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Realm of the Spider (garavagliat Horror Challenge)

Novel By: Mistress of Word Play

This story is about a creature as old as time itself. To survive it must consume blood. It prefers human blood. It's true shape is that of a large silver spider, but it can transform into human shape at will. It has been trapped for over thirty years in a small cage behind a brick wall in its former home. It waits for freedom and to extract vengence on those who imprisoned it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 31, 2010    Reads: 124    Comments: 21    Likes: 14   


Realm of the Spider Prologue
He slept in the dark prison they had placed him in and dreamed. From time to time one of his eight legs would twitch. They had trapped him thirty years ago, here in his home, behind the brick wall in a cage. The cage was made of thick wire mesh and offered very little room for him to maneuver. He had tried for the first two years to escape back into the world of humanity, but each attempt was another failure. He cursed them, the four that had done this to him. He swore if he ever escaped this confinement they would pay with their lives. The woman he had fancied himself in love with would suffer most. He rubbed his two front legs together with anticipation.

"Claire," he spat her name, "Claire Newborn you will be last and I will kill you slowly."

The other three he would take great measures insuring that they too would cry for mercy before he killed them. Bill Albright, Tim Newton, and Chester Cunningham those were his captors' names. If a hundred years went by he would not forget their names or how the looked.
He had made an error in judgment when he let Claire see his true visage. He knew that now. She had been horrified. He remembered well the look of terror on her face as he transformed into the monster she had called him. He had been wise in not telling her how he sustained his longevity. He was sure she would not have understood his need for blood to survive.

There was little to feed on behind the brick wall. From time to time some unfortunate bug or a rat would venture too close; he would bite them and then glut himself. He grew weary of being hungry more times then he was full so he had put himself into this state of suspended animation and fantasized of one day extracting his revenge on those who had placed him here. He would have felt differently if they had not been his friends and if Claire had not chosen Bill Albright over him. He had made the error of revealing his true shape to Claire and she in a panic had told the others. Claire had used her charms and tricked him so the others could subdue him and place him in the tiny prison he now resided in. What a fool he had been. He should have killed them all when he had a chance.
Yes one day he would be free again to feed fully, he thought to himself. For now he would rest and wait for his chance. He had the time and surely somehow an opportunity would present itself. He stretched as far as he could in his prison and slumbered on. He hoped his day of emancipation would come soon.

I wait here in the corner
of the web I've spun for thee.
I watch with these hungry eyes.
Here I lie in wait, impatiently.

Concentrating on my trap
till some unfortunate lands
among the silken chords
I made with these eight hands.


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