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There are rules to everything; rules that should never be broken. Terra broke a sacred rule, not of Earth and not of a book but of Hell itself. Terra used to sit on her father's left hand, but now she has fallen and is alone. Could her crude behaviour and foul past be wiped clean? Stumbling the world of Earth, stripped of half of her demon identity, could she possibly make it as a half human, or can she be saved? Ultimately... does she want to be? View table of contents...


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Chapter 1 - Rules

Water crashed to the moist paving like an Angel's call, dusting the thirsty dirt with fresh fallen raindrops. The clouds in the sky twisted into foul shades of grey as the rain fell heavier, single flashes of lightning painting itself across the sky in different shapes. Vibrations echoed through the clouds, accompanied by fierce laughter. Laughter not caused by the approaching storm however but tied to the bodies of three teenagers, multicoloured converses printing themselves into the rippling puddles of the storm.
"Trust me, this'll be amazing," a bright voice rang high above the thrashing thunder, nervous laughter of two different teens following her voice.
"You sure? I mean… we're not s'posed to be here, not without a-"
"Guardian?" The leading voice scoffed, her eyes tracing to two doubting teenagers as she stopped fully within the midst of the storm.

The fierce rainfall had drenched her blonde locks; her amber eyes were barely visible beneath her shrouded face. The two other teens, identical in looks and facial expressions, were both fearful for their reputations and their necks. Their ebony locks fell around their shoulders as they exchanged looks of discontent. "I know what you mean Terra, but I mean what are we even doing here… in the middle of no where!" The twin closest to Terra raised her arms in distress, wiping her damp locks from her face in discomfort.
The blonde's eyes narrowed, her fingers pointing accusingly at the twins, "Raven," she addressed the teen closest to her body, "Just trust me."
"Trust you? No one trusts you!" the other twin, quiet up until this moment spoke, her eyes were doubtful as they fell to the moist dirt beneath her shoes, "we shouldn't have come; why did we come?"
Raven elbowed her sister in the forearm, shaking her head disapprovingly to her sibling, "we wanted this," she reminded, looking towards Terra for forgiveness, "we will not back down now, will we Shauna?"
The sibling in question's eyes widened in shock towards her sister's words, but quickly nodded her head in agreement towards the dark look awarded to her by the more powerful Terra. "You are right sister, so where are we going Terra?"
The blonde smiled darkly, her arms lifting into the stormy skies, "we're going to do something so very devilish that we cannot fail!" She laughed aloud, a strike of lightning flashing across the sky, skipping across her fingers like a dot-to-dot diagram.
"That would be…?" Raven prompted, grabbing her sister's hand as they began to follow Terra once more down the vacant pathway.
"We are going to rob someone," the blonde snapped, waving her hand at her two accomplices, not even looking back at them.
"Rob? What is 'Rob?'" the twins inquired together.
Terra sighed melodramatically, her heels twisting in the dirt as she turned to face her followers, "we steal items that others cherish and take them for our own," the teen paused, her nose scrunching up in disgust, "do I have to spell everything out for you?"
The twins quickly shook their heads, picking up pace in time with their leader.

After a few moments of walking, the twins began talking amongst each other nervously.
"Speak your mind, don't waste my time." Terra snapped.
The twins exchanged looks before stopping abruptly; "How do you suppose we rob someone?" Shauna asked, diving her hands into her pockets shyly as the amber gaze reached her startled expression.
Terra grit her teeth, grinding them silently as she tucked a single hand within her green jacket. A few moments of fumbling and the teen swiftly revealed a black device.
"Oh!" Raven's eyes widened, "what is it?"
Terra inspected the item, placing it from hand to hand in childish glee. "They call it a 'gun' apparently it kills them…"
"What?" Shauna spoke up, grabbing a hold of her twin's arm, "you mean to say that this small device can kill someone? Just like that?"
Terra grinned, "it's got something inside it, if you pull this trigger thing…" she pointed towards the trigger with her free hand, "then it kills anything that's in it's line of fire… I can't believe they'd make something like this… they're ever so bloodthirsty around here…" Her lips thinned into a dark smile as she tossed the gun to Shauna. The teen stared at the device in awe, sharing the opportunity with her sister as they both gasped at the labour that must have gone into creating such a deathly device.
"This is amazing, we are actually going to use one of their weapons to destroy them?" Shauna marvelled.
Terra held up her chin with a smirk, retrieving the gun from the sisters, "if all goes to plan then yes."
The word did not go unnoticed by the blonde teen, her head whipping back in an instant to face Raven. The child's rustic red eyes laid upon the weapon with a wary glare but no words fled from her mouth.
"Yes?" Terra snarled through her teeth, her eyes widening in horror at the disrespect she received from the twin.
"W-well," Raven blinked nervously, taking her sister's arm in a comfort that was not easily shared; "it would not be a-approved, I mean… using a weapon crafted by them, y-your father wouldn't-"
"Who cares!" Terra snarled, lifting the gun in her hand loosely and placing it gently against the forehead of the outspoken teen. Raven's muscles tensed as she watched the weapon warily at her forehead.
"This is also forbidden," Shauna reminded as she stepped slightly closer to her sister, lifting an arm in protest.
"I do believe I said 'who cares' were you not listening Shauna? Should I take care of you also?" Terra's voice had darkened, her arm rounding on Shauna as the gun moved direction lying directly between the teens, "sometimes I wonder if you forget whom you're dealing with…"
"We do not Terra," Shauna protested, whimpering slightly as Terra's forefinger stroked across the fateful trigger of the gun.
"P-please," Raven stammered, standing in front of her sister, "w-we know our place, we always have!"
Terra smiled, "good," she grinned, turning around on her heels and momentarily lowering the weapon.
The sisters withdrew large breaths, looking at each other with large bloody eyes.
Terra lowered her face, staring at the gun in her fingers, "though this doesn't mean you haven't learnt your lesson," the teen swung around, aiming the gun recklessly at Shauna whose arms instantly lifted above her head.
"Think about what you're doing Terra… your father…" Raven begged, staring wide eyed at her tearful sibling.
"Time for thinking is over," Terra growled, her fingers tightening around the device, the trigger digging further and further into her fingers.
"Hey is everything alright? I heard yelling…"
A figure in the darkness behind the twins called, a voice not recognised by the teens.
"Human," Raven breathed, glaring at Terra in all hopes she'd abandon the weapon, "we should leave,"
"Everything is absolutely perfect," Terra announced sarcastically, growling under her breath at the frightful twin.
Shauna whimpered once more, tears flooding her eyes as they began to roll down her cheeks.
"Are you sure you don't need some help, it's awfully cold out here and-"
"We're FINE!" Terra snapped; her voice rang high above the storm. Such a powerful tone that both Raven and Shauna were taken aback in surprise. Terra's finger slipped on the trigger, her eyes glowing a monstrous, powerful red in the heat of the storm as the bullet fled the weapon. Raven screamed, pushing her sister to the ground as the bullet stormed past their flesh, hitting the bare side of Raven's forearm as she yelled out in pain.
However, the bullet progressed, slightly stunned by the first hit the bullet changed it's direction ever so slightly, speeding into the shadows and with one yell of surprise…

The teens winced as they heard a body colliding with the ground; a groan of pain as a human's lifeblood ran cold on the empty road.
"Oh shit!" Terra growled, lifting the two twins from the ground with an arm for each. Raven winced, inspecting her wound only to find the skin stitching itself together again. "Hey, guns can't hurt us!" Raven smiled.
Terra growled in response, "no shit sherlock, some of us have real problems."
"You said you wanted to rob someone… so here's your chance," Shauna reminded as she helped her sister fully to her feet.
"Exactly, rob!" Terra snapped, swinging an uneasy hand at Shauna, her fist colliding with the side of her cheek as she fell into her sister's open arms. "Not kill!" Terra cursed loudly as she ran into the shadows, staring open mouthed at the pale figure of a man, his eyes still wide with shock lying on his back on the road.
"Maybe it's not too late maybe it's-"
Terra cut the twin's babbling off as she knelt to the ground, feeling desperately for a pulse, "oh shit… oh fuck!" Terra dug her hands into her hair, tugging at the ends in desperation and fear, "dad's gonna kill me!"
"But you said you didn't-"
"I swear to all that is Unholy if you finish that sentence I'll kill you as well!" Terra snarled to Shauna, still sporting a slowly subsiding bruise from the base of her chin.
Another rumble of thunder reminded the teens where they were. The storm suddenly seemed less friendly, the rain less kind to their skin.
"No…" Terra muttered, slapping the corpse in the face with all her might, "damnit NO!" the teen stood to her feet, raising her arms into the air and staring up into the clouds; "Just stop it, JUST STOP IT!"
The rain persisted, becoming colder against the teen's flesh, slicing at her skin like tiny razors.
"Terra; I think your father knows what you've done…" Raven sighed.
"How many warnings have you had? Fifty?" Shauna added, hugging her body loosely as she stared up at the hateful sky.
Terra dragged her hands against her face, "No… this isn't good, this is fucking bad."
"No shit," Raven muttered, fisting her hands into her black hoody; "you're pretty screwed, what's he gonna do with you this time?"
Shauna grinned, "don't kid yourself sis, Terra's daddy's little anti-angel."
Terra growled under her breath, turning to the twins. Her once amber eyes glowed a fierce red as she pointed her finger accusingly at the sisters; "you played a part in this!"
A sudden rumble from the ground around Terra's feet prompted a premature fall to her knees.
Shauna folded her arms, leaning her head into her twin, "I think you'll find you were the one at fault Terra."
Terra growled, beating the ground around her as the damp concrete began to crack around her in an uneven circle.
"Sorry Terra," Raven said with mocked hurt, waving at the teen as she fell on all fours shakily as the ground fell away around her.
One more rumble of thunder sent the teen beneath the earth, reaching out for her friends who simply stood and stared.
The twins looked at each other with a smirk before landing their rusty gazes on the blonde once more, "see you in Hell." They chanted together, pointing at the teen as the last of the ground fell away, sending her body downwards into the mighty pits of Hellfire beneath.


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