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Darklight Chapter 1#

Novel By: Meagan Blyth

Darklight is a novel about a girl called Aerona Wright, who was imprisoned by her father.
She has recently managed to escape, but ends up in the weirdest places.....
A detailed horror novel, I am constantly working on it an will be releasing some chapters exclusively on DeviantArt and Booksie. I am hoping to publish it on Lulu. View table of contents...



Submitted:Aug 8, 2008    Reads: 110    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

The air was still. Aerona stood over the person's lifeless body. 'What had she done?' she thought.

Nonsense. I wasn't her. She just thought it was for a second. But it wasn't, was it? The thoughts spinning through her head caused her to become faint. She looked down at her hands. They were clean. 'Good. I won't look like I did anything' was her previous thought as she quickly overcame that thought with 'I should have known. I didn't do it.'. The mist was swirling around her. As she breathed in the cold night air, she knew she had done something. It just wasn't right somehow.

Trying to stay composed, she gathered her wits and bounded out through the graves.

* ~ Darklight ~*

The next moring Aerona watched the policemen from her windowsill. Scuttiling around, questioning the owners and townsfolk. They had grouped around where she had seen the body last night, photographing and pondering. They had no clue.

Aerona was lucky, as she had escaped her prison of the ceiling cavity a couple nights ago, she didn't know how, she just realised she was outside one night and ran back to the house and saw where she had escaped. Climbing back up the rubbish chute she wondered how she had gotten there. Aerona had marveled at her obvious intelligence and popped back into the room. It was dark and simple. It had a small single bed with a frilly pillow, a chest of drawers and a large mirror. There was a circle-shaped black rug and 1 tiny window stained with what she believed was blood. It was her chamber, and she had resided in it for nearly 3 years.

She thought back to her childhood. When she had her mother...her cat..... just simple things that were know lost to her. Things like her pet cat. It was a kitten when she'd found it meowing outside her window, and she loved it at first sight. But it wasn't officialy hers, it was her mothers, because she paid for it but Aerona loved it. One day she just went outside, and was looking for it. Nowhere. Her father, Seth, hated the thing and today he was coming back from a weekend away with his comrades from work. For it's own sake, she liked to hide it in her room so Seth didn't do anything to the loved family cat. She had a feeling if it was alone for too long, it would get disorientated and wander off to him, which she knew musn't happen. She looked everywhere one day, but to no avail. Her mother was so comforting, but Seth just mumbled 'she must have loved it to death' and then there was a feeling of despair for the rest of the night. Aerona longed to have her own again, but Seth said no. Seth. Seth was so cruel.....

Then her mind wandered again. She thought about her first night here. She was thrown in the room by Michael, her father. She had always wondered what the large mound was in the backyard, and one day had begun to dig with her friend Lyana, and had nearly uncovered what was there when her father came home and had told Lyana to go home and threw Aerona in to the ceiling cavity. She had never seen it before. It was so frightening, with the cramped spaces and the tiny window to the outside, weathered by wind and rain from many years, reminding her of a movie she saw once with a ghost and a attic where somewone had to stay for many years. Huddling up in the corner, waiting for her father to bring her back, she fell into a deep sleep and woke up the next morning, and scince then had never gotten back outside again. The months turned into years and soon she was accustomed to just talking to herself and drawing. Every day she looked out onto the patch where she had been too curious for her own good.

From her 3 years, she had pondered about what had been there nearly 99% of the time. What was there? Why? As she sadly looked out the window she wondered how Lyana was doing.


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