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Acquaintances of the Dark

Novel By: MidnightQueen12

Stella Jackson and her coven of vampires are gypsies. They always move every two months becuas they are on the run from another coven. But when docking in Lille, France, Stella and her fellow vampires meet another coven. And this meeting sparks a war. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 13, 2009    Reads: 243    Comments: 9    Likes: 4   

Chapter 1: Moving

I trudged my feet as we ran. I hated it when we moved. I had actually started to make a few friends. But Nickolas would never allow it. As he would say, "It's much too dangerous to stay in one place for more than two months. You know that, Stella. And you know why."

A sigh escaped my throat. I wished he would stop treating me as a child. I'm 102 years old, for Pete's sake. I'm old enough to start my own coven, if I had any idea how. Addie had told me that creating a coven was difficult if you weren't experienced enough. What experience? I jab my teeth into a random person's neck, wait a few days, and ta-da.

I gazed over at Nathaniel. He was staring at the ground, looking uneasy. Perhaps it was because of the place we were going to. We, my coven and I, were going to France to live for a couple months. Grace had attempted to convince me to act mature about the situation, but as usual, I didn't cooperate easily.

My coven is made up of seven people: The Leader, Nickolas, and his mate, Grace; then there was Derrick and his mate, Addie; then there was Amber, who didn't have a mate yet; and me and my mate, Nathaniel. Nathaniel had told me that he was positive that we were made for each other. That time, I didn't disagree.

The trees flew by me as I ran. I was used to that. It was one of my favorite parts about being a vampire. Next to the strength and the beauty. So far, at every school I've attended since I became a vampire, I've been asked out 111 times. Of course, I've never accepted any of the proposals. I was Nathaniel's, as I would be forever.

A feeling of excitement came over me suddenly. I wondered why. It's not like I had anything to be excited about. New school, new teachers, new students, bla bla bla. The same old story, over and over again. I guess the excitement was from the possibility of something actually exciting happening while I lived in France. But I doubted it. Something exciting has never happened to me ever since I changed.

Nickolas had given us the summary: We would live in an old house in Lille, France. Nathaniel, Amber, Derrick, Addie and I would attend The Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel private school. It sounded pretty fancy to me. I wondered why France, though. I knew little French; just the basics. Thankfully, Nickolas said that everyone there understood English. That would make it easy to interact with the students, though I doubt I would. Nickolas also said that the school had arranged so that we had all of the same classes. Other than the predicted introduction we would have to do, I probably wouldn't make any other contact with any of those humans.

Nickolas told us that we would have to be on our best behavior. Since I was the newest to the coven, it would be the hardest for me. The sweet scent of the human's blood would probably drive me insane, or the closest I could get. That's the other reason why Nathaniel was in all of my classes: if I ever lost it, he would be there to hold me back.

Lille sounded peaceful enough. Hopefully, Richard and his coven wouldn't be there as well.

Richard's coven made up of: Andrew, and his mate, Camille; Gregory, and his mate, Belle; Adam, and his mate, Tara; Oliver, and his mate, Arianna; and then Richard, and his mate, Vera.

Long list, huh? Well, that's one of the reasons why we had to flee like cowards. Richard's coven was very large. And, very lethal. The strongest of them was Adam. He was like a fighting machine when angered.

The entire vampire community knew about Richard's coven. They called them, "The Midnight Ones," on account of that they seem darker and more violent than most vampires. No one messed with them. No one. It was like suicide. But Nickolas had. And because of that, our coven was on the run.

We would arrive in Lille by morning.


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