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I Will Get My Revenge, Trust Me

By: Lozzy G

Chapter 1, This is a story about 6yr old Annalise-Billie Edwards who gets her revenge on five burglars who murder her mother. WARNING: later on in a few later chapters it might get gory. Just saying :3

Annalise peered over her duvet. Someone's broken in, what do i do! she thought as she heard the footsteps walking around downstairs. Slowly, She got up and slid her legs out from underneath the duvet and dropped them to the side of the bed. She got up off the bed and crept over to her bedroom door. Annalise opened to door as quietly as she could and peered around the door. She moved into the corridor, looking around her, then she crept over to her mother's bedroom and opened the door. She ran over to her mother.

"Mother, mother! wake up!" Annalise whispered as she shook her mother awake.

"What's the matter?" Teresa asked tiredly

"Mother, someone's broken in!"

Teresa sat up and looked at Annalise, who was shaking with fear. Teresa got up and grabbed Annalise's hand and together they crept out into the corridor. Annalise stayed behind her mother looking behind them frequently for anyone who was following them. They got to the top of the stairs.

"Annalise, i want you to stay here. I'm going to go down there, grab the phone and call the police, ok?" Teresa whispered.

Annalise nodded and hugged Teresa. Annalise now stood alone on the landing hoping for her mother's return. Then suddenly, an ear-piercing scream echoed onto the manors walls all around Annalise followed by angry voices. Annalise ran down the stairs to the kitchen.

"MOTHER!" Annalise screamed at the top of her lungs.

A horrific scene lay infront of Annalise's eyes. Her mother's white, lifeless body was laying on the now red stained floor tiles. The burglars looked around to see Annalise sobbing into her dark brunette hair. They all stared at eachother. One told her to be silent or she dies too, Annalise screamed louder. So they left in panic. Annalise ran overto her mothers dead body. She knelt down beside her.

"This is all my fault" Annalise told herself as she wiped her tear sodden face.

Annalise closed her mother's eyes and stood up.

"But don't worry mother, i'll get them back for you" Annalise sniffed

Annalise looked to the side of her. There was a cell phone on the floor, Annalise reached for it, she grabbed it and looked at the contacts: four other people. This must be one of the burglars Annalise thought. She put it one of her pyjamapocketsand went to the manor's phone.

She rung the police that her manor got broken into andher mother was killed. They came around a few minutes later and got investigators to find any evidence.

One of the policemen took little Annalise outside and asked her a few questions about the crime. After awhile, the policeman took Annalise to her auntie Carly who agreed to care for Annalise now that her mother's gone. When Annalise went up to her auntie's guest room, she took out a notepad and started to jot down how to kill the five murderers who made this happen...

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