto it until they made it up to the front doorstep, "Thank you and goodnight, Detective."

Lisa could feel the detective's eyes on her until she disappeared into the elevator, it was something Lisa was use to, but she enjoyed it more from him for a reason she didn't understand.

Lisa entered her apartment and closed the door. She walked over to the large ceiling to floor windows and looked out at the Seattle skyline. What a beautiful city, she thought to herself just before walking over to a wall and clicking a button, dark thick curtains covering the city up. Sun would rise soon, she wasn't into burning to ash.

The laptop screen lit up, giving her apartment a blue glow. As Lisa checked up on who Casey Addams was, her IM beeped a few times. She cocked her head in curiosity and clicked on the blinking page from an anonymous username.

"Good luck on finding me, princess." The first IM said, following by, "I'll use your skin as lamp shades, I'll drink your blood dry and feed the rest to my dogs."

Lisa's nonbeating heart sank in her chest, these were messages had to be from the killer. Her fingers hung over the keys just as the screen went black, a skull flashing in the minute of it with bold red letting under it. Dead Girl it read.

She slammed the laptop shut and pushed it away, looking around her darkened apartment. She didn't smell or hear anyone but she knew somehow they were watching her. She stood from her sofa and walked over to the window, glancing out at the city coming to life as the sun rose. If she was going to catch this killer, she needed her rest. Lisa sighed, laying over on her sofa and falling asleep.

Authors Note

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. The second chapter should be posted soon. Please excuse any mistakes, I didn't go make and edit yet but I should soon. I will post each outfit she wears in each chapter over on the external link, so if you want to get an idea of her looks, check that out!


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