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Rise of the Living Dead

By: Matthew Brazwell

Chapter 1, It\'s a zombie book about 5 people as of right now. They are John Wiggins, Ron Patterson, Nate Brazwell, Annette Pelz, and Captian Josh Lyons. They are a part of a group called the STARTs (Special Tactics and Rescue Team). John is a new recrute, Ron is a mechanic, Nate a ex-marine,Annette a graduate, and Josh was also a ex-marine with Nate. I got the Idea of this story from the book series, Resident evil by the author S.D. Perry. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Chapter 1

John was slightly below the speed limit of 55mph going down Loyal Road. He veered to thr right lane and went down Royal Road. "Loyal Road, Royal Road. . . god where is Lane road man i'm gonna be late", whinned John as he started to slighty go pass the speed limit passing by the cars. He went past another five or so roads until he finally seen the one he was looking for. "About time. Good god", he exclaimed letting a slight smirk appear over his face. John was just recently hired into the START's also known as the 'Special Tactics and Rescue Team'. He turned onto the road and realized it was a dirt road. "Great, nice area to take a Mustang huh?", He exclaimed as he started down the road.

He was hired for his skills in both sniping and hand to hand combat. He looked at his watch and seen that it was already 4:50a.m. "Damn it! Only five more min..." Suddenly a guy walked in front of his car less then ten feet ahead of him. "Oh crap!" He hollered as he slammed on the breaks and swirved of the road. He landed in a ditch and when he got out of the car to see where the guy was, he was gone. "What the hell? Was he drunk?", He asked as he looked around wondering where the guy went. He looked like he was sick though. Was he okay? He wondered as he turned aruond and saw that he wouldn't be able to get his car out of the ditch. It was at least three feet deep. "Damn drunk people.",he said as he went in the car to grab his knife and gun. He looked in his club box and found two clips for his gun. A colt python and three clips. Great gun. He thought as he started heading further down the road.


"Yo Ron catch" Ron turned and seen a bottle of water come at him. He moved to the left and cought it with his right hand. He looked up and seen that it was Nate who threw him the bottle.

"Well hey Nate I see your early", Ron said as he sat at his desk and took a sip of the water.

Nate came up to him and lit a cigarrete taking a hit before talking. "Haha ya. I know it's surprising huh. What are you doing here so early huh?". Ron looked up at the clock and seen that it's already about time for the meeting.

"Well I was just coming here early to see if I can get a clue into what the meeting is for," Ron replied.

Nate who was already about half way down his cigarrete took another hit then asked, "Well? Did Captian Josh tell you anything?". Ron looked up from his computer as he asked the question he put out his cigarrete and sat on Ron's desk.

" but he did say it was about a mission" replied Ron. As Ron finished he seen Annette walk in with the new boy.


"Hey Annette how you doing baby girl?" Nate asked Annette giving her a wink.

She walked up to him in a quick pace and went up to his ear and whispered, "keep dreaming hun."Ron heard her and laughed pointing his finger at Nate. Nate went up toRon and gave him a slight punch in the arm.

"Shut it mechanic boy I might punch you a bit harder," Nate said with a smirk. He then went to the far end where his desk is located. He sat down and watched as Annette went back to the new boy and they headed for the meeting room. "Well I guess we should get going to huh? Josh is probably waiting for us,"Nate said.Ron nodded and he and Ron followed the other two.


He was following her to the metting room at the far left of the hall when he stopped. "Hey...Annette thanks for the ride. I thought I was gonna be late the first time I came." He looked cute in a way. Brown hair, blue eyes, and he had a great body.

Annette looked up at him and replied, "No problem, you should be lucky since that would had been a long walk. Well the meeting room is at the end of this hall. Shall we?" He nodded his head and they headed to the meeting room, Ron and Nate behind to get ready for the meeting.

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